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I was born into a family of mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships. Spent most of primary school in and out of hospital and when I did go to school I was bullied all the way through primary and high school. I couldn’t talk until I was 7 and read and write fully until 19.

At 17 I got involved in a domestic violent, drug and alcohol abusive relationship. At 18 I found myself in a girl’s shelter with nowhere to go and I picked up my first book I have ever read, and it was a self-help book about being happy I struggled to get through it, but it got me to start thinking different.

At 19 I was pregnant for the 4th time but this was going to be my first-born baby. While pregnant I became a consultant with a massive beauty company. Two weeks before my baby was born I went to a massive conference where my Regional Director gave an amazing and inspirational speech on stage sharing her story about leaving domestic violence, being a single mother of 4 children and her career success. It was the first time I have ever heard anyone speak on stage and it was the first time I heard someone else’s story. In that moment I thought to myself if she can do it I can do it to. I made a decision and a commitment in that moment that I was going to break the cycle and go down a totally different path to the rest of my family.

Two weeks later my baby boy was born on my regional director’s birthday. When they put him in my arms I looked into his eyes and made a promise to him out loud that I was going to be the best mother I could possibly be and that I was going to give him a way better childhood then I had. I took him home to the domestic violence, drug and alcohol abusive household for 13 months. The things that happened to him and what he saw was horrible and all while this was going on I lost contact with the Regional Director, as being a first time mum I threw in beauty consulting.

I kept reading self-help books and when my son was 10 months old I wrote out a list of everything I wanted in a boyfriend 2 months later I met an amazing, caring, kind, supportive, loving man that was everything on that list and more. When my son was 13 months we packed up our basic belongings and made a run for it staying at friends houses and a woman’s shelter until we got a place of our own.

I was so happy I had never had someone in my life that loved me for me, believed in me and my dreams, cared about me, could talk to for hours on end. I was treated like a princess every day and he took my son on like his own. However, I wasn’t use to loving relationships and had no idea how to love back. I spent years running away, being depressed and cutting myself even though I had the man of my dreams. So, I knew to give my son the best mummy and life and to keep this amazing relationship with my boyfriend I had to change. I worked really hard on myself reading self help books every spare minute I got and attending any workshops, seminars or courses that I heard of and I got myself a life coach after 7 years of counselling.

At 25 I got engaged and had our first baby together my second born and he was born with Phenylketonuria (P.K.U.) where his body cannot break down protein so is on a very restricted diet of NO Meat, Dairy, Nuts, Eggs, Legumes, Artificial Sweeteners or Diet Products, 6 months later I fell pregnant again. At 21 weeks pregnant I started my Life Coaching Certificate at 32 weeks my third baby boy our second baby together was born not breathing for 15 minutes. My third baby cried 24 hours a day every day, did not sleep at all and not meeting any of his milestones. At 10 months old we received his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia) and were told he will never ever walk or talk, he will just be a vegetable put him in a home and forget about him. When he was 2 his baby sister was born, and I tore my cervix 6 & 1/2 cms and was left in a hospital bed for 4 hours to bleed out. My life was saved in just enough time.

Six months later I married the man of my dreams, graduated with my Life Coaching Certificate and then I started my NLP Practitioner’s studies. The following year I started feeling like there was something I was missing I did everything the book’s said to do, I was a Life Coach and a NLP Practitioner but there were still roadblocks in my path and there was just a missing link I knew there was. We raised $40,000 in 6 months that year to get our son over to America for 3 weeks of intense therapy and that year ended with my brother’s suicide on boxing day.

I reconnected with my ex Regional Director a couple of months beforehand and attending her launch 11 days after my brother’s funeral and signed up to all her courses where I had my massive transformation where I broke all generational cycles once and for all and became a Creatrix® Transformolgist®.

16 months after my brother’s death my granddad died and then 3 months later my dad took his life after being in the mental health ward for 3 months. I started writing my book and 15 Months after my dad’s death my book was published.

