Living Life Positively Courageous, with Femininity & Style! – Deborah Johnston – Australia

Living Life Positively Courageous, with Femininity & Style!  – Deborah Johnston – Australia

After a diagnosis of terminal abdominal cancer in 2005 and being told by my Oncologist I had to “get my things in order”, as I only had 6 months to live, I am sitting here writing this article for you, 11 years later in 2017, feeling very alive and well and reflecting on everything that I went through to lead me to this point.
When you get news as shattering as that, it changes your perspective on life forever, it rocks you to your core being, and nothing is ever the same after that.

I was carrying a very heavy load of grief, after a Miscarriage, a failed Romance, losing both Parents to Cancer, and dealing with bullying in the workplace, and Retrenchment from my Corporate Job in Recruitment.

So, how did I get through all of that you may be wondering? Honestly, sometimes I ask myself the very same question. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief that I am still here living and breathing to tell my story. Sometimes I pinch myself, sometimes it feels surreal.

In basic terms, I simply said NO to Chemotherapy & Radiation – it was that simple. I carefully chose a Natural approach to getting well and positive results came my way. I was well informed and with the support of my wonderful GP, I did my Research on my options to heal myself naturally – so that’s what I did.

From a mindset perspective, my healing involved learning to dig very deeply inside myself to find the courage and hope to keep on going. Opening up my self-awareness, and owning it, was so cathartic and it worked tenfold.

By journaling and meditating and asking for a “Medical Miracle” and doing all sorts of things I loved, to raise my spirit and self-belief and self-esteem. The most cathartic turning point for me to let go of my painful past and choose to “change”, came when I began studying Human Behaviour and NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming and surrounding myself with positive like-minded people and successful Entrepreneurs and Mentors. Who to this day still encourage and support my quest to inspire people with my story, and beyond that with my Mentoring Business and being a Guest Speaker at Events.

Gaining a Masters in NLP & Neurological Re-Patterning– was certainly the most empowering thing I have ever done and certainly the most profound and effective method I have ever come across to heal at a deep Neurological level. Which I share with my Mentoring Clients and in my Workshops and Retreats.

I feel it is my quest and purpose in life now, to inspire women, and I am smiling widely with gratitude to be alive and breathing, and being able to share my story with you!

I am thrilled to say I am currently writing my first Book, “Absolutely Courageous” – 10 Steps To Finding Courage When You Are Stretched To Your Limits – which will be Published later in 2017. A goal I have had for over 20 years is coming to fruition!

Having goals and ambition and knowing what your passions are in life, and following them are very important aspects to know about yourself. I learned this early on in life from my inspiring Mother who had a very successful Business when I was a Teenager. It propels you forward into the future, and paves the way to manifest what you really want from your precious life!

Gratitude is something I practise daily, its a powerful force to be reckoned with, lean into it, embrace it easily by being grateful for what you do have. Gratitude will shift your mood – practise Gratitude daily and repeat every morning, and notice how your life changes.

Mine has! Your’s can too!

Life is for Living Positively Courageous, Feminine & Stylish!

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About the Author

Deborah Johnston is a Well Being Mentor, Entrepreneur, Conquerer of Cancer, Published Co-Author and at present is also writing her very first Book, all about getting and having Courage! These days after learning many cathartic things about life, she has an innate calling, and feel it is her soul duty and purpose to work with women, as their personal confidante` Mentor, passing on and sharing what she knows about life, in all of its textures, colours, challenges and joys!

Working with women, just like you, who have a deep yearning to achieve “more” from life! Guiding you, step by step to create the life that you SO deserve to have, the life that you want SO badly, that NEW YOU that wants to make some changes!

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Why 1000 Self Help Books Won’t Set Women Fully Free. Discover the MAZ Factor – Maz Schirmer – Australia

Why 1000 Self Help Books Won’t Set Women Fully Free. Discover the MAZ Factor – Maz Schirmer – Australia


That was the level of my self-worthiness that caused my life for 3 decades to be of terror, torment and turbulence. I’m not just talking about the rape, injustice and abuse by men that led to myself and my 4 little kids having to go live in hiding for more than 400 days. I’m talking about the self-inflicted abuse upon myself because of my lack of self-worth.

