The GFC was the best and worst time for me – Julianne Davies – Australia


If you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing in 10 years the answer would not be working as a professional direct seller selling high end anti ageing skin care and devices. I probably would have told you I would be managing a team of sales professionals in one of the 5 star hotels in Brisbane.

You see I had enjoyed an amazing and exciting career in tourism and hospitality spanning over an 18-year period. I loved working in the industry, it was exciting and the travel opportunities were amazing.. however life changed and when my son was born I faced the difficult decision – what to do about my career?

What I could not get past was how I was going to manage the juggle of working full time with a baby. At the time my son was born life was chaotic – my husband had just bought into the family electrical contracting business, we had just sold our family home and were building a new one and my employer at the time advised that going part time was not an option.

What was I to do? I loved what I did but I really could not see how it was all going to work, my job was not a typical 9-5 tick and flick role, there were industry events to attend, usually after normal business hours, breakfast meetings with clients, wining and dining of prospective clients .. how would I do all of that AND be a mum to a baby that did not understand tender deadlines or the importance of maintaining KPI’s.

So I made the decision to leave my career, deciding that raising my child and supporting my husband was the right thing to do for now.. I say for now because I knew that this was never going to be enough long term.

During that time the best and worst thing happened to us and that thing was the GFC – the Global Financial Crisis. It was devastating for my husbands business; over night the phones stopped ringing and the work dried up. It was also at the same time my husband decided to enlist the services of a business coach. This was by far the best thing that happened because during the coaching sessions we found out about LEVERAGED INCOME. I had never heard of it before and remember writing it down to Google later.

It was during this research on leveraged income – where you do the work once and you get paid repeatedly for doing that one piece of  work – that I discovered Direct Selling, or MLM (Multi – Level – Marketing) after reading the book by Robert Kiyosaki Business Of The 21st Century.

I had been first introduced to direct selling previously, but to be honest I thought that I was way too important with a real job to look at direct selling where you sold over priced products to your family and friends who really only bought from you once because they felt sorry for you.

Boy was I wrong! After doing some due diligence I realised that done well and choosing the right company, marketing the right products you can build a very successful business that requires no staff, no stock, can be built in any country where the distribution channel exists and could provide a lucrative income based on your individual efforts and the combined efforts of others AND it was the perfect business model for those seeking leveraged income.

I could not believe that I had dismissed this business model years previously because I was not open to new opportunities.. what an idiot.

Once I understood the model I then set out to partner with a direct selling business that ticked my boxes – I had to love the products, they had to be consumable – I wanted repeat business, they had to be unique and in demand – no use renting videos, look how that turned out for Block Buster, the company had to be rock solid and the financial rewards had to be there, I wanted to be well rewarded for my efforts and the sales team I was going to create.

Once I had decided on the company I then set out building a business, you see right from the get go I treated it like a business. I tracked my expenses and my income; I tested and measured my activities based on my results. Was it perfect – NO – is it rewarding – YES.

Now down the track I have a thriving and growing direct selling business. I successfully transferred all my existing and learnt some new sales and marketing skills, which I apply in my business today. I am still partnered with the same company I partnered with when I first joined the ranks of direct selling and to be honest life and business keeps getting better.

My greatest reward is helping men and women look and feel younger at every age but to also provide a partnership opportunity to create a new stream of income whether it be to by the extras in the weekly shop, or pay for the kids school fees or in my case replace my corporate salary working smarter not harder. Direct Selling is not for everyone but it is for me. My only regret is I had opened my eyes to the possibility sooner.

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I am African, I am a girl – Ngwa Damaris Ngum – Africa

I was one with the world until race separated me from the rest of the world. Race is a group of people with common genetic features such as physical traits. Races arise from the need for nature to express human existence in diverse groups, in order to make life more colorful and beautiful. Unfortunately, society has used it to sow seeds of discord and separation. Just because I am black, you are white, she is yellow, does not make us different. It just signifies various facets of the same fundamental human essence.

