My name is Ana Gonzalez, a burn Survivor of over 20 years – Ana Gonzalez – Florida USA

My name is Ana Gonzalez, a burn Survivor of over 20 years, known as a beautiful soul. I want to inspire a lot of people to never give up no matter what the circumstances maybe. I was born in Bogota Colombia, New Year’s Eve of 1993, I was spending the night with my mother and sister at the house. My curiosity lead me to the kitchen, where one of the renters was cooking. She was pouring gasoline into a propane stove, she left the valves open. The stove ignited. She threw it and it landed right in front of me and I caught on fire. At that moment, I was unaware of what was happening to me. However, there was my angel, my mom, racing to save my life by putting out the fire with her bare hands. I was rushed to the nearest hospital and diagnosed with a third degree burn over 60% of my body. I was in an induced coma for about 2 weeks. The doctors kept telling my mom I was not going to make it . She was not a Believer at that time but she said God I know you are real please save my daughter. And God answered her prayer.

I was able to be transferred to Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston Texas in 1994. My treatment continued in Tampa Florida from age 8 until 18. My life has never been easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful and thankful for everything that I have experienced because without it I wouldn’t appreciate life as much as I do now.

At the time of writing this I am in search for a full time position apart from becoming part of the workforce once again, I also want to launch my autobiography this year. I was hoping to have a lot more goals achieved by the time I published my first book, but the time has come to share my powerful story with the world. I am also a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelor’s in geography. I also do a guest blog with a friend on her blogger page name whatever Grace . As part of my personality I like to sing and make handmade threaded bracelets and keychains. As any other female I like to do online shopping . My favourite sport is basketball especially the NBA. I have also found a special app. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Family and friends may come and go, but the Lord will always be by your side no matter what. I love social media as a millennial and I tweet Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, text message email Google Plus can use other mobile apps as the bank , on online Mercari.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to get to know me just a little bit more. I hope my upcoming autobiography will be of a powerful impact to each and everyone of you .

Making My Dreams A Reality – Britney Foltz – Nebraska USA

I am a busy mom to three boys ages 6, 3, and 1. Also a Registered Nurse and worked in Labor & Delivery for 8 years.  I loved my job and knew that is where I wanted to be as a nurse, but something was missing.  I worked nights, holidays, and weekends, and dreaded being away.  I was missing putting my kids to bed at night and our routine.  I was missing the little moments, the first time they crawled, first words, and so much more.  I wanted to be fully present.  That’s when I realized my dream job was to be a stay at home mommy. I didn’t want to miss any more moments, not to mention night shift can really begin to wear on you.   It was when I was on maternity leave with my third boy that I realized something had to change.  I knew that in order for me to stay home full time we needed another form of income.  We looked into clinic jobs and more day time nursing jobs.  All required a pay cut, insurance changes, and added daycare expenses.

Then a lightbulb turned on.  I needed something I could do from home, that didn’t require me to leave.  Scrolling through facebook I often saw posts about Rodan + Fields.  I had never personally tried the products, but had family members that had and it transfomred their skin.  I knew the products were legit, and the more I learned about the company I fell in love.  After discussing it with my husband I decided to jump in with both feet.  I had nothing to lose. There was no risk to join as the business came with a 60 day money back guarantee.  I hit the ground running and I immediately fell in love with the products and wanted to share them with everyone.

A year and a half in the business I have replaced my full-time nursing income and am able to follow my dreams and be a stay at home mommy, and still contribute to my family financially.  I don’t have to leave to go to work, everything is run on my smart phone or computer.

This opportunity is definitely changing our life, and now I am a leading a team of amazing motivated women to help them fullfill their dreams and change their future.  I have learned this truly is so much more than skincare and extra income.  It has allowed me to find an identity and find something for me as a stay at home mommy. It allows me to do things I never thought I could do and completely step out of my comfort zone.  I have met so many wonderful women and made new friends that I’ll have for a lifetime.  I am thankful I took a leap of faith and tried something new.  Something I never dreamed would be the vehicle to allow me to stay home with my boys.

And now I’ll never miss another moment, as time goes too fast, and they are only little once.

Britney Foltz

Email:  Britney her

Level V Executive Consultant – Rodan + Fields USA 

Finding Freedom Within – Ruby Usman – Australia

Finding Freedom Within – Ruby Usman – Australia

Having grown up in the slums of Pakistan, I was conditioned by the culture to think of myself as a “non-being” – someone whose pleasure and goals weren’t important. I saw men beat their women (sisters, wives and other family members); children were yelled at and abused and I was myself sexually abused as a child for many years.