I was simply living my mother’s and her mother’s life, not to mention 1 of my daughters experienced the same. What’s the chances of not just having 4 generations of women with guns at our heads in my family by men, but for myself, by several men. DV and child sexual abuse was rampant in my genes. I knew it was a pattern when my own 3 daughters were molested, yet I was going to be the one who NEVER let that happen to my kids. Well merely wanting to be a change maker is not enough, in fact the full on focus of that subject is what kept the pattern alive.

Well the mind image I produced by ‘not’ wanting my kids to experience abuse meant my image was of my kids being abused. The writing was on the wall and I had no idea i was a life creation artist. I had no idea the power of my own mind and how our mind images create our reality.

Suppression issues that currently show up as ‘not good enough’, anxiety, depression and self-loathing (sometimes disguised with a confidence mask) are not just ours, we inherited them, or at least the pre-disposition for events to occur to us that sustain our own suppression.

I finally told myself that I’d start a new life by blacking out my past. Well I blacked out alright, on the floor in a phone box while fleeing yet again into emergency housing, when I woke up from my first ever epileptic fit. In that ‘bleep’ moment when I first awoke, before my beliefs, conditioning and past memories caught up with me, was this moment of pure clarity that triggered a decision that went on to shape the rest of my life.

I saw it was MY responsibility to break this cycle because we were lucky to be alive and wouldn’t be if I kept making similar choices. I really turned my life around on a dime because of that bleep moment!

I went from an unemployed check out ‘chick’ single mother of 4 on the sole parent pension, living in emergency housing without a passport, to becoming the number 1 women’s business leader of other women in business, within 10 countries after being told it couldn’t be done. I broke Aussie 43 year records that I still own today.

Well that was well and good, but after a decade and a half of living the 5 star life, cruising the world on Moet, taking 26 overseas trips (in just 14 years), I can tell you that money is great, but it is not soul fulfilling when you see the statistics first hand of the numbers that fail compared to the numbers who succeed to their own definition of success as entrepreneurs.

I decided to focus on creating a REAL solution that would stop so many women feeling life failures at business and life.

I realised that in business we were ALL teaching processes that made me secretly feel like I was a fraud, a fluke and ashamed because I was NOT consistent. I DIDN’T plan my work and work my plan, I didn’t even set goals, therefore I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. I was teaching these strategies because I was taught to by the ‘GREATS’ who said that’s how it’s done. Luckily for 1 in 5 these strategies worked well, but not for the 4/5.

I’d stumbled on the WOMAN’S success formula and didn’t know it. After all every self-help book said that’s the way to achieve success so who was I to speak otherwise.

One day it dawned on me. Why am I listening to these men (male company managers, male guru’s and male authors of the biggest selling self-help books and seminars) tell me how to do it when I had years and years of EVIDENCE saying OTHERWISE.

That was my second LIFE DEFINING MOMENT. That’s what led me to launch the INSTITUTE OF WOMEN INTERNATIONAL and formulate Creatrix®, a woman’s breakthrough process that breaks the cycle of suppression.


We are the solution we’ve been waiting for. We know what’s good for us and need to trust that! We can achieve ANYTHING when we break the cycle.

Written by Maz (Marilyn) Schirmer

About the Author

Maz is an expert in the psychology of Women’s Success, an author of The MAZ Factor, Founder of Institute of Women International, Innovator of Creatrix® and Head Trainer and Licensor of Creatrix® Facilitators in 6 countries and expanding rapidly. She is a mother of 4 and a Nana of 9 living in Sunshine Coast, Australia. She’s a woman on a mission with a passion and a vision to release suppression from an entire gender.