I was one with the world until borders separated me from the rest of the world. Borders are artificial lines that separate geographic areas. Borders were created as a means of easily managing humans or social groups but society has used as a dividing criteria of people and societies. Borders have become a source of conflict instead of a means to preserve order and peace. Countries fight each other because they feel they are different. That I am from Africa and you are from Europe, Asia, and America does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until religion separated me from the rest of the world. Religion is just a particular system of faith, belief and worship. Religious groups’ fight each other and the religious leaders watch and do very little or nothing to bring peace. They engage in trying to show the supremacy of their various religions over other religions. Religion which was supposed to be the most loving and harmonizing platform has now become a major perpetrator of hatred and conflict. That I am Christian and you are Muslim, Hindu, Budhist, etc does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until language separated me from the rest of the world. Languages are just a system of communication among people. They are not meant to separate us. That I speak English and you speak French, German, Chinese does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until currencies separated me from the rest of the world. Currency is just a system of money or medium of exchange in general used in a particular area. It should not be an instrument of division among humans. That I use the Francs CFA and you use the Naira, Pound sterling, Dollar, Euro  does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until wealth separated me from the rest of the world. Wealth is just an abundance of material valuable possessions or money. I should not be treated badly because I am poor and you treated nicely because you are rich. That I have a thousand francs and you have one million francs does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until politics separated me from the rest of the world. Politics is just a set of activities associated with the governance of an area or the use of mandated and consultative power and authority to foster the interest, values and ideals of a community such as a country. It is meant to assist in building a nation and not a tool for division within a nation. That I am a democrat and you are an autocrat does not make me different from you.

I was one with the world until education separated me from the rest of the world. Education is just a process of acquiring knowledge to better ones’ environment. Education is supposed to be a means for us to develop and mobilize our individual and collective strengths, and not a medium for division and hostility. That I pursued formal education and you pursued informal education does not make us different. That I have a Bachelor’s degree and you have a Doctorate Degree does not make us different.

I was one with the world until status separated me from the rest of the world. Status is just a relative social or professional position in society. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man to make life more comfortable for us therefore I am female and you are male does not make me less inferior to you. A doctor needs a teacher as well as a teacher needs a doctor. A soldier needs a civilian as well as a civilian needs a soldier. A president needs his citizens as well as the citizens needs their president. Different professional and social status make life more comfortable for us all. It does not make us different from each other.

We were all humans, created equal until racism, borders, religion, status, wealth, position, currency, language, education, sex, politics etc brought in division, hate and separation among us. Countries fighting each other, the rise of terrorism and rebel groups, religious wars, civil wars, class distinction as a result of differences in wealth, race and position. Government administrators are ill-treating their own citizens in the form of corruption, embezzlement and human right abuse. All these and more have caused the world not to know peace for decades now with humans having no hope for peace on earth again.

I was born with my mind telling me I was equal to every other  person on earth until society made me know I was black; I therefore should despise whites; I am a Christian and should belittle non-Christians; I am African, I am a girl etc. All these caused me to feel less than others and so hated all those who were different from me. I built ideologies of division and hate for years until “the power of a mother” instilled equality, love, peace and unity in me. She made me know that no human is different or greater than another human on earth. This message is absent in our classrooms, misinterpreted by our religious leaders and administrators to cause more hate and division. Her message gave me hope. The hope of peace and unity on earth. I am so thankful to my mother for the knowledge she has imparted in me. At this time when the world is in need for peace, unity and equality, advocates like her cannot not be left unnoticed. She has put her message deep in me and keeps reminding me that we are the peace, unity and equality the world needs and looks up to.

Today I stand as one of the world’s peace, unity and equality advocates in my little corner of the earth because of the power of one woman, the power of a mother. I learned that for peace to reign I must have love and compassion for myself and everyone around me; never allow anyone make me feel like nobody; respect every human being, face the bullies and  lift up the down-casted in society while doing these things I should never ever give up. Now my compassion is not restricted by any social barrier; it is for the entire world. I am not limited by any particular religion, caste or creed. I see all humanity as one, and I am out to serve humanity at large. I am a testimony of how the voice of one woman; a mother changed me so I am calling on every other woman/mother to join the train in singing this song of peace to their children and later generations thereby getting to be peace advocates like myself. Females are always made to keep their voices silent but let mothers not silent their voices. Let us raise our voices to bring forth a generation of peace makers. Our time on earth is short therefore we have to make the later generations live in a world full of peace, unity and equality by acting now and accelerating the multiplier effect of peace.


