Why Your Story Matters – Suzie Lightfoot – Australia

Why Your Story Matters – Suzie Lightfoot – Australia

Let me just start by saying, I love being a woman, and I love what I do! However, everyone knows that being a woman in business doesn’t come without its challenges!

I believe everything that happens in our life we can learn and prosper from. Even heartbreak, loss and failure. Every challenge or moment of adversity gives an elevation of thought and tests your passion. They shape us into who we are today. In fact, interpreting your experiences with adversity and failure can be an exciting way to change your future.

My journey started as an elite athlete at the Australia Institute of Sport, where I learned the foundations of leadership, personal drive, focus and the power of self-confidence and visualisation. Now I share these success rituals with other women so that they can achieve extraordinary goals too.

I’ve enjoyed success as a model, media personality, brand ambassador and businesswomen and for the past 25 years, I’ve worked with industry leaders in media, PR, marketing and brand leadership. I’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, learning first-hand how a simple piece of fabric can empower a person and alter people’s perceptions.

But it hasn’t always been a smooth road to success. As a single mum and business woman for over 20 years, I had certainly experienced extreme highs and terrible lows, including two broken marriages, brushes with depression, workplace bullying and sexual harassment at a time when my life and ‘public’ image appeared perfect from the outside. These experiences, although so painful, emotionally exhausting and challenging at the time, ultimately laid the foundations for my new business and success I have achieved today.

For me, my biggest aha moment was when I turned 50. After fighting back from years of feeling invisible and insecure, I finally got the courage to quit my job and back myself in my new business! I had found a niche that I deeply connected and resonated with. Helping other professional women in their 40’s turn their life experiences into powerful personal brands so that they have more choices, attract more opportunities and can be more financially secure. It’s a role that I love, I am passionate about, and is a natural extension of who I am and all that I’ve accomplished in my career.

I believe that acknowledging your personal story and journey is so important in your plan for success. So many of us look back at moments in our lives and wonder how on earth did we managed to be so fearless in our pursuit of success. When we’re young, we naturally feel invincible, but that can fade as we age. We find that we no longer fit into the ‘square’ we are in and we have a growing fear for financial security. We also lack the courage to put ourselves ‘out there’ in today’s professional landscape, that values youthful dewy complexions over experience and know-how.

Taking a moment to look back on your story and all that you have achieved and experienced in life, personally and professionally, can help you to re-boot your self- confidence. It changes your perspective and transforms the way that you view yourself today. Your personal journey is all part of your unique story! It’s your foundation that shapes and defines your true values and beliefs and is the corner stone of building your authentic personal brand. Your personal brand is your unique real-world fingerprint and digital footprint. All will recognise it. No-one will replicate it.

Shifting your mindset and attitude can make all the difference when you’re faced with failure, loss of confidence, or challenging moments in both life and business. In fact, the one thing that all successful people have in common is the ability to refresh and reboot their mindset and to power on and turn their biggest failures into their greatest success.

Highs and lows are all part of your journey to success. They make you more resilient, determined and strong. In fact, failure is not the end, it’s just the beginning!

Today,  I am on a mission to change the conversation about women and aging in the workplace. I am driven to help other professional women walk into a room and just own it. No apologies, no hiding, no holding back. I believe in speaking the truth about who you really are. Success is a choice. The future is ahead of you. You can be whatever you want to be!

About the Author

Suzie Lightfoot is a Mother, Business Owner, Media Personality, Fashion Identity, Key Note Speaker, Personal Brand Expert, who understands the complexities of what it takes to make it to the top as a professional woman in her 40’s.

After 25 years in the corporate world as a business owner, brand ambassador, top international model and professional athlete, Suzie has the real-life ‘know how’ to help other professional women package themselves to get to the top.

Suzie helps professional women develop strong Personal Brands that re-energize them and position them as leaders in both life and business so that they can have more choices, more opportunities and more financial security.

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LinkedIn: Suzie Lightfoot

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Discover Your Why -Inspirational Womens stories

Discover Your Why – Christine Rudolph – Australia

Discover Your Why -Inspirational Womens stories

Discover Your Why – Christine Rudolph – Australia

One of my favourite sayings about success is fall down seven times, get up eight.

