The Real Deal – Gaby McEwan – Australia

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The Real Deal – Gaby McEwan – Australia

After many years of working in radio, I went into real estate. I was tired of being inside a studio all day. When you are in radio, everyone wants to know you and be on your show. I was a bit disappointed to see real estate agents are regarded with far less enthusiasm than radio announcers.

When I started in real estate I had no help or support at all and I often wonder how many good people slip through the system. I set off to a great start and sold three properties in the first 6 weeks. Then I hit a wall.

When I had my first slump I talked to two male colleagues expecting encouragement. They both agreed I should leave as I was a mother to two young boys and a wife and I should be with my family.

Something made me tenacious and I hung on – I think it was because they saw something in me they were afraid of. It was a bit of a boy’s club back then and there weren’t too many young women with families selling property. I used to bring my boys (on occasion) to listing appointments. They became very savvy about pricing property and I used to often use them in my photoshoots of lifestyle property and even dress them up!

Working in real estate is a series of valleys and mountains. You grow more in the difficult times when you have to dig deep than in any other times.

Of course, there have been mountain-tops too, like selling multi – million dollar properties and each sale gives me great happiness. I thrive on serving people and helping them move on from their current situation. There are sometimes unhappy circumstances behind a sale, and you need to show compassion and empathy. You also need to help people to navigate this journey.

It is a privilege to serve others.

I’ve worked through challenging times in the last ten years – selling in the worst market on the Sunshine Coast (2011-2013) when most properties had dropped in value by around 15-20%.

Moving to Brisbane was the best decision we made. I was fortunate enough to meet a developer before I left at a volunteer’s dinner and he reluctantly took a punt on me and gave me 7 blocks of land to sell. With no advertising and sheer hard work I sat at the blocks night and day and sold them all in 10 days. These 7 blocks of land have turned into over 80 and enabled me to start my own business from scratch, My Property Group.

In fact, one of the first people I announced my crazy idea to was Nikki Taylor and she was incredibly encouraging. I held on to this gift of encouragement and it meant the world to me! Encouragers are awesome – be one.

My best business decision was to recruit my husband who has been successful in his businesses and also corporate life (he was National Specifications manager of Zip Heaters across Australia and had a team under him).

He started a rent roll from scratch and it is so good to work alongside him. He runs the office and rent roll – and I focus on the sales side of the business.

On a personal note, my mantra are the words: “All things are possible to those who believe”. It takes belief and a lot of action to succeed at anything.

Since initially contributing to this inspiring website, an opportunity came up to buy a Real Estate office which had then been established for over 17 years and started by a wonderful couple, Ron and Lenore Sieber who are very well known and respected in Brisbane, Australia. How I came to buy it is another story for another day. The legacy I want to leave behind in this world is to ENCOURAGE others and also to ENCOURAGE business people to be GENEROUS.

People think “when I’ve got enough I will give”.

Give today. Don’t wait. Choose what is important to you and work backwards. You can’t give to others when you are no longer here! There are so many children that need to be sponsored. Don’t look at the millions. Start with just one. That was what Mother Theresa taught us.

My father came to each of his children before he died and gave us some money. He said “I want to see you enjoy it whilst I am alive.” His grandfather did the same and he was able to buy his first car at a young age. My father (Edward Bowen-Jones) was the most generous person I ever knew. He was a brilliant surgeon yet spent a lot of his life operating on people that couldn’t afford to pay him.

I am so proud that my two boys have learnt to be generous. My eldest son is just so kind and exudes this wonderful level of service and amazing work ethic.

My youngest son recently went to India to play cricket and they were all encouraged to be generous by the coaches. He donated some of his cricket kit to the very talented but disadvantaged young boys he met. He even gave up his new spikes as one of the boys had sores under his feet as his shoes had worn out. This made my heart sing!

I think too often in life we hold back, when the Earth was created – think about it, we didn’t get given ONE shade of pink for flowers. There’s such an incredible variation. There’s not even only one species of zebra. There’s the mountain Zebra and the Burchell Zebra. They both have different stripe patterns.

Nature is generous, extravagant; it replaces itself and there is NO lack. Wherever you look you see abundance. Each dawn is new and fresh and full of promise.

About the Author

Gaby McEwan and her husband Rodney are the owner/brokers of RE/MAX UNITED VISION Gaby writes a weekly blog “The Real Deal” and is also an author. She has 2 teenagers, 2 dogs and 2 cats – although she argues that one of the cats is actually a human.

Inspiring Story – Gaby McEwan – Australia

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