About the Author

I am Ngwa Damaris Ngum, a female of Cameroonian nationality living in the North West region of Cameroon. I have a BSc in Economics from the University of Buea.

With regards to the current global crisis: natural disasters, climate change, rising inequalities, human rights abuses, escalating conflicts, increase disease occurrences, pressure on resources, environmental degradation etc . I originate from one of the two English speaking regions of my country who were being marginalized and has led to retaliation and civil unrest since October 2016.No challenge is without solution so I am currently setting up a “PEACE AND GREEN” village initiative to help people out of these global challenges. My vision is to see that we live in peace and serenity. I will love for every woman to be part of my peace building committee.

The PEACE aspect will consist of a group of individuals who will live together in peace, no tribalism, no racism, no greed, no religious difference etc. WE are a group of individuals who will set the pace and spread the information of peace, unity and equality.

The GREEN aspect will be to encourage a green diet and a green life style. This is to reduce the adverse effects of animal farms/animal products on the climate and our health.


Tel: +237 677519677


I’m So Glad I Did it My Way Because I’m Here To Tell The Story – Anni Diamond – Australia

This is not just another cancer story. 1 in 2 Australians will be faced with this disease.

How did I attract this disease? Well nearly 20 years ago my husband had an accident which left him with an acquired brain injury, which years later manifested into dementia. Years and years of grieving for a stranger and feeling total resentment for having my life ripped away from me took its toll on my body. Life as we knew it was gone. We had to find a new normal. Losing our income and having to make every decision on every topic, from finance, to meal planning, to entertainment, to raising a family, rehabilitating my husband, to generating income and everything in between wore my body down.

After my husband’s accident, I was forgotten. Suddenly it was all about him. All our friends would be asking how he was. No one thought to ask how I was. Probably a good thing that they didn’t, because I was slowly dying inside and if someone had asked me how I was, I would have let rip.

On the outside, it looked like I was coping, but on the inside I was screaming out for help. There’s no book that tells you how to navigate brain injury let alone dementia. Constantly living on adrenaline and emotions played havoc with my immune system until eventually my body couldn’t fight for its own life. On November 23, 2013 I was told I had Colorectal Cancer.

Stage IV with lung mets. I had to find a way to live with this inconvenient disease while I found ways to heal my body and look after my husband who was diagnosed with dementia one month before my diagnosis. I did not want mainstream intervention. I wanted adjunctive/alternative therapies.

I’m so glad I did it my way because I’m here to tell the story. I’ve seen many of my cancer buddies come and go. Many of my cancer buddies who chose conventional medicine, died before their time, not from the disease, but from the treatment. That was not going to be me. The mental gymnastics one goes through to stay sane and keep moving forward is unbelievable. I often ask myself how I have kept it all together.

Cancer is about living, not dying.

I researched, I interviewed doctors and practitioners from different corners of the globe all the while looking for answers. There are amazing therapies available and also tests that you can have (not in Australia) that can tell you exactly what will cause apoptosis or the cancer cells. Having all of this information was paramount to me getting on with the job of healing, keeping my family from falling apart with fear and running my small business. I needed to have income to pay for my treatments. Because I chose not to have the traditional poison that our current system offers, there is no Medicare rebate, nor does my private health fund “coff” up any funds. You are totally on your own with this and if the disease doesn’t kill you, the financial stress of the disease just might.

The saddest part of this disease is that if you buck the system and choose to do it the way I’ve done it, people use up all their money just to stay alive, and then when you kick it’s arse, you have nothing left except your health. No house, no super and no money in the bank. The stress of that alone, could set off cancer. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars saving my bones.