Luckily, my parents weren’t following the cultural norms so despite these cultural conditions, I was able to study and even get myself a job in a multinational firm. It was almost like living in several worlds at the same time. Inside my own home, we were taught equality, respect and the value of good education. Outside my home, I was a slut because I didn’t follow norms and didn’t wear hijab. And inside my workplace, I was a confident woman surrounded by people who were educated and respectful of my worth and skills.

It was a strange world. Being aggressive was the prerequisite for me to stand firm in a world dominated by men.

In 1997, I got married with the dreams of love, respect and a life of harmony. Sadly, it didn’t turn out that way. My married life was dominated by unconscious cruelty, painful sex, illnesses and a visit to a hospital. The cultural norms made it very hard for me to leave that marriage. I felt stuck and had no where to go. The only place of reprieve for me was the roof of the house where I hid away from time to time and cried.

My freedom came in the form of a job opportunity in Singapore. I left Pakistan in June 2000. This also gave me a pathway to finally leave the marriage. We got divorced in July 2002.

I was finally free (at least physically) but for the first time, I was out in the world on my own and I had no idea where to start. I used to have panic attacks. I remember crying on streets because I didn’t want to go and sleep in a room by myself. Those were scary times.

I also realised that freedom was a state of mind. I was free at face value but I was still limited by my beliefs and my cultural conditioning. I had suppressed my desires and my needs for years and years and even now, when I was a free woman, my own limitation didn’t allow myself to feel this freedom.

Finding freedom became a journey of exploration. I needed to know who I was and what I wanted but fundamentally, I needed to give myself permission to have needs and desires. I had no idea how to do that. I was in a strange country, didn’t have many friends, didn’t know the western customs and traditions; it felt like I had to learn to walk all over again, undo the brainwashing and reprogram myself to have new neural pathways.

This meant saying “Yes” to anything and everything that came my way. Life experiences became my teachers; and I started collecting my experiences; learning from my mistakes and from my own explorations. I missed having role models. I missed having someone who I could ask. I missed having support and assurance and safety. But that wasn’t my path.

These explorations enabled me to live in four different cities and create a completely different life in each of these cities. My biggest learning experiences in Karachi, Pakistan; basics of western life in Singapore; fun and adventure in Sydney; love and relating in Melbourne. At the same time, my own personal healing journey took me deep into the world of conscious and unconscious mind, body and its relationship with the mind, and emotions and feelings and their impact on body and mind.

And my biggest learning is this:
*** We can’t do it alone! ***
We need love, and we need belonging.

So in Nov 2016, I have launched an online forum called Healing Wounds Together – A Platform for Adults who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.

My life has been deeply impacted by these experiences. At times, I wondered if there were other people who felt the same? Was I the only one feeling these feelings of shame, hatred, anger, and self-pity? It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t.

This blogging platform is my attempt to bring us together; to “be there” for each other; to understand that we not alone and there are millions of adults (if not billions) who are affected by this and feel a lot of those things that we do. My aim is to share the following:

• My understanding of trauma and how it impacts us.
• How did I start my healing journey and how has it changed my life?
• I will give you information about various healing modalities that are out there that can help you heal.
• I intend to interview adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and share their journeys with you.
• I intend to interview various therapists and professionals who have impacted me deeply in my healing journey.

It is a scary world. I feel exposed and vulnerable but I also know that this vulnerability is critical for the change to occur

I hope that you will join me. Please sign up for my blog at:

About the Author

Ruby Usman is an Author, Speaker and Educator. With a brilliant business mind, an international career and first-hand experience of the hardships of life, she is an inspiring adventurer.

Ruby is the founder of Healing Wounds Together, which is an excellent resource for not only those who are affected by childhood sexual abuse but also professionals who work with them. Read more here:

Ruby is creator of ‘Self Care Method’, which is pathway for creating sustainable collective happiness. The method is delivered through three essential pillars: self, family & relationships, and community. Read more here:

Ruby has also authored a book ‘Self Care for Parents’ – A 5-step method to having a happy balance in life. You can buy a signed copy of the book at:

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I made Google love me -Inspired women

I made Google love me – Kate Toon – Australia

I made Google love me -Inspired womenI made Google love me – Kate Toon – Australia

I’d been working in advertising for nearly two decades in some of the biggest ad agencies (think Ogilvy and the like). But as I climbed each rung of the career ladder, I enjoyed my life less and less. There were days when I found myself sobbing on the way to work, or sneaking off to the loo to silently scream. I was not a happy monkey.

My husband worked for himself, and I was jealous of the freedom it afforded him. But as I was the breadwinner, I was doubtful whether we’d survive if both of us took the ‘entrepreneur’ route.

But then, around seven years ago, I happily found myself ‘with child’, I realised I could either stay in the agency world and never see my son, or give it all up.

It was an easy decision: I decided to go it alone.

