What exactly is #tableof10?

The purpose of the #tableof10 is for 10 women to meet in one place, arranged by an organiser which could be you and 9 attendees.  This is an exciting global movement that is bringing women together for 90 minutes in one place, with no agenda. This can be held by having a coffee meeting, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a retreat and much more using our creative ways to get a #tableof10 together. We will respect each other and be confident to meet new connections.

Rules and Guidelines of  #tableof10 – 10 women will attend the #tableof10

If you cannot make it once confirmed you will need to advise your organiser and help find your replacement. There is no refund for not attending once confirmed.

Respect each others time and make sure you meet everyone at the #tableof10 – we do not want you sitting beside those you already know. How will you meet others.

On arrival we ask once you have said your hello with the initial meet and greet, your organiser will ask each one around the room to introduce briefly your name and what you do.  This is  informal greeting and allows everyone to meet each other.

Lunch will be ordered and you will pay for your own lunch at the end.  Our organiser will be the one responsible for the photos for the 90 minutes arrival photos are the best, arriving hugs, group photo and conversations happening. The organiser should do these earlier in the 90 minutes rather than later.

RESPECT each other, BE CONFIDENT, INTRODUCE your self if you haven’t to each woman attending, EMPOWER each other, DO NOT SIT with someone you already know, BE MINDFUL of those who maybe shy, LISTEN to what the women are talking about and ENGAGE in conversation. BE ON TIME.  Arriving late and leaving early is not fair on others taking the time to come out meet you, so GIVE your 90 minutes and RESPECT everyone that comes along.  Be ON TIME.  Meet NEW CONNECTIONS, have FUN and you may want to book one your self next time, then contact the IWT team or ask your organiser how. All #tableof10’s are run by Inspiring Women Today globally, we will show you how to run one.

What do I do next?

Arrange your #tableof10 with Nikki today. Nikki will go over how they are run with you.  Where to start and what to do next.   The first thing is to think of a date and location and good parking for the 9 other women attending.   We will take care of all marketing of #tableof10 and help you with the numbers too. You can get more information on the actual process by emailing Nikki here nikki@inspiringwomentoday.biz

Why should I run a #tableof10?

This movement of #tableof10 is growing rapidly and is inspiring and empowering women from around the world to come together, on a casual basis with no set agenda. Already they are forming relationships on personal and professional levels with ladies that they did not know prior to meeting. An opportunity for you to watch the buzz and energy that comes from  10 women together. You will be leading a group that is forming new connections. We will help you with the guidelines and structure.  Like we say no agenda however we will require structure on arrival to allow the women that have come and we will respect their time and yours. The #tableof10 is run for 90 minutes and we want them to arrive on time and respect each other.

How do I join a #tableof10?

As an organiser and attendee you will be required to pay the booking fee.  As an attendee of a #tableof10 please make sure you have been connected to the #tableof10 messenger private group. Your organiser will make this happen.  The guidelines and location and date and time will be here.  You will get to meet the others that are attending the #tableof10 that you have booked for. You can use the registration button now at the top of the page if you are ready to get started right now to become an organiser or attendee.  If you need to know more then Email Nikki and she will be able to explain the process and how you are able to benefit from being a organiser or attendee of the #tableof10 movement.

#tableof10 Papparazzi here are some of  the recent events from around the world! 

#tableof10 seats available

#tableof10 seats available

#tableof10 seats available

Here are just a few testimonials from attendees so far:

“Loved everything about it Nikki … especially the company. You are onto a winner!”

“Thank you ladies for making #tableof10 possible & great! Looking forward to staying connected xo.”

“Thank you Nikki for what was a beautiful afternoon with gorgeous women and inspiring connections.”

“Lovely to meet you all, great meeting everyone today.”