The journey of my healing had begun – Tess Hansel – Australia

A big hello to you!

My name is Tess Hansel and I live in Queensland Australia on five acres with my husband Bob, daughter Nicky, horse (Red), dogs (Chester and Katie) and our cat (Nova).

I retired from my office job in 2013 and will never forget the unceremonious farewell as the organisation was very keen to see the back of an employee who questioned the unquestionable!

I suppose I’ve always been like that. For many years though, I would silently question those around me, but something happens as you begin your journey through menopause, and the emerging lioness within begins to roar.

That’s a good thing too, as us women have a long way to go before we can see the equality in our lives that we so deserve.

So, you could say that my retirement farewell on the day was non-existent. In fact, they were so pleased to see me go, that the manager drove into the city to meet a taxi containing my work exit document, ensuring that I would depart the office and organisation that very day!

My crime – caring about my fellow workmates and helping them have a voice. You see, there was (and still is) a real agenda against older women admin workers in Australia and all our experience, encouragement, and love and care is not what a typical office wants to see these days.

You would think I had learnt my lesson but, no, it took two more government contracts in a temporary capacity to see me well and truly out the door of admin/office work! And, yes, I was fired after helping a few members of the admin staff to get their concerns and unreasonable job conditions accelerated to the right quarters, by-passing a certain level of management.

The first time I arrived home – my husband, who gets home before me, jokingly asked me if I’d been fired as I got out of the car. It was a bit hard to hide as I had my typical box of goodies with my desk fan (a must during menopause) perched on the top.

The second time I told him by phone, as I was working out of a different city. He was not particularly amused.  “Let me guess, you got involved in someone else’s work treatment issue – right?” That would be a yes from me, I said quietly as he digested the news.

It’s all very well and good at the time, standing up for peoples’ rights, but afterwards you do begin to feel a tad foolish and wonder how things will pan out.

As I sat at my home desk, it dawned on me – I had always earned a living, before Bob and after Bob, and I began to sink into a pity party – literally used half a box of tissues. Part of me was miserable about the situation of older admin women in government and private sector offices and part of me was just suffering the effects of being ill.

You see I had been fighting hemiplegic migraines for quite some time. For any of you that suffer from those I send the biggest hug as it’s the pits. So, part of the tear fest was due to ill health, but a big part of my emotions was knowing that there are government and private sector offices all over Australia where older women are being ignored, pushed around and put down in the hope that they will give in and leave. And so many of these women are suffering ill health due to the stress and treatment they are receiving, let alone managing menopause.

I was so upset that the women I was helping (and men as well) were now on their own, but at least I had helped them take a stand and management was now aware and accountable.

For me though, I began a slide into a deep pit.  I was not only working through the emotions of rejection from my full-time role and contract roles, but I was second-guessing my overall role in life, as well as daily fighting the symptoms of hemiplegic migraine.

I went into a time of fasting and prayer and one morning I had an ‘aha’ moment, sitting at my desk – “You are a project researcher – why don’t you make Tess the project and research your health?”

And that’s what I did! I took some of my energy, compassion, love and consideration and gave it to me!

The journey of my healing had begun as I started to research the food I was eating, then went further into bathroom products, medications, cleaning products – everything. I discovered and removed all synthetic chemicals and began eating organic fruit and vegetables.

The turnaround was immediate, from the first mouthful of real food, because it was real food.

Now I’m helping and encouraging other menopausal women to become their own project.

Especially when it comes to bladder control. Hemiplegic migraines had left me incontinent, partially weakened on one side and with the foggiest brain.

Now I am healed, living without aches or pains, have a fully retrained bladder (having discovered the Dry Swan Exercise) and have taken back my life!

I have written two eBooks and have now created an online bladder control course to help other menopausal women put themselves first in their care life too.

You can read more about me here: 

Big hugs – I love what Amelia Earhart had to say, “The most effective way to do it is to do it.”



Tess is a bit of a miracle, having suffered many life-threatening experiences, including being hit by a car while riding a bike to primary school as a child, drowning, and two life-threatening childbirths.

The attacks in 2011 of hemiplegic migraine, and resulting stroke paralysis, saw Tess on a journey to explore how she could reclaim her good health. Part of that recovery was discovering an amazing exercise (Dry Swan) to reclaim her bladder control.

After years of research and struggle Tess has beaten the odds once again and is now sharing what she has learnt to help other women suffering urinary incontinence.

Tess is from a family of nine children and grew up in a post-war family (in Christchurch, New Zealand) with all the trials and challenges that presented. She is married to Bob (38 years) and has two beautiful daughters – Bobbi and Nicky.

Tess’ background includes owning and operating several businesses including television broadcast where she presented the local weekly shopping show. As well, Tess has qualifications in project management and has worked in many different businesses and organisations over the years, in various roles of EA, PA and secretary.

Tess Hansel – Author of

Organic Food Heals – 7 Awesome Ways to Good Health Naturally

Take Back Your Bladder Control

And Online Course – Better Bladder Better Life