How to be a SoloPreneur in 7 Steps – Jeany Park – USA

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How to be a SoloPreneur in 7 Steps – Jeany Park – USA

The lowpoint was not finding myself unemployed at the age of 41 after having moved my family to a different state so that I could work at a prestigious classical theatre company. The lowpoint was not that after switching from acting to life coaching that I had zero clients. No, the lowpoint was probably when I realized that I had spent the entire workday as an office administrator at a high tech company in Portland, Oregon, surfing the likes of TMZ, Perez Hilton and Buzzfeed…ALL DAY LONG!!! 8 hours of my life evaporated, and I had nothing to show for it but the $200 that I had made that day sitting at reception, that and an internet/surfing hangover after filling my head with the intellectual equivalent of Twinkies and Ho-ho’s. Something had to give!

So I did it…I finally took the leap, quit my day job and decided to embark full time as a video marketing coach. Within 1 month I had booked 6 clients, within 3 months I had my whole business up & running including getting my business license, hiring my business coach, creating my own website and within 6 months, not only had I broken even, I had already grossed $12,000. I am happy to say that less than a year into my business, we are now financially stable and poised to hit 6 figures this calendar year. Life is good!

People ask me how I was able to make the transition, and to make my business successful – even at a somewhat modest level – in such a short amount of time. Here are the secrets to my success:

1) You have to go all in. If you half a** it, you won’t be successful.

2) Start a morning ritual that jump starts your day with positivity and anchoring yourself with your goals – my favorite is the Miracle Morning – check out the book by Hal Elrod. It’ll change your life.

3) Done is better than perfect – don’t make the mistake of waiting until everything is perfect. Much better to learn on the go, just create something, anything, put it out there and wait and see.

4) Get a coach! Or mentor! You can’t do it alone and you’ll save yourself SO much time. Derive benefit from someone who’s done it before you.

5) Stop being a frickin’ people pleaser! You’re going to have to say no to things – like volunteering, flake out once in a while on commitments you’ve already made, let other people be the good soldier. For the 1st 3 months you have to be super selfish and focus on your new business. Think of it like having a newborn baby – you won’t sleep much, you’ll drop off the face of the planet, forget exercise and things like showering, but soon – very soon, it will all be worth it.

6) Trust your instincts! If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You know better than anyone. Full stop!

7) Ask your community what they want from you? What’s the painpoint? Then figure out how you’re going to solve it.

Okay, I lied – here’s 8): Use video – really, it works! I built a career on it, that’s how much faith I have in it. Video + social media is a 1-2 punch that’s unstoppable.

The moral of my story is don’t wait until it’s too late. Life is short, take the leap! What you’ll learn about yourself is the reward in itself, 10x over.

If you want more information, contact me at And good luck! I believe in you.

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Jeany Park – Portland, Oregon

Jeany Park is the Co-Owner of Compass Rose Video, a Video Production House and Consultancy that specializes in On Camera Training and Video Marketing Coaching. Her background includes professional acting and she is passionate about helping to elevate the businesses and lives of women entrepreneurs through the power of Video.

Inspiring Story – Jeany Park – USA

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