Step one of liberation achieved, then Covid happened – Shae Isaac – Australia

I am Shae, a 43-year-old from Melbourne. Over 10 years ago I started a small business called Smart Artist Music Management, after studying Business Music Management at uni. After several years of juggling part-time work and managing bands literally making no money (poor struggling artists), I chucked it in to go back to the full-time grind in accounting administration. 

 About 5 years ago I was just about to rebrand my small business and open up to all types of business (not just music and arts-related) and finally get out of accounting admin when my mother was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. I became her primary carer, taxi driver, emotional support person. Naturally, all plans were put on hold so I could spend as much time as I could with her. When my mother was nearing the end of her life (2 years ago), she sat me down on her hospital bed to give me a few home truths. You see she knew I was capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for, and she knew that my creative and business talents were worth more than being stuck in the career I had somehow found myself in. She didn’t want me to waste my life doing what was not true to the person I am. 

I took a year off life after mum died. I still worked in the accounting firm, but in that time I managed to travel around the world, really growing as a person, developing ideas, and hatching plans to start phase 2 of my career.

In January this year, I re-launched my business, renaming it ‘Smart Artist Management’, a Digital Business Administration and Design Agency. Open to clients and businesses from all industries. Incorporating my administration experience of setting up businesses and general admin work with my creative side of web design, photography, and writing. A one-stop-shop for all your business needs. The launch went so well that I landed enough new clients to go part-time at the accounting firm.

The launch went so well that I landed enough new clients to go part-time at the accounting firm.

 Step one of liberation achieved.

 Then Covid happened.

Foreseeing tough times ahead for small businesses I was prepared to lose a few clients that had signed on. While a few postponed until the time is right for them, I managed to keep many of my new clients and have been adding more to my client list over the last few months.

I am completely undeterred by Covid and aim to step this business into overdrive in 2021 so I can achieve step 2 of liberation; my business successful enough to never have to work in accounting admin EVER again.

That kick up the bum my mum gave me in the last days of her life really stuck with me. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone on so many levels since her passing. I travel solo, I write about my travels, I have the confidence to approach people to look at my creative work, I have started selling my photography work, I believe that Smart Artist Management will be successful and I am so willing to go the hard yards to make sure that it happens. My mother is my constant inspiration and the person who drives me each day to push harder and be the best person I can possibly be.

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