As a valued client, you will receive private coaching sessions privately covering all aspects of your Career & Life transition empowering you to thrive.

Our sessions together will consist of one session every fortnight.

In our sessions I will get to know you, taking the time to identify what drives and inspires you. With my support, you get to define what the next chapter in your personal life, work-life, or both may look like. I provide professional guidance, genuine support, and assistance to manage your change positively.

During your journey with me, I will help you achieve success in building your confidence and capabilities making sure you are equipped with the right tools, skills, and technology to assist you in either your career or life journey. I will encourage you to think creatively, challenge your thought process, and aspire you to bigger and better things.

Payment options are available for both packages $995.00 & $1895.00, please see booking images below.

With YOU in mind, this package is to empower you to thrive during your career & life transition, the coaching  includes:

💁‍♀️A deep dive to look at where you are in your life right now and where you want to go

💁‍♀️The  coaching session will be fortnightly to explore your ideas and options together

💁‍♀️Clarity on your values, purpose, and passions

💁‍♀️An action plan together with manageable steps that you can implement right away moving forward

💁‍♀️Dedicated support, encouragement, and accountability

💁‍♀️Renewed motivation and a feeling of “I’ve got this”

💁‍♀️Ongoing follow-up to support your career & life changes as we work together