Cancer has been a gift in many ways. It has taught me so much about myself and about others. Cancer is not a journey, it’s a marathon and you need to become a warrior.

This marathon you are running requires constant navigation. I treated this disease like I ran my business. I had a plan and executed it, but was prepared to tack into the wind and make changes when necessary. Having cancer set me on a different path. I was getting calls from strangers asking me what I was doing to be well. So I shared with those that wanted to listen.

Today, my small business looks very different from the business I had before the disease. I don’t have all the answers, but after 4 years of keeping myself healthy and well I certainly know a thing or two about this disease and more importantly, I know what I would do to prevent it in the first place.

I now offer electro lymphatic drainage and thermography in my business.

Sending healing hugs to all the readers.


About the Author

Anni Diamond is a mother, carer, business owner and cancer thriver. She lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Her life has been a roller coaster ride of business success and failures. From the first chain of health clubs in Australia with her husband in the 1980’s, to becoming the largest private provider of education in the country, making BRW’s list of top Australian exporters in the 90’s, having 13 local colleges and being a leader in education for overseas students. In 2015 Anni was inducted into the Australian Beauty Industry Hall of Fame. Anni is passionate about sharing her strategies for success, but more than this found her voice after a diagnosis of Stage IV colo rectal cancer. She was only offered palliative chemo and radiation, which she didn’t want. This led Anni on a new journey of searching for her own cure using adjunctive/alternative therapies and sharing that knowledge with those that are open to receiving it.

Recoop’s Robe with a Story – Ann Cooper – USA

Recoop’s mission and purpose came about through a dream of wanting to make a difference in other people’s’ lives. Following the dream and calling meant leaving my comfort zone and present employer, where I was a College

Health Nurse, and embarking into the somewhat unknown territory of the online marketplace. Looking back, I am so glad I took the leap of faith, because it has been so worth it!

It has always been my desire to help women recoup or recover the things in their life that have been lost to them.

I decided early on that Recoop would only do business with others that hold true to the highest ethical practice when it comes to labor and products, so I knew that when we launched our clothing line it had to be Eco-friendly and ethically made. My company, Recoop, was born on September 11, 2015. I had no idea when I added, “Get business license,” to my weekly goals that the actual day I got it happened to fall on this historic day.

Although I cannot bring back the lives that were lost on that terrible day, I could endeavour to live, and help others live to our fullest God given potential, in their memory. That is what Recoop wants to help others achieve through all of its offerings; Inspiration, information, and sustainable products that will help you to Take Your Life Back and recover that which has been lost!

Recoop’s Organic Clothing Line that I dreamed of launching a few months into the journey did not take off as fast as I originally hoped, but during this delay, my company’s true destiny was being formed into something bigger than what I had originally thought. Our company evolved into a Social Ecommerce Enterprise with the greater purpose of helping women who were coming out of the sex trafficking industry.

Recoop does this by giving a percentage of each sale to a local nonprofit organisation called Hope Refuge, and by bringing awareness to this horrific issue in our modern times. We launched our Signature Product, Recoop’s Recovery Robe, a few months ago knowing that the Robe was going to be so much bigger than a product that people wear.

This is “The Robe with a Story.” Every person who wears it becomes a part of the Story! It is more than just a robe you put on after a shower or for your morning coffee. It is the complete feeling that you have when you put one on,” that all is well with my soul, and that I can embrace this time to recover and get renewed, because I am worthy and I am important. My life and soul need this space in time to be renewed so that I can continue to make a difference and nurture those in my sphere of influence.”

Recoop has also created a beautiful partnership for women and men who purchase one of our 100% Organic Cotton Recovery Robes. Not only do you get to feel this overwhelming sense of healing and recovery when you purchase one for yourself, but when you give it to someone as a gift, a knowing that you are actually giving someone the gift of renewal and recovery.

The other bonus is that you will also be a part in helping women who have had the courage to flee or be rescued from the sex trafficking industry.