To Contact Maz (as she is affectionately referred to)

Email address:

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Serve, Surrender, Impact – Hershey Hilado – Australia


Serve, Surrender, Impact – Hershey Hilado – Australia

Hershey Hilado is not your typical 24 years old. Her difficult upbringing enabled her to develop the resilience and ability to influence others by example. Recently nominated as one of the 30 under 30 Influencive Entrepreneurs 2016, she is unstoppable with a purpose to SERVE, SURRENDER and IMPACT millions of lives.

Growing up in an environment of physical and emotional abuse she became a parent to 7 of her siblings at a mere age of 14. Her father was murdered by her own uncle when she was 12. She got into shoplifting when she was 13 to survive. Her own Mother forced her to marry a man 3 times her age when she was 16 for money.

After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for 2 years until she found her relatives on the Father side who took her in until she found her way to Australia when she was 18.

She worked in McDonalds as a crew member and as a Security Control Room Operator for a few years until  she realized that her calling was far greater than just being good at her job. Her purpose was far greater than simply earning and surviving. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book she then quit her job few months later and started her first business back in November 2013.

Today, she runs 2 businesses, a Women’s Fashion Label called Ohmagosh sold in over 15 countries across the globe and Creative Vortex where Entrepreneurs, Start- Ups and Business Owners can purchase pre-made branding packages.

Her passion and purpose stretches beyond overcoming adversity, running a business and Entrepreneurship. As a Philanthropist she is one of the Ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a none for profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery in Australia.

She speaks for those who needed a voice. She is a hustler, global speaker and passionate human being that truly lives her life with so much gratitude.

She is one of the most Inspirational and Influential Female Entrepreneur of this generation and now on a mission to inspire and impact others through her journey and stories of  the world’s most powerful and successful Millennial Entrepreneurs.

About the Author

Hershey Hilado is a Filipina born, Australian based Entrepreneur.

Named as one of the Most Influential Millennial Entrepreneur that exists today. At 24 years of age she has built three international businesses; 8TASKS a high level offshore outsourcing company base in the Philippines, CREATIVEVORTEX.COM.AU a creative and branding agency & OHMAGOSH.COM a women’s fashion eCommerce business she founded 4 years ago and recently nominated as one of the Top 50 Most Innovative and Exciting eCommerce Stores in Australia for 2016.

She was also named as one of the Top 80 Women2Watch in 2017 by Remodista stealing the 3rd spot in Australia among 10 Australians and 70 other women from different parts of the world.

Today, she is on a mission to help other Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Start- Ups launch and scale their businesses forward so in January 12 2017 she started her 12- Month world tour for CHARGED MOVEMENT Workshop across Asia & Australia.

To contact Hershey:



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Finding Freedom Within – Ruby Usman – Australia

Finding Freedom Within – Ruby Usman – Australia

Having grown up in the slums of Pakistan, I was conditioned by the culture to think of myself as a “non-being” – someone whose pleasure and goals weren’t important. I saw men beat their women (sisters, wives and other family members); children were yelled at and abused and I was myself sexually abused as a child for many years.

Luckily, my parents weren’t following the cultural norms so despite these cultural conditions, I was able to study and even get myself a job in a multinational firm. It was almost like living in several worlds at the same time. Inside my own home, we were taught equality, respect and the value of good education. Outside my home, I was a slut because I didn’t follow norms and didn’t wear hijab. And inside my workplace, I was a confident woman surrounded by people who were educated and respectful of my worth and skills.

It was a strange world. Being aggressive was the prerequisite for me to stand firm in a world dominated by men.

In 1997, I got married with the dreams of love, respect and a life of harmony. Sadly, it didn’t turn out that way. My married life was dominated by unconscious cruelty, painful sex, illnesses and a visit to a hospital. The cultural norms made it very hard for me to leave that marriage. I felt stuck and had no where to go. The only place of reprieve for me was the roof of the house where I hid away from time to time and cried.

My freedom came in the form of a job opportunity in Singapore. I left Pakistan in June 2000. This also gave me a pathway to finally leave the marriage. We got divorced in July 2002.

I was finally free (at least physically) but for the first time, I was out in the world on my own and I had no idea where to start. I used to have panic attacks. I remember crying on streets because I didn’t want to go and sleep in a room by myself. Those were scary times.

