Life Can Change in an Instant – Jacqui Kalka – New Zealand

Life Can Change in an Instant -Empowered Womens stories

Life Can Change in an Instant – Jacqui Kalka – New Zealand

Life can change in an instant – it’s what you take from the experience that teaches you the most.

On January 22nd 1991 my life changed in an instant.

At the time I had a job which worked well for my family. I worked part time in a Bank and had all the school holidays off. It was important to me that I was home with my two sons then aged 13 and 11.

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summer’s day, the boys and I had been out for lunch and I had purchased their school uniforms for the coming school term.

We returned home and my youngest son decided to ask his friend over for a swim. I could hear them in the pool and they were having lots of fun. The next moment I ventured onto the deck to see my son in his friend’s arms. He had died in the pool. I remember standing there as the paramedic delivered the news thinking to myself, “How does life change so quickly?”. The effect on our family was profound. I don’t believe his Dad ever recovered and in some ways, I believe he blamed himself. My oldest son lost his best friend and to this day it still leaves a huge void for him. He now has his own son and I know he must often wish his wee boy could have met his little brother.

Moving through this was one of the biggest challenges I had ever faced at that stage of my life. Eventually the days passed into weeks and then to years. That child is my “Peter Pan forever” as I still see him as 11 when in fact he would now be a young man.

As the years passed we decided to try for another child. At the time I was 41 so wasn’t really confident that it would be easy. But it was. Within weeks I was pregnant with a beautiful daughter. She will celebrate her 21st this year – 2016.

My relationship with their Dad hadn’t always run smoothly. I don’t want to go into the story too deeply as I have moved on and now live a very joyous life filled with love, happiness and gratitude.

The relationship had always been abusive in a more subtle way. In May 2004 he physically attacked me early one morning and the police were called. He went into therapy and I decided to give it another try. It only lasted a month until I finally decided to leave for good. My daughter was 9 at the time and I now know it was the best thing to do for myself and my children.

I truly wish him well and send blessings and love his way every day. It would fill me with joy if he could move forward and enjoy what life has to offer.

I have remarried and am truly happy. Life is treating me well and my husband has been wonderful for my children. My daughter has blossomed into a beautiful young lady with his love and support.

It has served as a reminder to me that life throws lessons at you to teach you. I never knew being with a man could be this easy. He truly is my source of inspiration and our goal moving forward is to help others when and where we can. Your thoughts, your words and your actions are truly powerful!

About the Author

Jacqui Kalka is a Brand and Territory Owner at Mike Pero Real Estate. She  started her real estate career in 2001 and Ian in 1981. Over that time they have both achieved many awards and accolades for outstanding achievement and results.

Now with over 50 years combined experience they are proud to combine their expertise and experience with the innovative Mike Pero Brand.

Inspiring Story – Jacqui Kalka – New Zealand

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