Recoop donates a portion of every sale to a local nonprofit organisation that offers retreats and housing to young women ages 12 through 17 years of age, giving them a new hope and direction in life.

Do you see how the vision has expanded to include all those needing space to recover from the stress and trauma that sometimes life can bring? Everyone can have this opportunity of hope and recovery. We, at Recoop, are so honored to be gifting the first ten young women who will be living at Hope Refuge, one of our 100% Organic Cotton Recovery Robes this coming Fall in the US. We invite you to be a part of the Robe’s Story by purchasing for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.

We will be expanding our offering very soon to include Eco-friendly clothing that is comfortable and beautiful to wear so stay tuned. You can go to our website, and go to Shop to purchase now. We are currently only shipping in the United States, but will be expanding internationally very soon. If you wish to get on our waiting list for International Orders, you can do so by email at Just let us know in the subject: Waiting List

You can also connect with us on Facebook : @recooprenewrecover or Instagram: anncooper_recoop where we offer daily tips and inspiration on how you can live a happier and less stressful life. We hope you will join Recoop on this journey!

“Don’t be surprised if your original plans do not line up the way you think they will. Sometimes the dream or vision is bigger and it takes time to align with the bigger purpose.” ~Ann Cooper

About the Author

Ann lives on the Central Coast of California. She has been married to Dean for 29 years and has three children; Hannah, 26 years old, Colin, 22 years old and Andy, 20 years old. Professionally, she has worn many different hats including Business Owner, Registered Nurse, and Women’s and Children’s Ministry Leader working with people of all ages and cultures.

Through life experience, her faith, and time as a Registered Nurse, Ann incorporates all of her gained knowledge into her writings and business model. You can contact Ann by visiting her website or through her social media channels, Facebook: @recooprenewrecover or Instagram: anncooper_recoop

Some Fun Facts About Ann

  • Climbed to the top of the Gaza Pyramid in Egypt at age 15.
  • Loves birds of all kinds, but favourites are doves and peacocks.
  • Has written several songs on the piano and loves to sing.
  • Holds High School Record in track for the 110M Low Hurdles
  • Soon to be published author of a children’s book series.
  • Journals every day.
  • Tends to see things ahead.
  • A Hopeful Optimistic.


You Too can Thrive at Seventy Five! – Lyn Traill – Australia

“I am a late sizzler.” That’s what I wrote in my book “Sizzling at Seventy”. Now I believe that I have proved that not only can you sizzle, you can absolutely thrive at seventy-five. I thought my life was wonderful at seventy and made a smug statement in my book that, as a reformed victim, I felt that I could cope with anything life threw at me. Well, life decided to check me out and threw me the biggest curve ball of all.

Following on from some unwise relationship choices, in my early sixties I met the love of my life and I thought I had found my ‘happy-ever-after’. We had a wonderful, enriching marriage and he was the icing on the cake for someone who had worked hard to crawl out of victimhood and kick some pretty impressive goals. I had no idea what lay ahead.

I became a teacher because I hated every day of my school life and wanted to prove that education can be enjoyable for everyone if individual differences are acknowledged. The school system never suited me and I was excited in my forties, to be given a year on full pay to go to university, which added to my qualifications in special education. This was my opportunity to assist teachers to bring out the best in students who, like me, didn’t fit the system. I’d be lying if I said that everything I tried was a success, but I was able to implement many successful breakthroughs. Always driven by my passion, it was during this time that I wrote a published series called, “Thinking Sideways”, which was inspired by Howard Gardner’s notion of different intelligences. Other published works reflected strategies to help students get the most out of language. I was on a roll, but hadn’t been prepared for the resistance I encountered along the way. If I had only had the confidence afforded to me now, I would not have let others push me down because I now know that I was on the right track. There were some fabulous experiences in education but after a particularly nasty spate of bullying, I retired from education at the age of fifty-five to begin the next important journey.

