Change Maker – Dina Cooper – Australia

Change Maker – Dina Cooper – Australia

I grew up with racism prevalent at my primary school. Being an Indian girl in a predominantly Anglo school, along with a few of my peers who were also subject to racism, I questioned my worth as a person. But only momentarily… I realised early on that deep down I knew I was an equal. It didn’t matter that I had different colour skin, or I was female, or I didn’t have as much money as others.

I knew this, but I didn’t always display my equality on the outside. I would always try harder, be better, strive further so I would be accepted and what I didn’t realise back then, that I know profoundly today, is that the only person that needs to accept me, is ME.

Today I love working with Change Makers. Helping them to build platforms within themselves to launch their missions and make the change they wish to see in the world, in a balanced, healthy and congruent way. The reality is for any of us who want to make change happen in our world, it has to come from a place of passion and practicality combined, for it to be sustainable…

Burnt out change makers only get so far – I know this from my own personal experience!

Equality is also something I love supporting people with. Whether it’s at home, in the workplace, in relationships, in life.

The equality work that underlies all things I’m involved in, ties into the way that I work with change makers. Because when we feel equal we become equal. Because when we believe we can make change happen, we can create change. I want every person I know to follow their dreams and make it a practical reality.

I changed careers at the age of 35. My kids were then 2 and 4.
One day when I was churning through my work as a Chartered Accountant, I finally acknowledged the dull ache in my chest. The ache that said this wasn’t enough and I couldn’t imagine doing it for a moment longer.

I quit my job and went full on into a coaching career. I am so grateful I had support to do this. I studied, I qualified and have practiced every day since. It is no longer work, it is me expressing me – ALL of me.

Today I work with a combination of parents and non-parent Change Makers. The reason why I love working with parents is because they are raising our future generation. They have the greatest influence in creating change for our tomorrow, individually and collectively. When I can work with them, I get to work with our future generation and that is exciting!!!!

For me, creating change is all about balance. It’s about how can I help and how can I be helped. How I can live a full life and support others to live their full life. How can I look after my own family, whilst supporting others to look after theirs.

There is not one balance that suits everyone, despite the myth. I believe balance is a unique assessment of what works for you, in your life. When you find or are supported to find your balance, life really flies!

If I had one wish for everyone, it is to believe that you are worthy and equal, to create anything you can dream of. And it is to know there is a reality to this. It does require perseverance, courage, strength, determination and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. And it will happen if you start and then keep growing and going!

About the Author

Dina Cooper loves supporting people to be genuinely happy. Because when people are happy, they naturally want to help others be happy and THAT’S EXCITING! Her work helps Change Makers, who are parents and non-parents, create a platform within themselves to launch life head on from the inside-out. The proven results are happier people that want to connect and thrive.

Inspiring Story – Dina Cooper – Australia

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