Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life -Inspired women

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life – Narelle Shiell – Australia

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life -Inspired women

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life – Narelle Shiell – Australia

I have not always been a professional coach and counsellor but I have always been the accidental one. For many years I worked in the corporate arena firstly in administration and finance management and then I moved onto advertising and media sales. I have had the pleasure of more than one career in this life and in all of them I found the common thread I loved the most was coaching, counselling and training – these skills came naturally to me.

Alongside all of this great career stuff my personal life for many years was a trainwreck. There is not a high enough word limit in this article for all the ‘stuff’ so i will share the highlights that have helped shaped me.

•Major car accident at 18 and my parents and immediately moved overseas – all in a 3 month window. This led to a major health crises where I discovered the power of natural therapies. I later trained in Remedial Massage, Polarity Therapy, Counselling and Training as a direct result of this experience.

•Married in my early 20s and 2 beautiful babies by 28, divorced at 30. I learned more about myself in this time that I have ever known and after divorce I came to know my own strength. I also learnt a lot about people too.

•Further health crises in my early 30s and ultimately diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. From this I learned about my capacity for self love and regulating how and where I was spending my time and energy.

•Workplace bullying in 2010 that resulted in a trip to the ER with panic so severe it was first thought a cardiac issue. Here I subsequently decided that I would never work for anyone else ever again because I was bullied for my ability and not lack of it.

•Re-married at 41 and moved from Adelaide to Townsville. I learned that life always comes full circle and that nothing ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ is forever. I learned how to truly love someone else and still love and honour myself.

Most ‘healers’ become that way because they have their own wounds to first ‘heal’. I am no exception. So why am I telling you this?

I firmly believe you cannot truly love and embrace who you are and at the same time hate the experiences and decisions that got you there. You are after all a sum total of every moment of your life until right now.

The path to true self love for me was fraught with many things that in order to heal I had to learn to love, see the silver lining in and find a way to view in a positive light.

It is hard to see things like bullying, which I had also experienced in high school, positively; nor is it easy to understand why your body may be struck down with dis-ease when you actively go out of your way to nurture it and treat it well. And like many faced with these types of challenges I spent a lot of time asking ‘why me’?

The answer? Well there are many – it has given me insight I would have otherwise never had, compassion I would have never felt and the ability to see deeply into people and situations to find the gold among the pain, hurt and challenges life might be throwing up.

In recent years I have created my life around the ‘challenges’ I live with rather than by fighting them. These serve as a beautiful reminder to slow down when I try to run too fast. My natural tendency is be busy and live fast and being slowed down actually helps me see the beauty in life, each moment and ‘stop to smell the roses’ I have settled into a beautiful slice of North Queensland paradise and run my practice from home and in the online space enabling me to work with clients and collaborate with peers from anywhere in the world. I especially love working with women who know they want to make a change to how they live their lives whether at home, work or in their business. Women who want to step up their game and experience life in a new and more positive, meaningful way.

My motto:
“Honour Your Journey | Create Your Life”

My mission is to show women that in any moment they have the power to decide to co-create their future, no matter where they have been in the past because when we love and accept ourselves fully, both our beautiful gifts and our own shortcomings, we become powerful co-creators and can build others and ourselves up rather than tearing them down…

About the Author

Narelle Shiell is the principal at and

A qualified counsellor specialising in using the transactional analysis model for growth and change, Narelle is also a trainer, speaker and coach (life & work) and loves co-creating outcomes that inspire women to lead in their lives.

You will find Narelle approaches her clients with good humor and a lightness that provides a gentle and safe place to explore the depths of your whole being.

Narelle has a corporate background in administration and finance management working for employers such as Logi-Tech, Flinders University and the South Australian Film Corporation; and in Media Sales working for Fairfax Media and other smaller rural publications. In her own business Narelle offers a range of coaching, counselling and training services to individuals, community groups and corporate clients.

Narelle holds a number of professional qualifications including Polarity Therapy, Remedial Massage and Training & Assessment. She has also undertaken a number of non accredited courses to further her own personal and professional development.

Inspiring Story | Narelle Shiell | Australia

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