I took on a business partner and created a Registered Training Organisation, Traill Blaze Communications. I thought that as an educational consultant, I had so much experience in training, but of course, once again there were many challenges. I have no regrets and am so grateful for the steep learning curve. My thirst for learning stood me in good stead and I undertook many courses in my desire to serve clients. Becoming accredited in all Human Synergistics diagnostic tools was a useful ploy and we managed to build up a strong clientele.  I learnt how to ‘fake it till you make it’, but, sometimes I found it difficult. An early contract we had with an engineering company, proved to be challenging. I overheard a rather arrogant man say, “Women are allowed to be smart as long as they are ugly.” Apparently, I wasn’t ugly enough! It just made me more resolute to do my absolute best.

Early on I began to realise that although our clients asked for consultation, most of which entailed common sense answers, it wasn’t sustainable. Instead of being told what to do, I realised they needed coaching to make their own decisions. This lead me to undertake several coaching courses, the most valuable being the Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching, which was both personally and professionally life changing. My business partner had long moved away and I went on alone, apart from two years as a director in a training college.

There were some personal traumas, but once again, I am so grateful that I became stronger and at last stepped into my true self. I was no longer a victim and began to believe that I had something to offer the world. This made such a difference because, where previously I had compromised in relationships, I now felt good enough to attract something better. In fact, by this time I didn’t need anybody in my life, I was happy on my own. Then I met my lovely Mick. I talk about the miracle of that in my book. At the end of the book he was very much alive and my life was amazing. Six months later he was taken with a melanoma and brain tumour. I was unprepared, not only for the grief of losing my beloved, who had inspired me to write the book, but I reeled from the behaviour of some who dealt with his death in unexpected ways which impacted mightily on my mental health. I have learned so much from the next terrible eighteen months and see them as valuable.

So much has happened since then. I feel I have much to offer in assisting women in their search for wholeness and I love this work. I love to speak, I love to coach and I love to write. How lucky I am to be able to have the opportunity to do all three. I truly believe, with all my experience, that once you have your vision, you do all you can, and then watch the miracles happen. I had no idea that life could be so fabulous and I know that it is absolutely possible to thrive at seventy-five. It is never too late to find your ‘fabulous’.

About the Author

Alongside a successful career as an educational consultant, author, and training director of a leading vocational college, Lyn has been in demand as a management consultant since 1997, specialising in executive coaching, culture analysis and customised training.  More recently she works one on one with her intuitive coaching practices which include regression therapy and ontological (way of being) strategies. Her book, “Sizzling at Seventy – Victim to Victorious” has proved to be helpful to many and is being republished. It is available on Amazon or on Lyn’s website.

Lyn’s warm and perceptive personality allows her to easily engage and encourage people. Her passion and humour are infectious, allowing others to feel readily at ease. She is available for one on one coaching, group coaching and speaking.

Contact Lyn on 0407 131 474 or email Lyn at or visit her website


Serve, Surrender, Impact – Hershey Hilado – Australia


Serve, Surrender, Impact – Hershey Hilado – Australia

Hershey Hilado is not your typical 24 years old. Her difficult upbringing enabled her to develop the resilience and ability to influence others by example. Recently nominated as one of the 30 under 30 Influencive Entrepreneurs 2016, she is unstoppable with a purpose to SERVE, SURRENDER and IMPACT millions of lives.

Growing up in an environment of physical and emotional abuse she became a parent to 7 of her siblings at a mere age of 14. Her father was murdered by her own uncle when she was 12. She got into shoplifting when she was 13 to survive. Her own Mother forced her to marry a man 3 times her age when she was 16 for money.

After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for 2 years until she found her relatives on the Father side who took her in until she found her way to Australia when she was 18.

She worked in McDonalds as a crew member and as a Security Control Room Operator for a few years until  she realized that her calling was far greater than just being good at her job. Her purpose was far greater than simply earning and surviving. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book she then quit her job few months later and started her first business back in November 2013.

Today, she runs 2 businesses, a Women’s Fashion Label called Ohmagosh sold in over 15 countries across the globe and Creative Vortex where Entrepreneurs, Start- Ups and Business Owners can purchase pre-made branding packages.

