Graceful Life Transitions-Inspirational Womens stories

Graceful Life Transitions – Dr. Micaela Becattini – Australia

Graceful Life Transitions-Inspirational Womens stories

Graceful Life Transitions – Dr. Micaela Becattini – Australia

Today, my world is full of excitement, dreams, possibilities and action.

I can say that I am immersed in a new and flourishing existence. I follow the flow of life which is essential to finding my inner harmony. I try not to judge, to remain open to every possibility and say a full and unconditional YES to any situation life proposes me, learning to leave behind with love what has been and what is no longer.

But you see, my big life adventure didn’t start like this. Ohhh nooo!

In July 2004 I decided to leave Italy and my home to follow my soul mate to Australia but didn’t realise how much energy I had to consume to keep my love and my passion alive!

I remember the day when my trembling fingers wanted to hold onto not just the door of the airplane, but also everything I had ever known, my native language, my cultural traditions, my thriving practice, my family, my friends…my identity for 29 years that I was leaving behind.

For a long time, after my move, I felt capable and useless at the same time. Everyday felt like a long phase of burden with daily feelings of inadequacy. Life seemed like a giant void that nothing could fill. Anxiety was rife. Basic activities seemed like world shattering events, above all after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Reactive Arthritis in October 2007.

All of this contributed to me developing patterns of a “victim behaviour”. The biggest point was the feeling of not being understood, followed by wanting to be recognised, a lack of good judgement, people pleasing, committing to something that would never work just to get attention, blaming others and the surrounding situations.

I am glad that I had the knowledge and awareness to move through that phase. As a qualified therapist and coach, instead of staying stuck in that phase, I was able to change my story.

Slowly but surely, I started collecting courage, wisdom, help, my luck-making ideas and splintered on the path of growth re-creating my now successful business in 2012.

I knew that I had to surrender to the cycle of loss, I had to recognise the difficulties of the moment and accept that an initial transition period of confusion and sadness, was not only normal but also necessary to adapt to the new situation.

I sat down, grabbed some paper and a pen and started to re-write my personal and business needs, wants, desires and strengths followed by my new values as an evolved person. I then dedicated my time to identifying achievable goals and nurturing my new business ideas, comparing them to the surrounding new reality, being open to new possibilities, learning new ways to interact and when needed, outsourcing and asking for some help!

Now, I am a LIFE TRANSITION SPECIALIST and support whoever goes through intense personal and/or professional transitions. I help them master their mindset, understand their emotions and tap into their true resilience so they can move through trials and changes with more ease and grace without suffering a complete meltdown and leaving behind a “victim attitude”.

Today I am on a mission to help “my people” arrive at the other side of transition with gumption and energy and guiding them towards their goals and dreams. I am here to show them that when they know what they want and they have the courage to go after it, their mind and emotions work as a team to help them accomplish their goals!

About the Author

With an International Career and first-hand experience of intense life changes, Dr. Micaela Becattini is an Igniter for solutions, “victim-free” attitude, self-expression and courage for people, who are undergoing life-transitions, change and life adversities.
Through her knowledge, practical guidance and experience, she provides her clients the tools to find new understandings and pathways through change and transformation.

Micaela serves her purpose of cultivating self-believe and strength in people by offering engaging and creative tools and workshops for finding the light in the midst of struggle in life.

Micaela passionately believes that harnessing the courage to reveal yourself enables people to get out of boxed mentality and live a life, which is true to who they are.

Inspiring Story | Dr. Micaela Becattini | Australia

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