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What defines someone as inspirational? To me it means inspiring others to step up too by doing the walking, not just the talking.

My business is Pinnacle & Co. Limited in Christchurch, New Zealand. I started Pinnacle in 1997. This hasn’t happened by luck or by mistake. Nor has it by blood sweat or tears. Okay, I lie, a few tears!!! It has happened with passion, and dedication, and a lot of laughs too.

I started as a first class honours visual communications student looking for work. It didn’t take long to get work but the next few months proved pretty tough.

I had been fired for glandular fever, fired for severely hurting my knee (4 surgeries), made redundant twice, terminated with wrong contract, you get the picture. Then major self doubt set in with government interviews (in order to claim a financial benefit). They suggested that perhaps I wasn’t very good at design (forgetting I have first class honours). I was determined to get a job, and a good one!

I hit the pavement over and over visiting what now are only describe as our oppositions, until an amazing man Terry Kearns offered me rent free for six months at his advertising studio, to start my own business. My CV was looking pretty bad, so I talked with my parents, even though I was only age 26 and we thought “why not!”

So December 12th, 1997 was a day I’ve never looked back on. It taught me anything is possible, even with low self esteem at High School and not a good start into a career path. I learned that to believe in yourself was the first magic step. And when someone tells you can do it, believe that they just could be right. There will always be people that can’t do what I’ve done, but I believe all people have potential to do their best, and that is how I live each day, with my glass half full attitude.

I have a truly wonderful team of staff. They are very loyal and supportive, hard working and clever. I believe what Richard Branson says, be good to your staff and they will be good to your clients (and you)! So true. They are good to me, which in turn makes me love my workplace too. If you love your job then it shows in your work and your life!

So how do I inspire people when it seems to me that what I do is just normal? Yet weekly, if not daily, I cross paths with someone that says how much I inspire them. It’s crazy at times; people who inspire me are often the ones that say I inspire them. Awesome. I guess it comes to another common saying: hang out with successful people and you too will be successful. I add to that with happiness too. I need happy people round me to be happy! I thrive on people being nice to other people.

We love helping small/medium businesses succeed. Yes, we help many large national and international businesses too, but it is the businesses where there are less hoops to jump through, no politics, just passion to succeed that we have the most success with – because they let us drive them. Pure excitement.

So what do I do? I go to work each day. I do have good holidays but when I am at work, I work, because I want to. Because I enjoy watching my company make others so happy. I’m still motivated to take my business further. I don’t need it to be the biggest, but I do need it to be the best!!!

The other part of making my world better, is what I am able to do for everyone else. There is something special about helping other people. As a person, and as a business we do so much for charity work. I belong to Zonta, I run a youth group for Zonta (Z Club) at Avonside Girls’ High School. I chair Kiwi Business Chicks, since 2006, I have been a member of BNI since 2005, I am on the Industries Board at Yoobee School of Design. And at Pinnacle we do a host of different things to help charities do better.

Why? The values that I have had instilled in me, are the values I wish to spread to others. My personal values come through in my business as we love helping businesses, we love helping people. Our clients love our openness our friendliness, and this is what gets me up in the morning to do more in our world.

We are always growing our own business as well, we are proud to be Strategic Creative Partners with our amazing clients.

Inspiring Story – Phillippa Jacobs – New Zealand
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Nikki Taylor personally thanks Phillippa for sharing her inspiring story today with us on Should you too wish to share your very own inspirational journey/story please email and our editorial guidelines will be sent to you.

Nikki has known Phillippa for many years and it was Phillippa who added a brainstorming day with Nikki Taylor when starting out on her own business in Recruitment.

Thank you Phillippa, I will always remember that day you inspired me with my branding. – Nikki Taylor