Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence – Kate Worsfold – Australia


Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence - Empowered Womens stories Empowering Women to Become the Masters of Their Own Destiny Post Domestic Violence – Kate Worsfold – Australia

Kate Worsfold is a survivor of 15 years of Domestic Violence wanting to share her story with as many people as she can to help bring an awareness of this insidious and evil social ill. After spending her career in Managerial and Operational roles in various small business and corporate companies, she was given the privilege of working for the Queensland Times Newspaper as their Adopt a Family Appeal Coordinator.

During her time working with so many underprivileged people within her community, she realised her passion to help those who needed to find their wings and their voices, especially those who had suffered like her at the hands of Domestic Violent (DV) abusers. She then forged her organisation Wings of Destiny focusing on assisting women who have left DV relationships, to find their self-empowerment, self-confidence and freedom again and empower them to never return to relationships of abuse.

Kate understands all too well the paradox in leaving a DV relationship and then revoking the decision to retreat and return. One of the prevalent reasons Kate believes most women return to these relationships is because these women lack clarity in their self-identity and confidence. She believes they lose who they are and become conditioned into believing what others think of them, consumed by their limitations instead of focused on their true potential and the greatness they have within them.
Kate is committed to helping women be reunited with their true selves and finding their wings to fly so that they are capable of forging an amazing destiny for themselves that is not comprised by abuse. She has written her 6 week program “Destined to be … ME” that takes women on a deep soulful journey on finding their inner values, bringing them in alignment back with their authentic and true sense of self and learning how not to allow their negative experiences and trauma to define who they are but rather they learn the tools on how to define themselves based on their personal victories and greatness they already possess deep down inside.

Kate is a strong community advocate in helping women and families post DV and facilitates her course through various community centres in the region with the sponsorship of various businesses helping to subsidise placements for these women to rebuild their lives and additionally through the endorsement of several community campaigners and MP’s. Kate has also written a book which is due to be published in the coming months.

Empowering women to become the Masters of their own Destiny, Kate Heilbronn truly empowers women who survived domestic violence.

Inspiring Story – Kate Worsfold – Australia
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