I now support the mental and emotional well being of mums of children with special needs, write books, raise a beautiful, loving, caring, close and happy family that has so much fun together. All my dreams have come true. I have created a healthy and functional family that I always wanted, I married the man of my dreams, I write inspirational books, I have a transformational business and I live an amazing, happy, healthy, peaceful, loving, fulfilling life.

About the Author

Kylie Stretton is a loving mother of four beautiful children, devoted wife and loyal friend to many. A pocket rocket of energy, passion and inspiration, Kylie lives her life caring for her children (two of which have disabilities), writing and practicing living a full filled empowered life. Driven to help others in her position, she prides herself on her heightened level of empathy which grew over a lifetime of abuse, neglect and hardship.

A true inspiration to others, Kylie’s primary desire is to help women through her work as a Women’s Empowerment Intervention Consultant, CREATRIX Facilitator, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Mentor to all Special Needs Mothers with over 16 years of personal development experience.

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I am known in the business world as “Allie” -inspirational womens stories

I am known in the business world as “Allie” – Maritess Pasag – Philippines

I am known in the business world as “Allie” -inspirational womens storiesI am known in the business world as “Allie” – Maritess Pasag – Philippines

Championing Challenges

I am Maritess. Family and friends call me “Tisya”, but I am known in the business world as “Allie” I grew up in a loving family. I was a typical daddy’s girl with simple dreams. I was raised by a hardworking home service beautician mother and a hardworking father who was a simple employee in an organization. Those jobs meant having to make ends meet for them to provide for me and my brother. Being raised in that economic situation was a challenge for all of us: I wanted to raise our standard of living, I want to provide the best. Good thing I had a scholarship growing up. I was always at the top of the class and I even earned an engineering scholarship from the Philippine’s premier university.

Then I met a boy who was exactly my opposite. He was the ideal guy every girl wanted, and I really fell for him. It was a relationship that our parents knew about and approved of. They trusted us but our curiosity and the promise of young love got ahold of us. I got pregnant during college and had to drop out of school because we already had to prioritise our family.

Coursing through Challenges

It was never easy. Not only was our life difficult but finding a job when you have not finished college in the Philippines meant that there are only a few opportunities. I had to settle for an outsourcing job as a call center agent. I had to travel 2 to 3 hours to and from work everyday just to go to a graveyard shift job. It meant that I had to be away from my children at night just to provide for them. Although my husband had stable job at that time, there were a lot of days when I skipped eating lunch because I wanted to save most of the money for my family.

My Candle fades

As if I had enough challenges, one of the greatest was surviving the passing away of my father. I may have mentioned that I was a daddy’s girl. Indeed, I was, even when I was already married. My father would even pick me up from the bus station when I go home late from work. He was the greatest dad, and his passing was the worst time of my life. I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to him as I was confined in the hospital when he passed away. I was devastated.

The challenge that gave me a chance to champion

I was almost dead sick. Working in graveyard shift job got the best of my health. I was always literally hospitalised because my health was suffering. I had to make a decision to leave my job once and for all. I tried looking for home-based jobs but was always scammed in the beginning. Until I was hired to become a virtual assistant, and that boss of mine even partnered with me. It was a good partnership. But good things never last, they say, our partnership had to end.

Being a champion meant losing some along the way

When my business partnership ended, I took the courage and established my own business. It was never easy as there were times that I client would retrieve their contract but I still had to extend my employee’s salary. I didn’t always win.

Championing for my family

After several years of challenges, now, I could say that I was able to overcome them with perseverance and the support of my family. I now own a Business Process Outsourcing company, earning over twenty times more than an average Filipino family does. We were able to build our own two-storey house which eventually became our office and now we are building our own home. We were able to purchase our own SUV which was only just a dream. Life is great and when I see pictures of our house in the past, I cannot help but be grateful. Challenges are part of our lives, and we can always champion them.

Inspiring Story -Maritess Pasag – Phillipines
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