I also realised that freedom was a state of mind. I was free at face value but I was still limited by my beliefs and my cultural conditioning. I had suppressed my desires and my needs for years and years and even now, when I was a free woman, my own limitation didn’t allow myself to feel this freedom.

Finding freedom became a journey of exploration. I needed to know who I was and what I wanted but fundamentally, I needed to give myself permission to have needs and desires. I had no idea how to do that. I was in a strange country, didn’t have many friends, didn’t know the western customs and traditions; it felt like I had to learn to walk all over again, undo the brainwashing and reprogram myself to have new neural pathways.

This meant saying “Yes” to anything and everything that came my way. Life experiences became my teachers; and I started collecting my experiences; learning from my mistakes and from my own explorations. I missed having role models. I missed having someone who I could ask. I missed having support and assurance and safety. But that wasn’t my path.

These explorations enabled me to live in four different cities and create a completely different life in each of these cities. My biggest learning experiences in Karachi, Pakistan; basics of western life in Singapore; fun and adventure in Sydney; love and relating in Melbourne. At the same time, my own personal healing journey took me deep into the world of conscious and unconscious mind, body and its relationship with the mind, and emotions and feelings and their impact on body and mind.

And my biggest learning is this:
*** We can’t do it alone! ***
We need love, and we need belonging.

So in Nov 2016, I have launched an online forum called Healing Wounds Together – A Platform for Adults who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.

My life has been deeply impacted by these experiences. At times, I wondered if there were other people who felt the same? Was I the only one feeling these feelings of shame, hatred, anger, and self-pity? It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t.

This blogging platform is my attempt to bring us together; to “be there” for each other; to understand that we not alone and there are millions of adults (if not billions) who are affected by this and feel a lot of those things that we do. My aim is to share the following:

• My understanding of trauma and how it impacts us.
• How did I start my healing journey and how has it changed my life?
• I will give you information about various healing modalities that are out there that can help you heal.
• I intend to interview adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and share their journeys with you.
• I intend to interview various therapists and professionals who have impacted me deeply in my healing journey.

It is a scary world. I feel exposed and vulnerable but I also know that this vulnerability is critical for the change to occur

I hope that you will join me. Please sign up for my blog at:

About the Author

Ruby Usman is an Author, Speaker and Educator. With a brilliant business mind, an international career and first-hand experience of the hardships of life, she is an inspiring adventurer.

Ruby is the founder of Healing Wounds Together, which is an excellent resource for not only those who are affected by childhood sexual abuse but also professionals who work with them. Read more here:

Ruby is creator of ‘Self Care Method’, which is pathway for creating sustainable collective happiness. The method is delivered through three essential pillars: self, family & relationships, and community. Read more here:

Ruby has also authored a book ‘Self Care for Parents’ – A 5-step method to having a happy balance in life. You can buy a signed copy of the book at:

To contact Ruby:




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Tracey Mathers-Empowered Womens stories

Stay True To Yourself – Tracey Mathers – Australia

Tracey Mathers-Empowered Womens stories

Stay True To Yourself – Tracey Mathers – Australia

As a third generation shoe retailer from the Mathers shoe family, I always felt like one of the lucky ones. I remember sitting on my dad’s lap in his office in Mary Street, Brisbane City, at about the age of 6 and saying one day this will be all mine. I will run this business one day. That was not meant to be, but I am grateful for the journey it started me on, and the incredible values it instilled in me.

I started working casually for Mathers Shoes when I was 14, and I truly loved it and knew that when I finished school I wanted a full time career in the business. I was so excited about this because I already knew I wanted to travel the world, buying amazing shoes for women that would make them feel fabulous, empowered and beautiful.

At 17, I asked for a meeting with my dad. You did this in my household when you had something serious to discuss and I told him I had decided to join the family company. He was very excited. However I said to him, if this is to work you need to stay out of my career going forward. I need to do this on my own, I need the proof that I am worthy of climbing the ladder not because of my last name but on my talent and merit. He agreed to that, and so my journey began.

