I run my own beauty business, Self Love Lounge – Morgan Johnston – Australia

Tell us about yourself? Hello, I’m Morgan, I’m originally from Dunedin in New Zealand, and I’ve been living in Australia for the last eight years. I’m married to my wonderful husband Tyler and we have two fur babies Chazz and Asti. We love it here in Brisbane. The big city vibes and country friendliness of the community.

What is your business or job? I run my own beauty business, Self Love Lounge, (formerly known as Paris Texas Beauty) with my team we offer facial treatments, waxing, brows, lashes, and organic tanning. We’re huge advocates of self-love and incorporate it with everything we do. We believe beauty is inside out. We have a community beauty bookshelf, host self-love Sunday zoom calls once a month, and have hold events in our space, workshops on makeup and skincare. It is so much more than a beauty salon.

How long have you been in business or your career? I’ve been in my career for the past 11 years and have been running my own business for the past almost 6 years.

Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an entrepreneur in the first place? or … What you love the most about your current job? Being a business owner has been an amazing experience for me so far, I’ve gained so much confidence in myself over the last six years and have learned so much about myself and the industry. Before I set up my own business, people always told me that I should run my own salon, and, quite frankly, that idea terrified me! Shortly before I opened the salon, I found myself without a job and was invited to look at a space which was available in a building and before I knew it, I had invested in the property, I was buying supplies, my hubby was helping me freshen up the treatment rooms, and I was excited to welcome my first clients.

Who has been your greatest influence in business or your job and in your personal life and why? I wouldn’t say I have one influence person but more look up to all women in business as a whole. I’ve been inspired by so many strong-minded women who I’ve come across in my life and career, and I love chatting with clients and like-minded businesswomen about their personal journeys and how they’ve succeeded in what they do. I love meeting new connections at the woman in business events, I love listening to their stories and listening to podcasts about business.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date? I think success looks different to all of us, and it was around the 2-year mark of being in business that I started to feel successful in my own way. I’m numbers-driven and have always set financial targets, and once I achieved them, I found it was especially important to celebrate the success, as I feel we tend to let these accomplishments pass us by without giving them the attention they deserve. Then adding my team, this has been a huge accomplishment and I am so grateful for it every day and it makes me so excited as to what we can achieve together. Our 2020 rebrand has been huge as well, very proud of it!

What do you do to inspire other women? I genuinely believe in lifting other women up and being each other’s inspiration, both in business and in our personal lives. It’s quite easy for women to be competitive with each other and let jealousy seep in but that’s not good for either party… I always encourage others around me and keep a positive mindset. I have been a Look Good Feel Better volunteer now for 5 years and giving back to the community helps me to inspire others.

What inspirational qualities do you possess? I like to think that I’m hard-working and once I set my mind on a goal, I put a lot into achieving it. I also value qualities such as loyalty, trustworthiness, and approachability and feel that if I didn’t possess these qualities myself, I wouldn’t have achieved as much as I already have in my business.

What’s your advice for other women that may want to do what you do? The advice that I would give to other women who want to start their own business would be to not overthink it and just go with your gut. I’d remind them that they’ve got all the skills they need to make it possible and all they need to do is believe in themselves. Having an amazing group of strong-minded business girlfriends really helps me to achieve my goals and keep going, and my network has grown so much over the years, so it’s so important to talk through your ideas and have people who understand you.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to Nikki’s blog? I often liken being in a business like first training to run. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep going, don’t give up! Accounting software is like your Fitbit to keep the data so next time you can be faster, go longer. Achieve whatever it is that your working towards. I spend lots of time investing in training sessions and workshops and receive great advice from people who specialise in topics that are specific to my industry such as new treatments, product education sessions, and business development. I’d also make sure your mindset is kept in check, with a gratitude journal, daily affirmations, or meditations. Podcasts and coaching are great for this if you need extra help.

What do you do for fun/relaxation? My doggies keep me fit, every morning we head out for a walk or run, it’s my favourite part of the day. It’s particularly important for me to have a separate personal life away from work so I set aside Sunday and don’t look at the work phone/emails. My husband and I don’t make any plans and enjoy activities such as walking our doggies and finding new exciting dog-friendly cafes close-by. We love exploring the Hinterland on weekends away. We also like to Skype our families back in New Zealand and have a ‘Date Night’ one Saturday a month, which is especially important to us. I also love to keep in touch with my girlfriends and try to call them or have a coffee together at least once a week.

What’s the best way for our women here to connect with you? You can connect with me personally on Facebook, Morgan Johnston. On our website, https://www.selflovelounge.com.au/ Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Or call on 0488226935