Her passion and purpose stretches beyond overcoming adversity, running a business and Entrepreneurship. As a Philanthropist she is one of the Ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a none for profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery in Australia.

She speaks for those who needed a voice. She is a hustler, global speaker and passionate human being that truly lives her life with so much gratitude.

She is one of the most Inspirational and Influential Female Entrepreneur of this generation and now on a mission to inspire and impact others through her journey and stories of  the world’s most powerful and successful Millennial Entrepreneurs.

About the Author

Hershey Hilado is a Filipina born, Australian based Entrepreneur.

Named as one of the Most Influential Millennial Entrepreneur that exists today. At 24 years of age she has built three international businesses; 8TASKS a high level offshore outsourcing company base in the Philippines, CREATIVEVORTEX.COM.AU a creative and branding agency & OHMAGOSH.COM a women’s fashion eCommerce business she founded 4 years ago and recently nominated as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative and Exciting eCommerce Stores in Australia for 2016.

She was also named as one of the Top 80 Women2Watch in 2017 by Remodista stealing the 3rd spot in Australia among 10 Australians and 70 other women from different parts of the world.

Today, she is on a mission to help other Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Start- Ups launch and scale their businesses forward so in January 12 2017 she started her 12- Month world tour for CHARGED MOVEMENT Workshop across Asia & Australia.

To contact Hershey:



Follow Hershey on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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On Fire for Healthy Eating: From Passion to Mission – Dina Del Rosario Josue – Philippines


On Fire for Healthy Eating: From Passion to Mission – Dina Del Rosario Josue – Philippines

As a girl whose name was taken from the scientific name of a fire tree “delonix regia,” I know I am unique; of course, who would else be named after a fire tree? I am the only known Chef Dietitian in our city, Puerto Princesa, in the Philippines.

Actually, there’s really not a “worst moment” in my life story. My parents brought me up to be God-fearing, carefree and I am loved by everybody since I am the youngest. Loved by everybody may mean I am more dependent on my parents than any of my
siblings. I can say that I had trouble deciding on my own. That is why in college, my mom suggested or should I say decided for me to take up BS Nutrition. I have always wanted to be a chef but growing up in a family of academically inclined individuals,
I guess I should finish a university degree first before pursuing my passion. There was no regrets, really. I believed that for one to grow maturely, he has to decide on his own. Four and a half years in college plus a licensure exam in dietetics is not a walk in the park. I remember those days when I just wanted to quit school and be a cook. That’s what I really wanted to do in the first place. Good thing I followed mom’s advice. That road I took was actually a good investment in my career. Being the only chef dietitian in my town was an advantage. I am only seeing now the product of my hard work throughout the years.

Flashback in 2009, I made my own decision to study culinary arts. That was the most exciting year because finally, I can live my passion. My family behind me to support is really important and encouraging. However, to graduate from a culinary school doesn’t make you a chef. You have to take the lowest role in the kitchen brigade when you start working in a real kitchen setting. I had an opportunity to train in the US and work in Dubai. Those times when reality strikes, I was having a hard time because I felt like I didn’t belong. I remember asking myself, “What am I doing? I am here hiding in pots and pans when I know I can do more to life!” I really thought I was going to be stuck. Doing a 12-hr shift everyday even took a toll on my health. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and I felt devastated. This kind of lifestyle is slowly killing me! I should really start being healthy! Then I realized, every decision you make in life molds you into better version of you. I decided to pick myself up and use what I learned about health and proper nutrition & culinary arts. One secret to what I have right now is staying focused on my goals and strive to be better but also grounded everyday; then, everything follows.