It was difficult at first. Being the boss’s daughter taught me very quickly how to manage conflict, how to work out who is with you, and who isn’t, and most importantly, how to handle the ones who aren’t. All this at the age of 17 made me grow up extremely quickly.

I survived, I loved it, but eventually the day came when my father organised a successful buy-out by Woolworth America, and I was shattered. My dream of potentially taking over and being that third generation to run the company was now gone. That did not last long thankfully, as the new owners were fabulous, very motivational and I loved working for them. I moved further up the ladder and was learning heaps.

One day, they decided to close a division of the company which was a more upmarket branding. In my opinion, this was going to leave a huge gap in the marketplace. I had recently found a fabulous new retail site in Brisbane City and decided it was time to do my own thing. So with a fire in my belly and a business plan in my hand, I jumped on a plane to Italy and went shoe shopping. That was the start of Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio in 1991.

I owned my retail stores for 25 years. I had massive highs and some impressive lows but what a journey it has been and what I have learned, both good and bad, along the way has set me up for my new career path.

I decided to sell my stores. After 25 years, I just felt it was the right time to put all I have learnt over the years into helping others. I am now mentoring, speaking and consulting to small and medium businesses who can benefit in any area in which I have expertise. I am absolutely loving my new career. I now help others to achieve their goals, to help them get positioned where they need to be, for the results they are going after. And I am there with them on the journey the whole way.

Being in small business can be a really hard, often we feel alone, and we have so many huge decisions to make, often they have to be made on our own.

A few big lessons I have learnt along the way are:

1/ It is okay if others don’t believe in you, if they don’t get your “why” as long as you do. Don’t ever let anyone take away your dreams or your goals, stay true to your beliefs and stay true to yourself always.

2/ Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. People that are going to challenge you, teach you, support you and believe in you. This is when magic happens, and we get great results on our own journey.

3/ Don’t ever give up, we are only limited by our own imagination.

About the Author

Tracey Mathers is a trusted advisor to those wanting to build and maintain success in business. With retail running through her veins, third generation retailer Tracey Mathers has been continuing the family tradition for over 24 years. As the Grandaughter of the founder of Mathers Shoes it was inevitable she would become a leading retailer in her field. Having had up to six stores she has learnt to deal with all areas of running a successful business.

To contact Tracey:


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Be The Best You Can Be-Inspirational Womens stories

Be The Best You Can Be – Cassandra Austin – Australia

Be The Best You Can Be-Inspirational Womens stories

Be The Best You Can Be – Cassandra Austin – Australia

After leaving school at age 15 years, I began an apprenticeship as a chef. This was significant because, at that time, I was the only girl in my class at the technical college course and it was rare to have a woman working in a restaurant kitchen. In fact, during a work experience period, with a chef, he explained to me that he didn’t employ woman to work in his kitchen. However, I had a passion for working with “food” so I persevered and waited, until he gave me my chance. Despite these common beliefs, I worked my way through all the negativity and became dogmatic, through work, to achieve my goals. In time, my “dreams” were realised and I had my own restaurant and I became successful and respected in the hospitality industry.

Even though I had proven to the world that a woman could be a respected, and successful, restaurateur I started to notice that, firstly my body was reacting to the extremely, long hours of work. As well, I became, psychologically, exhausted because of the cumulative anxiety that I experienced worrying about maintaining my success. In retrospect, it was clear that I had no balance in my life but only obsessed with working harder. Consequently, I required medical intervention meaning prescribed medication, and counselling, to combat the anxiety/depression as well as the inability to control my weight. After some six months, I felt worse because I lost the energy I needed which meant a reliance on medications I had to maintain the work and, hence, the continuing success of my business. After some time, I began to reflect on my life, work and general health when I had an epiphany that would change me forever.

