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Leading Women – Christina Guidotti – Australia

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Leading Women – Christina Guidotti – Australia

I’m the kind of girl who has always gone for what she wants — heaps of belief, conviction and commitment — a serial True Believer. There’s so much I am grateful for and like many there’s been some successful failures along the way — lots of valuable life lessons. I’ve been climbing the ladder of success in business for over 25 years. I have always been successful in my industry, leading highly productive and profitable teams. My real estate team achieved brilliant results winning industry awards and recognition — and the financial rewards were there. But being productive has always been a necessity. I was juggling so much — myself, family, friends, sellers, buyers, team and career — all while building and renovating several houses. It was hectic. I’d run all day long until I would often collapse into bed at night. As a working mum there was much hard work but the rewards were there.

Mastering productivity became a necessity as I wanted to have it all and I was determined. Saying no more to low value tasks and getting the right support were paramount. Many over the years have asked why I have so much stamina. Belief, conviction and commitment to having it all — both achievement and fulfilment — is what gives me stamina.

I want to:
•have my best health
•have my best relationships — family, friends and at work
•do work that I love
•have wealth to give freedom for the future
•live with peace and fulfilment.

And for over a decade in real estate I had a dream that I would own one of the best real estate brands in Australia. My energy — my driving force to this dream. For 10 years I kept this dream essentially to myself, just telling a few special others. I worked hard at it. And there was a lot of evidence coming through that I was on my way. After 10 years leading an award winning team, the problem still remained that I wasn’t an owner in the company. Although I was accomplished as a leader, I wasn’t the CEO — it wasn’t my gig. But I kept on going and held in my heart a strong belief that one day I would be the owner.

Then after 10 years I decided it was time to share my ambition – I had nothing more to prove. It was time to not just be the leader but an owner in my life picture — to own my own frame.

So I called the CEO of the company, my dad and invited him to lunch — you know, one of those special long business lunches, when you block out the rest of the afternoon. So I booked the finest restaurant — white table cloth and fancy menu and fine wines — for an afternoon that was to end in celebration. The day had finally arrived when I would declare my ambition. But in that moment I saw that my dream would not keep. The reality was that it was time to stop dreaming this dream. Although many would say my life looked picture perfect — I was still living the wrong picture! I was living someone else’s picture. That day I realised that this wasn’t my legacy and that I had lost ownership of my frame.

And this was one of the greatest tipping point of my life — the pain woke me up to the truth I had been ignoring and forced me to make a few overdue decisions. The greatest lesson was to have the courage to live the life I chose and not live in someone else’s frame.

Like all True Believers I persisted with:
1.belief — hope, trust and resilience
2.conviction — congruence, confidence and courage
3.commitment — decision, discipline and direction.

There have been many lessons from this experience but most of all:
•I will never not speak out again, never hide my ambition, never settle!
•I will always speak my truth, always declare my ambition, always live in my own frame!
•I will live my legacy — helping other True Believers to create their own life masterpiece!

This type of story and this tipping point are so common. So many climb the ladder of success only to wake up one day to find they are not where they want to be. What we do next in these challenging times is crucial to our success. I made a decision not to be passive – not to settle – but to create my own life masterpiece – a life of purpose and fulfilment as a speaker, author and mentor helping to empower women to undress their ambition and to live as a True Believer.

About the Author

Christina Guidotti (Sydney, Australia)

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on belief, conviction and commitment in areas of sales, leadership, productivity, achievement and fulfilment.

As an authentic, powerful and inspiring speaker, author, mentor and trusted professional advisor she partners with individuals, businesses and organisations to create life-changing and sustainable outcomes.

Inspiring Story – Christina Guidotti – Australia

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