In 2014, my husband, Chef Michael Custodio, invited me to go home to the Philippines from Dubai and suggested to start a Thai Food Restaurant “Inthai”. It was an old brand which I started back in culinary days but then halted for a while because of
my training in the US. It was actually a re-branding. Inthai is a modern Thai food restaurant here in Palawan, Philippines. It was featured in local TV as a healthy food restaurant. Having the right staff, kitchen and experience, we decided to put up
a healthy food delivery as well in which personalized and calculated diets are delivered at the client’s doorstep. It is the first in the city so we have the edge. We help people lose weight in a healthy way and some clients with medical condition, and all of them have benefitted from our program. We are counseling them on healthy lifestyle and making healthy food choices. I wouldn’t ask for more since I’m doing the things I love the most: cooking and proper nutrition. Next year, we will start a deal to provide post workout meals to clients of a famous crossfit gym in our city and we are all excited for this new opportunity that is also another way of fulfilling my passion! I can finally see the fruits of my labor. Everything was like planned out for me to get here and in God’s perfect time!

Currently, my husband and I am all occupied with our businesses and with our handful 15- month old son, Matthew, who I still exclusively breastfeed up until now. I guess, turning into healthy living at the same time living my passion will not only
benefit me but also the people around me. As my name implies, this woman right here is “on fire” to be an advocate of good health and proper nutrition. Juggling the business, being a wife and a full time mom is not easy but I am grateful to God because I am blessed!

Chef Dina Regia del Rosario Josue, RND

About the Author

Chef Dina Josue is a Certified Chef and a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian. She always has the eye for details. She has an exceptional background in food management and service. A graduate of BS Nutrition in the University of the Philippines with professional license in Nutrition-Dietetics, Chef Dina is well versed when it comes to food research and development and culinary arts. She had training alongside with Chef MC at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, USA and worked with international chefs at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.

Chef Dina also chases after her 15-month old son, Matthew Dylan and takes care of her husband Chef Michael when she isn’t preparing amazing food and calculating diets. An advocate of healthy eating and breastfeeding, Chef Dina always makes sure she walks her talk!

To contact Chef Dina:

Website: Inthai2Go
Facebook: Inthai2Go, Chef MD Diet Rx 

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Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence - Empowered Womens stories

Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence – Kate Worsfold – Australia


Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence - Empowered Womens stories Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence – Kate Worsfold – Australia

Kate Worsfold is a survivor of 15 years of Domestic Violence wanting to share her story with as many people as she can to help bring an awareness of this insidious and evil social ill. After spending her career in Managerial and Operational roles in various small business and corporate companies, she was given the privilege of working for the Queensland Times Newspaper as their Adopt a Family Appeal Coordinator.

During her time working with so many underprivileged people within her community, she realised her passion to help those who needed to find their wings and their voices, especially those who had suffered like her at the hands of Domestic Violent (DV) abusers. She then forged her organisation Wings of Destiny focusing on assisting women who have left DV relationships, to find their self-empowerment, self-confidence and freedom again and empower them to never return to relationships of abuse.

Kate understands all too well the paradox in leaving a DV relationship and then revoking the decision to retreat and return. One of the prevalent reasons Kate believes most women return to these relationships is because these women lack clarity in their self-identity and confidence. She believes they lose who they are and become conditioned into believing what others think of them, consumed by their limitations instead of focused on their true potential and the greatness they have within them.
Kate is committed to helping women be reunited with their true selves and finding their wings to fly so that they are capable of forging an amazing destiny for themselves that is not comprised by abuse. She has written her 6 week program “Destined to be … ME” that takes women on a deep soulful journey on finding their inner values, bringing them in alignment back with their authentic and true sense of self and learning how not to allow their negative experiences and trauma to define who they are but rather they learn the tools on how to define themselves based on their personal victories and greatness they already possess deep down inside.

Kate is a strong community advocate in helping women and families post DV and facilitates her course through various community centres in the region with the sponsorship of various businesses helping to subsidise placements for these women to rebuild their lives and additionally through the endorsement of several community campaigners and MP’s. Kate has also written a book which is due to be published in the coming months.

Empowering women to become the Masters of their own Destiny, Kate Heilbronn truly empowers women who survived domestic violence.

Inspiring Story – Kate Worsfold – Australia
To contact Kate:

Web: Wings of Destiny

Nikki Taylor personally thanks Kate Worsfold for sharing her inspiring story today with us on Should you too wish to share your very own inspirational journey/story please email and our editorial guidelines will be sent to you.