YES!!! I absolutely love what I do – Kirsty Hagen

What sparked your career change? The organisation I worked in was doing a restructure and my role was impacted, I was offered a role that didn’t align with my purpose or passion so I knew it was time to listen to my intuition rather than making a fear-based decision and leave to pursue my dreams.

What work were you doing previously? I worked for Virgin Blue/Virgin Australia for 17 years.  I held many roles; predominantly in operations and system projects roles, starting in the airport and working my way up to senior management.  The last role I held was the Organisational Change Manager for Virgin Australia Group

What are you doing now? I am living my best life, as an Entrepreneur/Well-being Alchemist in my business Essential Earthing and my most important role as Mumma to my 2 beautiful boys (3.5years and 6.5 months)

Why did you change jobs? Because I knew I was put on this earth to do something extraordinary, purpose-led, and serve others.  Whilst I am grateful for all the opportunities that I had during my corporate career, I had outgrown the company and it no longer aligned with my values.

What process did you go through to decide to change? I set up a meeting with Nikki to talk through my options, we had an instant connection and she solidified my decision to follow my heart and not my head.

How did you go about making the shift?  I went to my employer and asked for all options to be put on the table, and once I had this I took time to review, meditate and really tap into what was best for myself and my family.  Everything inside of me was screaming at me to leave and if I didn’t something bad was going to happen, but the fear that kept creeping in was strong – I just had to keep coming back to totally trusting myself.  This was 3 weeks before the company went into receivership and stand-downs as a result of Covid.

What help did you manage to get? It was great as part of my redundancy package $ to utilise as I wanted to help.  We were provided with outplacement support, I signed up with career coaching sessions with Nikki which were amazing, I had my LinkedIn and CV updated as well as other courses and well-being treatments e.g. Mindfulness Stress Reduction Based Training, Distance Reiki and a few other things.  I also had enrolled to start my yoga teacher training, so after I had left the business that was a wonderful part of my expansion with a fabulous support network.

What was the hardest part of changing careers? I really miss my team and the people I worked with.  Apart from this it was really hard to truly separate from that corporate lifestyle and finding my identity of not being a Virgin employee, I think it took about 9 months until I stopped referring to it as my company.  The other thing working for yourself is learning to transition all the transferable skills into my own business and setting boundaries to ensure I remain aligned with my goals and vision.

What have you learned in the process? That I have never been on such a roller coaster in my life.  To think that it is just over 12 months and all that I have achieved is incredible.  My biggest learning is that we have all the answers inside each of us if we take time to be still and listen.  And when you do this the synchronicities and opportunities that continue to unfold are simply magnificent.  I feel very blessed.

Are you happy with the change? YES!!! I absolutely love what I do.  It brings me so much joy and I am excited to see the evolution of my business and what else I will be able to offer the world.

What do you miss and what don’t you miss? I don’t miss the unnecessary stress, meetings, and office politics.

What do you enjoy most about your new career? The flexibility it provides, that I am becoming a better version of myself and I am creating a life of freedom and choice.

What do you wish you’d done differently? Honestly, I should have done it sooner

What 3 tips would you give advice to others in the same situation?

1.  Ask yourself if you weren’t afraid, what would you do? The answer will come to you straight away.  Write it down as you have approx. 5 seconds before the fear and doubt creeps in

2. The magic really does happen outside of your comfort zone

3. Find your tribe, the ones that lift you up and support you in your decisions