25 years ago as a starry eyed television presenter, marrying my handsome prince charming and believing in the blissfully happy ever after fairytale, I had no idea that the significant setbacks which lay ahead, would one day be the foundation for my career in Real Estate.

My husband and I worked very hard in our early 20’s, saved enough to buy property, renovated and built up a small portfolio at a young age. He had a flourishing business and together we had big dreams for our future.

We were blessed with the birth of a beautiful daughter and being the eldest of 8 children, I regarded motherhood as a woman’s ultimate gift and responsibility. I swapped my career as a successful journalist and newsreader, to embrace motherhood and support my husband in his business.

Misfortunate unexpectedly struck in our blissful early years of marriage and our world quickly unravelled. My husband was no longer able to work, our business was sold and I went back to work to support us in an attempt to save us from going bankrupt.

We had no choice but to sell everything, the pressure cost us our marriage and I was left to bring up our daughter alone, educating her and keeping a roof over our heads.

The experience of losing everything and selling our properties, gave me a less than positive insight into the real estate industry and a strong dislike for agents.

We naively made every wrong mistake…choosing agents who over quoted and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. I made a quiet commitment to myself to one day go into real estate to be of service to others and to provide not only transparency, but more importantly, the support and empathy required by clients in such stressful situations.

10 years ago, while working in a secure, well paid corporate position and seeing 40 nearing the horizon, the sudden death of my beautiful father in 2006 was a turning point which made me realise life was short and there was no time for regrets. I decided to take the leap of faith and follow my calling to be in real estate.

As a single mother, with a mortgage to pay and young daughter in a private school, this was not a decision I took lightly and was fortunate to find a wonderful employer, Christina Guidotti, now an international speaker and mentor, who gave me my break.

The lessons I have learned from my failures have been key to my business success.

1. No matter how many setbacks in life, success is in remaining resilient and persistent.

2. Having personally walked in the shoes of many of my clients, experiencing death, divorce, debt, downsizing has given me an incredible insight and capacity to provide support and empathy when selling their homes.

3. The level of service we provide and the amount of effort put into real estate are rewarded not only financially, but more importantly, with the respect and gratitude of our clients.

4. Treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. I always think back to my worst experiences with agents and remind myself constantly of the significant responsibility we have in helping our client’s achieve the best possible price for their biggest asset and moving them with the greatest care and respect to the next chapter of their lives.

5. Our greatest setbacks in life are often our greatest gifts.

6. It’s never too late to start again. What the mind can conceive, it truly can achieve.

Remaining on the real estate rollercoaster has always been about focusing on a long term view. Having seen a GFC and challenging markets, success is about riding out the difficult times, looking for solutions, surrounding yourself with mentors, people who believe in you and most importantly, backing yourself to believe that you will succeed.

Many say real estate is a competitive environment. In my own case, I have never focussed on the competition, but instead, focussed solely on continuing to strive to be a better agent and provide the highest level of service and committment to my clients. I believe in taking a long term view and building a business based on solid relationships and integrity.

Finally, the most important motivator for me always at the forefront of my mind, is;- What is my Why?
At times when I felt like giving up, I’ve only had to look at the beautiful little face of my daughter who depended on me and think about giving her a good life and being a strong role model. I am so proud that she too has chosen real estate as her career, working in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

My why continues to be to leave a legacy not only to my daughter, my nieces and nephews and siblings, but to others of all ages in this industry. Above all, I want to be respected as an agent who is authentic and with integrity.

I am an empty nester now and look forward to the tremendous rewards real estate offers in having choices. For me these are the flexibility to travel to visit my daughter and my extended family as well as the ability to create a wonderful financial freedom for the future. I have been fortunate it has provided me the means to slowly rebuild a small property portfolio and my next big dream is to help my daughter into her own home.

And finally being ever the romantic, I look forward to enjoying the ultimate rewards of this incredible career with the financial security to revel in the golden years of my life, flying first class off into the sunset with my future prince charming!

