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Viva Health and Wealth – Mandie Spooner – Australia

Hi, I’m Mandie Spooner, I’m a mother, a wife and a nutritional therapist. I run my own growing business and keep our busy home on track, which is full of rowdy growing boys and one quieter grown man. None of that makes me particularly unique in any way, there are many thousands of women just like me, balancing all the elements in our lives.

In my previous life I was a graphic designer. I had my own successful business which allowed me to work round my family, but my passion for design was falling short and frustration was creeping in.

After feeling exhausted for longer than I felt was good for anyone, I thought there had to be a better way and unexpectedly discovered what great nutrition can do for you. I started a nutritional cleanse in February 2014 and, with no exaggeration, had life changing results from it. This prompted me to look more into nutrition and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives too.

I did this with the creation of a new business, Viva Health and Wealth and beginning my studies in nutrition.

I now work hard to help others understand how important nutrition is to their mental and physical wellbeing. My business offers nutritional solutions to people and supports them through the often life changing aspects that eating a great diet can have.

I have so many happy clients now that all the hard work of changing career and starting from scratch in an industry I knew nothing about to being with has been totally worthwhile.

I now have a career I am passionate about, take care of my clients and it fits into my busy lifestyle. As well as taking care of my family and running my business, I can fit in, exercise and healthy living into my daily life, which had been lacking before.

I strongly believe we are responsible for everything in our lives and that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad. I am grateful that I listened to my inner voice when it shouted at me to go out on a limb and try this new endeavor and would recommend following your dreams to everyone out there.

About the Author

Mandie Spooner is a Nutritional Therapist and the owner of Viva Health and Wealth. She works with science-based questionnaires and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and to build a personalised program that works.

Inspiring Story | Mandie Spooner | Australia

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Midlife Turning Points -Empowered Women

Midlife Turning Points – Anne Noonan – Australia

 Midlife Turning Points -Empowered Women

Our second half of life can be so much better than the first. I truly believe that we can turn our health completely around if we grab hold of it in time. And when we do, our whole life can change. Relationships, business, personal success and our purpose can turn up in amazing ways.

At the age of about 46 I found myself facing a hysterectomy. I was excited about it. I just wanted this hell of a cycle that began at the age of 11 to be over. When my cycle began in primary school it determined where I went, what invitations I accepted, whether I went swimming when everyone else was going or whether I spent a lot of time at home. It remained that way throughout my life. I accepted it as normal – doesn’t everyone have ridiculously heavy painful periods?? A few years and 2 kids later, when a hysterectomy was suggested, I was over it. I was over the anaemia, the fatigue, the deficiencies, the weightgain, the weird illnesses and the depression that accompanied it – I was ready.

This was it! It was going to be done and I was going to have my life back.

It wasn’t to be. I woke up out of the anaesthetic in a hot flush and my menopausal symptoms seemed to be on full volume. Hot flushes that didn’t seem to end. Dry skin, sore joints, increasing middle, overloaded liver, foggy thinking, lack of interest in everything and a feeling of simply sinking deeper into a pit. I wanted out of it. My gyno suggested I go see my local for an HRT script, I had my doctor suggest antidepressants and in my foggy hot sweaty brain I was ready to give up. A couple of naturopaths gave me different treatments all of which treated a little section of a whole – like spraying a raging fire with a squirter bottle.

So it was time to step up and take my life into my own hands. I had my certificate in human nutrition, I knew my stuff, I knew how to eat healthily and I thought I was. It just wasn’t enough. The real detective work began in earnest! I studied up every book, seminar, CD and workshop I could get hold of that concentrated on the midlife woman and the issues she deals with. From anxiety to zinc deficiency I had to take my health by the reigns and turn it around.

So I did. It took a few years, some experimentation and some failings. My body became my petrie dish. When I learned about the liver, the importance of macro and micro nutrition, the power of breath and movement, my health did an about face. Weight dropped off, my fogginess disappeared, my skin cleared up, the fatigue lifted and my acheyness was replaced with a sheer joy for life.

I now run programs for women who’ve gone through something similar. You can turn back the clock – you can regain your vitality. I want to live life to the fullest until it’s time to go. Doesn’t everyone? With a nutrition and mindful movement plan it’s doable. When I discovered mindful movement and breath techniques it was like my cells started singing ‘hallelujah, she’s found what she needs’. So I became a yoga and meditation instructor and combine it with my health coaching and have a driving passion now for the midlife woman who wants her mojo back.

My blog and classes information can be found at and an obligation free 30 minute consult could be the best thing you do for yourself.

My bio:

Anne Noonan is a certified Yoga, Meditation, Food and Nutrition Coach with a passion for the midlife woman and everything she goes through. Anne has also worked as a Personal Stylist and owned her own fashion range a few years ago before her health started to take its toll. She knew the only way to get back on top was to take her health into her own hands. You can check out some of Anne’s journey on her blog and read about her programs and classes on the ‘classes’ page.

Inspiring story – Anne Noonan – Australia 
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