Successful people in life achieve their goals through hard work or by working smarter. I began to analyse myself and realised that I had proven myself, worked ridiculous hours but at the cost of my health. Proving myself to the world may have been achieved had I not “pushed” my body to exhaustion and ill health but, simply, may have taken a longer time. It was at this time in my life that I made the decision to change, be more proactive, and take more care of my physical, and psychological self religiously, I would eat a varied, healthy diet and began exercising by walking regularly, rejecting cigarettes in favour of attending to the needs of my body and my mind. From then I noticed that weekly changes in my life such as that I became fitter, stronger and calmer, more controlled, in my mind. Also I felt happier as I completely, changed my life but still managed the restaurant, taught commercial cookery at college level and judging culinary competitions. I recall people telling me I looked 10 years younger and I felt it.

As well as continuing my increasing responsibilities, I began doing charity work with the Australian Culinary Federation which I enjoyed and felt fulfilled, then I met my husband “also a chef” who purchased my restaurant so we could spend more time together. In recent times I have finished 8 years as part of the World Association of Chef’s Societies’, doing charity work as a committee member and regional representative of the Woman’s Leadership forum. As well I have been involved in contract consulting, recipes development, testing and costing together with the production of cook books and videos for my professional Industry, working and travelling the world with work and my husband.

Throughout my journey with food and a healthy lifestyle, I believe I have found strategies in developing better health and to reverse the deleterious effects of poor diet. By studying diet and nutrition, food psychology and wellness coaching, I have developed programs online or personalised, that include some 10 workshops to empower woman to learn practical, effective and evidence based skills to enhance your lifestyle. My commitment, and focus, has been to improve people’s lives by adopting the moto “Be the best you can be”.

About The Author

Cassandra joined the food service industry as a 15 year old, Women in the commercial kitchen were an anomaly 25 years later, she is an accomplished Chef, Consultant, Recipe developer, Culinary Judge, Women in the World association of chefs Societies Committee Member and Representative for the Pacific Rim Certified  Food and Wellness Coach. With qualifications as a Commercial chef, Restaurateur and Teacher, she has now branched into Diet, Nutrition and Food Psychology, her niche in the market is supporting people, mostly Woman who want more from a healthy diet, eating, physical and mental concerns in a personalised and private forum.

Success came at a cost to her mental and physical health and after years of ignoring it. Through food and a healthy lifestyle, she has found many ways to reverse the damage and have a wealth of skills to help you cook yourself to better health.
She has committed to improving peoples life styles, networking and career opportunities for females struggling with health and general wellness “To be the best that you can be”.

 “Cass is living proof that you don’t have to be one of the boys in attire and attitude to succeed in the culinary world. Whatever she sets out to do, she gets done.”

Inspiring Story | Cassandra Austin | Australia

To contact Cassandra:



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More time, more freedom and more money – Sharon Jurd – Australia

More time, more freedom and more money – Sharon Jurd – Australia

At 29, I believed I was doing just fine like everyone else. I was happily married and I was blessed with 2 amazing kids. But life, as we know it, is full of surprises and mine came quite unexpectedly.

On June 30, 2000 I woke up with a massive headache. I shrugged it off and downed a painkiller to kill the pain. I didn’t think about it much since I had been experiencing headaches on and off for a while and taking painkillers always made me feel better. It was a typical day just like all the other days before it but I was wrong.

My husband who worked as an interstate truck driver at that time was at home so I asked him to look after the kids while I did some grocery shopping. While at the grocery store my head started to throb again and my vision blurred. It got so bad that I had to stop what I was doing and I drove back home.

While driving I had to stop the car twice and waited patiently for my vision to clear before I resumed driving. Even though it kind of bothered me I thought nothing of it like I always do since migraines randomly happen to busy people like me. I arrived home safely and went to bed with a wet washer on my forehead.

Later on, I visited my parent’s house but as soon as I got inside I felt I needed to lie down. After a couple of minutes I got up to tell my father I was feeling ill, when all of a sudden I collapsed on the floor. On that day, I suffered my very first stroke.

You see, I am the type of person who liked being in control and I think my security stems from me being able to control the things around me from my home to my business. When I suffered a stroke my life crumbled before my eyes. Communication was difficult and so was mobility. This meant I had to rely on others around me.