About the Author

Christine Rudolph (Brisbane, Australia)

Christine Rudolph is currently ranked in the top 2% of Ray White Agents internationally, having being awarded a prestigious Alan While Elite Performer’s award in both 2016 and 2015. Christine has also been awarded the Ray White Award for Excellence in Marketing 2015 and is consistently ranked in the top 5 Courier Mail agents for Queensland.

2016 Alan White Elite Performer Award

2015 Alan White Elite Performer Award

2015 Ray White Queensland Excellence in Marketing Award

2016 Top 5 Courier Mail Advertiser

2016 100% Ray White Customer Service Satisfaction

Inspiring Story | Christine Rudolph | Australia

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Web: Christine Rudolph – Ray White

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Thinking Happy -Empowered Women

Thinking Happy – Jenny Strong – Australia

Thinking Happy -Empowered WomenThinking Happy – Jenny Strong – Australia

They say ‘change is as good as a holiday’. I believe this to be absolutely true although it is not without its challenges. However, I firmly believe a strong positive mindset, a ‘can do’ attitude and a great support network allows you to overcome most obstacles. My name is Jenny Strong and I would like to share my story.

It would be fair to say I grew up in a less than conventional household deep in the suburbs of Brisbane. 5 sisters including 2 sets of twins and a mere 5 year gap between eldest and youngest raised by a single (very hardworking and patient parent!!!). Our household was underpinned by trust (rather than rules- because let’s face it what parent can keep track of 6 active kids!), a focus on independence and a belief that anything and everything was possible if you worked hard enough. Our household was certainly not the richest in dollars however we were extraordinarily rich in our love and support of each other. We were raised to believe that the world was filled with amazing opportunities and that life was to be ‘lived’ with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

In my early 30s I met an amazing Canadian man who would change my life forever and we were married in 2013. Then in 2014 and 2015 our life dramatically changed. This started with some serious health concerns which I am happy to report, we successfully overcame. Shortly thereafter our beautiful daughter Thalia was born and we became parents for the first time. Whilst adapting to a dramatic lifestyle change (as any mum knows- the joys of round the clock feeding and nappies, feeding and nappies, feeding and nappies……..), my husband was offered and accepted a position in NSW. This role involved significant travel and time away from home. Within 2 weeks we had given up all that we knew, all our families and friends for life in the big smoke. In the background my career had progressed well. I had enjoyed 16 great years of employment with Macquarie Bank and had been promoted a number of times to Associate Director. My work is not just a ‘job’ for me, it is a career. It is something I do for myself, fills me with pride and it is an important part of my life. With my husbands relocation, Macquarie Bank kindly agreed to relocate me to our Sydney (head) office. In February 2016 I returned to work on a full time basis. This represented a steep learning curve and many new challenges for me in the sales arena and client management. The geographic landscape was foreign – I had no contacts, no profile and a 1 year old who remains top priority. In addition we faced the inevitable long bouts of illness as our baby entered daycare for the first time. Most mums would know what I am talking about!! It honestly felt like my little one and I were sick every other week.

The game changers for me have been a supportive employer who has given me wonderful support and true flexibility in my work environment. In addition, I have a strong personal philosophy that the difference between a good day and a bad day is my state of mind and that starts and stops with me. Positivity, energy and enthusiasm feels good and is infectious! It is great for me, great for the workplace and no coincidence has impacted my performance in a great way. I am a true believer in the power of ‘thinking happy’, coupled with great personal organisation and planning (we have the chalk boards and multiple schedules at home to prove it- plan to succeed as they say). I tell myself every morning that anything is possible and to keep on ‘dreaming, believing, creating and achieving’. It has been a challenging year however the most rewarding of my life and one that I will look back on fondly in years to come.

Dedicated to all the hard working mums out there.

Jenny Strong xx

About the Author

Jenny Strong brings energy and expertise to the table to help clients reach their goals as an Associate Director for Macquarie Business Banking.

When Jenny isn’t at Macquarie helping business owners and high net worth investors grow their wealth, she spends quality time with her supportive husband and her beautiful baby Thalia.

Inspiring Story | Jenny Strong | Australia

To contact Jenny

LinkedIn: Jenny Strong (Samios)


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