What exactly is #tableof10?

The purpose of the #tableof10 is for 10 women to meet in one place, arranged by an organiser which could be you and 9 attendees.  This is an exciting global movement that is bringing women together for 60 + minutes in one place, with little agenda. This can be held by having a coffee meeting, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a retreat and much more using our creative ways to get a #tableof10 together. We will respect each other and be confident to meet new connections.

Rules and Guidelines of  #tableof10 – 10 women will attend the #tableof10 we will always accept more however ideally our #tableof10 works well with 10.

If you cannot make it once confirmed you will need to advise your organiser and help find your replacement.

Respect each others time and make sure you meet everyone at the #tableof10 – we do not want you sitting beside those you already know. How will you meet others.

On arrival we ask once you have said your hello with the initial meet and greet, your organiser will ask each one around the room to introduce briefly your name and what you do.  This is  informal greeting and allows everyone to meet each other.

These can be run in a cafe or virtual via ZOOM.

RESPECT each other, BE CONFIDENT, INTRODUCE your self if you haven’t to each woman attending, EMPOWER each other, DO NOT SIT with someone you already know if face to face #tableof10, BE MINDFUL of those who maybe shy, LISTEN to what the women are talking about and ENGAGE in conversation. BE ON TIME.  Arriving late and leaving early is not fair on others taking the time to come out meet you, so GIVE your 60 minutes and RESPECT everyone that comes along.  Be ON TIME.  Meet NEW CONNECTIONS, have FUN and you may want to book one your self next time, then contact Nikki Taylor or ask your organiser how. All #tableof10’s are founded by Nikki Taylor globally, we will show you how to run one.

How do I join a #tableof10?

Make contact with Nikki Taylor and you will be personally added to the  Facebook Group #tableof10

email: nikki@nikkitaylor.com.au

#tableof10 from many locations in 2017 

#tableof10 Virtual Australia & New Zealand June 2020

#tableof10 May 2020 Virtual Australia & New Zealand

#tableof10 July 2020

Here are just a few testimonials from attendees so far:

“Loved everything about it Nikki … especially the company. You are onto a winner!”

“Thank you ladies for making #tableof10 possible & great! Looking forward to staying connected xo.”

“Thank you Nikki for what was a beautiful afternoon with gorgeous women and inspiring connections.”

“Lovely to meet you all, great meeting everyone today.”