Wonder Woman – Jo Lynch – Australia

I had 6 kids by the time I was 26 and got married at 29 and had another 5. My youngest is now 11 and my oldest is
31. All my life all I have done is be home for the kids and do for them. As you can imagine there were a few times
during their growing up that I suffered from depression. But I got through, and I am out on the other side of that
now. However, almost 7 years ago now our house burnt down. That was a complete life changer. Before that I was a
very successful Mary Kay Director, running a team of girls. Only 2% of the consultants become directors. I was feeling
pretty chuffed with myself because I finally felt like I had achieved something in my life. But, as you can imagine,
after the fire, I had a complete breakdown. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.
Thankfully I have a very supportive Husband and we got through it. But, after the fire is where my life completely

In December of 2011 I joined a gym. I wouldn’t have done that had we continued to live where our house was, but
because we were further into civilization now I was able too. I had joined gyms before, but this time was different. I
was given 3 free PT sessions that completely changed my life. The first trainer I was given didn’t click with me, so I
was given another and that is where the rest of my life began. He inspired me so much that by the end of 2012 I was
a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I had already started cert 3 in hair Dressing a few months before the house burnt
down so I was doing both at the same time. I did work in a gym for a little while but felt it was ridiculous the amount
of rent I was paying to the gym, so I bought some equipment and started to run my business at home.

A couple of years later I went back to school to do cert 4 in Hair Dressing. That was a great time. I gained more friends and was
really loving the studies. In the same building by this time was a Beauty School, so as soon as I finished Hair Dressing
I started with a diploma in Beauty Therapy. OH My Gosh! I really loved that. Never in my life would I have thought
that I would enjoy putting my hands on people but I find it very therapeutic. I completed my diploma in June 2016.
And believe it or not, I have just gone back to school to do cert 3 in Barbering. While doing my cert 4 in Hair Dressing
I realized I wanted to specialize in men’s but there were no Barbering courses then, so I didn’t pursue it, but now!
I’m super excited to be able to fulfil one more dream.In amongst all this great study period I began to run. I have trouble with my shoulders and that makes it difficult to train the way I really want to, so I had to re-evaluate my training and what I could do. I realized I still had the ability to run.

And one of my main goals when it comes to exercise is to be fitter. So, running it was. I now run 20+ km a week. I walk 20+ km a week. And I do Highland Dancing 6+ hours a week. I do at least one fun run a year. I just did 13.5km in Run The Rock. Think I might actually get another one in this year and I am thinking of a half marathon this time. I am not a fast runner by any means, but I do run and it helps to keep me sain. It’s definitely my outlet, my therapy. So is the dancing.

Since we have been renting from September 2011 we have moved house a lot. Too many times to keep count. It’s
been really tough. I hate moving, but for one reason or another we always seem to have to move. In doing so, I had
lost a lot of clients because we ended up moving too far away for them to attend regularly. Moving to Mitcham killed
my business, but we are now in Wantirna and the house we have is big enough to cater for all my businesses and
what they need, and we have renewed our lease for the first time in 7 years, such a relief.

I have had to do a lot of self-development and I continue to work on me daily. I’ve got a long way to go still, but I am improving in all areas of my life daily. I attended a self-development retreat back in November and that has helped turn my business around. Doing so many things it’s sometimes hard to know where to put my energies. But I now have clarity and with that
clarity I have become consistent. Of course, that’s exactly what my businesses have needed all this time, but with me
doing so many things I use to jump around all the time with what I wanted to focus on.

Not anymore. Now I focus on the fitness side of things and teach others how to have the success with their weight loss that I have had. And that makes me feel so good. I have 7 ladies already on the wait list for my next group that wont be running until June. Can’t tell you how chuffed I am at that. Consistency. That’s all it takes. I also home school my 3 youngest children so being there for them and their schooling is of the most importance. This is the main reason I work on my business rather than going to work for someone else. My kids need me to have that flexibility.

So, in short! I am a Personal Trainer, a Metabolic Nutritionist, a Hair Dresser, and Beauty Therapist, and will soon be
a Barber. I have 11 children with 8 ½ Grandkids, I run my businesses from home so I can home school my 3 youngest
children. I run 20+ km a week, I walk 20+ km a week, I do Highland Dancing 6+ hours a week, I’m learning to play the
bagpipes and I’m just overall Wonder Woman.

You can contact the Author on – beautywithjo@hotmail.com