It was during these times when I realized that no one in my family actually knew my normal routine, not even my husband. Although they had vague ideas about what I did they didn’t really know the full details. I had structured my life around me and I was responsible for its success both in my life and in my business.

Little did I realise if I’m not there everything else would fail because not a single soul knew how I ran things. And what made it all the more difficult was the fact that I had to run a business while at the same time look after our kids. My stroke was definitely something I failed to prepare for.

As my strength and speech improved during recovery I started incorporating strategies in both my personal life and my business. Through the use of simple systems I was able to successfully gain control despite my physical absence. My goal was for my family and my business to grow and thrive during trying times.

The reason I am sharing my story is to show people that despite what you may go through, if you persevere and not give up on your dreams, everything will fall into place. I designed my business so that it can stand the test of time even without me being there and now I teach people all over the world how to do just that. Every business is vulnerable at some stage and I am living testimony proving that if you do it right (incorporating effective strategies) your business will surely grow fast so you can have more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. My vision for every entrepreneur is to have more time, more money and more life.

About the Author

Sharon Jurd is a fast business growth specialist, and an international author and speaker. Looking after business owners through a number of formats including one on one coaching, seminars, consulting, staff training and group brain storming.

Inspiring Story | Sharon Jurd | Australia

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Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe -Empowered Womens stories

Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe – Lisa B. – Australia

Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe -Empowered Womens stories

Banish the Bitch, Bring Out the Babe – Lisa B. – Australia

Lisa B. is a speaker, trainer, coach and serial entrepreneur who has owned numerous businesses since 1995. She experienced two marriages and started a family along the way. Her busy life allows her to truly understand the pressures that today’s world places on women and their relationships, both at home and in their day­ to ­day lives.

Lisa has owned 3 real estate offices in her 20 something years in real estate and whilst managing her real estate business, at the same time, she studied Psychology at University for two years before becoming an accredited life coach and a qualified NLP Master Practitioner. She also studied intensely for a number of years with Tony Robbins, completing his Mastery University several times as well as becoming a member of his exclusive ‘Platinum Partners’ group.

Lisa understands just how difficult it can be to be a confident woman in this world. After all we are always being judged. We even judge ourselves way too much for goodness sake!

Lisa has had the pleasure of coaching many women all over the world in masculine and feminine energy, in business and in life. In the world of self­development, Lisa specialises in integrating masculine and feminine energy to create the perfect foundation for loving, fulfilling relationships.

Lisa’s book Banish The Bitch And Bring Out The Babe is about empowering women. The book has many take home messages that all relate to women. Firstly as the cover states, it’s about how to attract a man if you are looking to find Mr Right and how to choose the right man for you. But it’s also about so much more that that. It’s about masculine and feminine energy, in other words it’s about ‘our power’ and ‘our softness’. It’s about how to step up and feel strong when you may feel you don’t even know how. It’s about how to let down the barriers when you are caught up in your power and your strength. It’s about self love. It’s about being happy in you first and foremost.

Lisa believes that the universe has a great way of conspiring for our success. In life we can be presented with opportunities and we either find them and take them to the next level or we can turn them down.

One recent example of how the universe takes us places. At the time of writing this article, there are musicians recording the theme song to Banish The Bitch. It’s called Love is life. The song originated when Lisa sent her friend a copy of her book. Her friend a couple of days later, sent back a poem she wrote about self­love. Lisa loved the poem so much, she asked her friend if she could make her poem into a video. Her friends partner who is a musician then put it into a song. They are now going to put the song on iTunes.  Proceeds go to a charity that they both believe in. Banish The Bitch and Bring Out The Babe’s official charity will relate to self confidence and empowering women.

About the Author

Lisa is an established writer and an international best-selling author of the book “Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe”,  her books include Secret Agents – How the top real estate agents list more, sell more and dominate the market – she was featured in the book Real Estate Millionaire and she also has her own published columns in a number of magazines.

Lisa lives on the Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

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Phone 0412 210 558


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