But then, as contractor, I suddenly found myself five months pregnant, out of a job and with no maternity leave pay.

My plan was to set myself up as a copywriter.

I built myself a little WordPress website and waited for the work to flood in. There was just one problem, or rather about 20,000 of them: when I typed ‘copywriter’ into Google, oodles and oodles of other copywriters appeared.

I needed to work out how to make my website appear at the top of the rankings and I needed to work it out fast. The only way to do this was to get my head around the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. So I did. I trained myself, experimented, built websites, made mistakes, and slowly my expertise grew. I did this with little or no budget and no outside help (SEO training courses were few and far between back then). I also did this while a sleep-deprived mum with a brand new baby to care for, a dog to walk, a house to clean, meals to cook, and a husband to occasionally grunt at.

I am now in the first three results on Google for hundreds of different keywords. Thanks to my SEO success, I’ve built a further two businesses – a copywriting school, and an eCourse teaching others how to achieve the same results. And yes, my eCourse just broke through the mythical six-figure barrier.

Since starting out in 2009, I’ve helped major corporates and many small businesses win the SEO war. I’ve written SEO-friendly copy, created engaging content, technically audited a few hundred websites, and run heaps of training workshops. I’ve survived website hacks, negative reviews from competitors, algorithm updates, writer’s block, negative SEO campaigns and much more.

I’ve managed to tame the Google beast and make it love me and my website. It’s been hard work, and it’s a never-ending journey (SEO is for life not just for Christmas), but it’s also hugely rewarding, and I’m so glad I was brave enough to take the plunge.

About the Author

Kate Toon is an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. She is originally from the UK but is now based just outside Sydney.

She has worked with big brands such as eHarmony, Curash and Kmart, and she’s helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their copywriting and SEO.

Kate is also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, as well as co-host on the Hot Copy Podcast.

She presents the ‘Write for Business’ show for the Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint channel.

Inspiring Story | Kate Toon | Sydney

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Change Maker – Dina Cooper – Australia

Change Maker – Dina Cooper – Australia

I grew up with racism prevalent at my primary school. Being an Indian girl in a predominantly Anglo school, along with a few of my peers who were also subject to racism, I questioned my worth as a person. But only momentarily… I realised early on that deep down I knew I was an equal. It didn’t matter that I had different colour skin, or I was female, or I didn’t have as much money as others.

I knew this, but I didn’t always display my equality on the outside. I would always try harder, be better, strive further so I would be accepted and what I didn’t realise back then, that I know profoundly today, is that the only person that needs to accept me, is ME.

Today I love working with Change Makers. Helping them to build platforms within themselves to launch their missions and make the change they wish to see in the world, in a balanced, healthy and congruent way. The reality is for any of us who want to make change happen in our world, it has to come from a place of passion and practicality combined, for it to be sustainable…

Burnt out change makers only get so far – I know this from my own personal experience!

Equality is also something I love supporting people with. Whether it’s at home, in the workplace, in relationships, in life.

The equality work that underlies all things I’m involved in, ties into the way that I work with change makers. Because when we feel equal we become equal. Because when we believe we can make change happen, we can create change. I want every person I know to follow their dreams and make it a practical reality.

I changed careers at the age of 35. My kids were then 2 and 4.
One day when I was churning through my work as a Chartered Accountant, I finally acknowledged the dull ache in my chest. The ache that said this wasn’t enough and I couldn’t imagine doing it for a moment longer.

I quit my job and went full on into a coaching career. I am so grateful I had support to do this. I studied, I qualified and have practiced every day since. It is no longer work, it is me expressing me – ALL of me.

Today I work with a combination of parents and non-parent Change Makers. The reason why I love working with parents is because they are raising our future generation. They have the greatest influence in creating change for our tomorrow, individually and collectively. When I can work with them, I get to work with our future generation and that is exciting!!!!

For me, creating change is all about balance. It’s about how can I help and how can I be helped. How I can live a full life and support others to live their full life. How can I look after my own family, whilst supporting others to look after theirs.

There is not one balance that suits everyone, despite the myth. I believe balance is a unique assessment of what works for you, in your life. When you find or are supported to find your balance, life really flies!

If I had one wish for everyone, it is to believe that you are worthy and equal, to create anything you can dream of. And it is to know there is a reality to this. It does require perseverance, courage, strength, determination and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. And it will happen if you start and then keep growing and going!

About the Author

Dina Cooper loves supporting people to be genuinely happy. Because when people are happy, they naturally want to help others be happy and THAT’S EXCITING! Her work helps Change Makers, who are parents and non-parents, create a platform within themselves to launch life head on from the inside-out. The proven results are happier people that want to connect and thrive.

Inspiring Story – Dina Cooper – Australia

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Facebook: Raising Happy Humans

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