I love being in total control of my creative choices – Alexandra Johnson

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Alexandra Johnson. I am a 32-year-old High School Art and English Teacher, Mum to two very cheeky monkey’s, an Artist, Small Business Owner, dreamer and lover of all things chocolate.

What is your business or job?

My business ‘Bold Abstractions’ is my labour of love and my sanity and insanity all at the same time. I paint Abstract Artworks that evoke memories of special times and places through my bold colour choices. The artworks are often printed onto bespoke fabrics and made into accessories as I believe art should be accessible to everyone and fine art often carries a hefty price tag. No two prints are ever the same as the fluidity of the inks and paints can never be replicated- Who wants to be the same as everyone else anyway?

How long have you been in business or your career?

I have been a High School Teacher for the past 12 years and I completely adore the gorgeous students I teach and inspiring their creativity while making them realise their potential. During my maternity leave, I lost my sense of self. I adored being home with my son and the special time we shared, however after a few months I found myself in a haze of sleep deprivation, questioning my career choices, who I was, and what I valued. ‘Bold Abstractions’ was created during this time and gave me purpose, a place to channel my creativity, and a vessel for managing my mental health.

Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an entrepreneur in the first place? or …  What do you love the most about your current job?

I love being in total control of my creative choices. I love that being a business owner allows me the freedom to connect with like-minded people and create a brand that reflects my values ‘Dream Big, Take calculated risks, Empower others, Share the love.’

Who has been your greatest influence in business or your job and in your personal life and why?

I have two people. My Mum has gone through some intensely tough times during the past few years. Her courageous, passionate, and kind heart drives me to understand that I really can do anything, not to take crap from those who don’t matter, and to fight for what is right and good in the world. I also have the most wonderful work colleague who was totally brave and left teaching to pursue her dream of being an artist. She has mentored me in both a Teaching and Artist role and taught me to be brave and believe in myself. Without these women pushing and supporting me, this business would never have been created.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

My greatest professional accomplishment was being approached by Noelene, the owner of Serenity Interiors and Exteriors in Gosford who took a chance on me and has commissioned me to create works for her clients. This opportunity and her kindness have seen my artworks in her store. I am forever grateful to her.

What do you do to inspire other women?

I aspire to inspire the young women in my classes to dream big, make bold choices, take calculated risks and never let anyone tell them they can’t do whatever their hearts desire. I inspire women through my business by lifting them up, engaging with their businesses, celebrating achievements together, and understanding that by being kind and collaborating we can achieve the seemingly impossible together.

What inspirational qualities do you possess?

I am fiercely loyal, I am crazy passionate and I am a total dreamer. I believe anything is possible and we just need to find a way to achieve it.

What’s your advice for other women that may want to do what you do?

Be brave! You’ve totally got this! While things can seem impossible, something wonderful will happen when you least expect it.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to Nikki’s blog. ?

Make connections, forge friendships, accept the help and kindness of others. Also, have faith in yourself because you absolutely can do anything you set your mind to with the help of others.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I paint! I create! This is why my business is so wonderful… It is literally my stress release, my calm, my fun, my passion and my dream.

What’s the best way for our women here to connect with you?

I am contactable through my email at boldabstractions@gmail.com or through my social channels. I would love to connect and support others through their own adventures in the small business world.