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Freedom Lifestyle – Don’t Hold Me Back

With an absolute passion for life and working as a Mentor for Inspiring Women and Life Made Easy, I have managed to create that elusive work/life balance that everyone is searching for, don’t get me wrong, I still work incredibly hard in a very competitive industry, I get to do it my way though, that’s all. I also believe that there is always a fabulous story about every single one of us whether good or bad. The best thing is we can learn from our mistakes and choose what NOT to do next time.

After only three years in the Recruitment  industry I took the bold step and ventured out on my own and started my very own recruitment company, yes, this has had its challenges, however, there have been more rewards along the way as well, mostly in the form of awesome happy candidates getting their dream positions. The idea of working in any corporate office did not align with me. I just didn’t belong even as an employee I was always that one person that stood out and did not like the rules.

Every single day I learn something new and I really love what I do with a passion no matter what it is I’m putting my heart and soul into. Why you may ask do I do what I do?

In the beginning I was told as a recruiter in a National New Zealand recruitment a company that I could not recruit in the Real Estate industry, that was the day I knew I had to do it myself. I went with the Richard Branson theory – “screw it just do it”. My absolute ah-ha moment. I never felt the fit was right for me when, as an employee there were too many rules. I went out to design my own brand in New Zealand and run my own recruitment business, different to the rest.

In 2009, this was the year that I “sold” my successful recruitment company in New Zealand to make the move to Australia. This wasn’t the easiest process to go through and a hurdle I wouldn’t wish upon any business. What I can say is the entire experience made me a stronger and more determined person to not let a setback get in the way of my success. It was a moment that one would either give up or get up and continue to show up.  

Today I would thank the horrid event for making me stronger. Without going into the messy details and with the best legal advice in the world, I still lost everything. It taught me about trust and my absolute takeaway from it today was get up show up make it happen no matter what the event and that’s what I did. Yes there was a big financial loss and we had already moved to Australia, there wasn’t much I could change at the time but I came out with so much in personal gain as a person and this made me more resolute to do better next time and not take too much on trust and face value.

We arrived in Australia in 2009, started a new Recruitment Specialist company for the Real Estate industry, no clients, no candidates, no database, actually nothing! I had my mobile phone, desktop and clunky old laptop computer and THE most amazing attitude that I had to make it happen. Determined to create a lifestyle around work and run a company nationally, all virtual. Now we have sold the Recruitment company late 2017 and its been an amazing journey re branding a new business.

Those who know me well know that I ooze energy from 5am to 9pm, a non-stop go getter, yes I crash at the end of the day and I’m always grateful for an amazing day after I have had the chance to talk to fabulous people and an opportunity to change their lives in whatever I do. I have been known as a can fizzy shaken up.  

I’m known to be in a cafe anytime between 5am and 7am no matter the season, weather or location. My best planning times and creative moments happen in those two hours.  

As I am writing this very story, I have taken another risk by selling our Gold Coast apartment, created a minimalist lifestyle, placed all our furniture into storage and started the road trip with no address,no time frame as such with locations being a surprise from month to month.  

Working from locations we haven’t stayed at, I have set up a virtual office at each destination and intend to do this for about 6 to 12 months, but hey who knows what will happen! Can you imagine how many people we are meeting, staying in Airbnb accommodations, with an absolute goal to run my businesses on the road and continue to create and grow personally.

I working as Mentor & Recruitment Director doing what I love.   I can do this from any location all I ever need is wifi using ZOOM video links. Combined with my business as a Recruitment Director and working as a global Mentor as I say all I need is wifi.

As you can see, I love what I do – I speak that lingo every day, I tell myself everyday that I’m grateful for everything I have and love to help others in anyway. That’s why I love what I do with absolute passion. I am daily seen on Social Media platforms working virtual with my man, my bestie and my business partner. We are always travelling and working interstate and overseas  and always seen daily working in a non-office environment. Freedom Lifestyle – Don’t Hold Me Back.

About Nikki

I am inspired with absolute passion and energy to assist in the changing the lives of many humans with mentoring and assisting others in their careers, I am the proud founder of Inspiring Women & Life Made Easy (LME Recruitment and LME Mentoring). Recently published my first book Be Inspired a proud moment I share with my husband who was my proff reader on many occasions. 

I continue to be inspired everyday by the amazing people around me. My vision to start the Inspiring Women was to find as many women around the globe to tell their very own stories, share their successes and this is how Be Inspired was born.

I am a wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunty, niece and sister in law and cousin and friend and mentor to many.

As an entrepreneur, my experiences in building my own businesses and working in the Recruitment industry, Headhunting industry and mentoring have always sparked a passion for sharing Inspiring Women, globally. I will continue to share these amazing stories because we all have a life waiting to be lived, and a story waiting to be told. 

Part of loving life and enjoying it every day is leading a lifestyle where working anywhere, in any location, no office and being cubicle or office free is my norm. My office goes with me wherever I go, it is 100% mobile, 100% virtual and 100% paperless! Working smarter than ever before doing what I love but also by working smarter this means that I have a work/life balance  to be proud of – and so can you!

There is no magic bullet or instant formula for success – you can make it simple. Find what you love to do. Work smarter at it and get help when you need it. 

I’ve found mine. What’s yours?

Nikki Taylor – Author, Recruitment Director and Mentor of Inspiring Women & LME Recruitment and LME Mentoring, Author of Be Inspired

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