For an investment of AUD$995.00, you will receive 10 weeks of coaching

As a valued client, you will receive one on one private coaching sessions with me covering all aspects of your  Personal Life & Career via ZOOM.

Our sessions together will consist of 60 minutes on video, where we meet once a fortnight, for a total of 5 hours of coaching.

In our sessions I will get to know you, taking the time to identify what drives and inspires you. With my support, you get to define what the next chapter in your personal life, work-life, or both may look like. I provide expert guidance, genuine support, and assistance to manage your change positively.

During your journey with me, I will help you achieve success in building your confidence and capabilities making sure you are equipped with the right tools, skills, and technology to assist you in either your personal or career journey. I will encourage you to think creatively, challenge your thought process, and aspire you to bigger and better things, that’s just me.

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With YOU in mind, this package is to empower you to thrive during your career and life transition, the coaching  includes:

💁‍♀️A deep dive to look at where you are in your life right now and where you want to go

💁‍♀️5 x 1-hour coaching sessions to explore your ideas and options fortnightly

💁‍♀️Clarity on your values, purpose, and passions

💁‍♀️An action plan together with manageable steps that you can implement right away moving forward

💁‍♀️Dedicated support, encouragement, and accountability

💁‍♀️Renewed motivation and a feeling of “I’ve got this”

💁‍♀️Ongoing follow-up to support your career and life changes and confidence

Nikki Taylor’s compilation, Be Inspired

Inspiring women today is about 50 women from around the World, sharing their stories, their challenges, the good times & the bad – no age limits, no judgements and no barriers.

Sharing our stories connects us, it reminds each and every one of us that we have something special to give whatever our passion is.

It reminds us that women today have many roles to play in life – we are daughters, friends, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, granddaughters, cousins, girlfriends, daughter-in-law, friends and bosses.

50 inspiring women tell their story.

$29.95 (inc postage within Australia)