Coaching with Nikki Taylor – with personalised  sessions you will be “learning from someone who wants you to grow” – Nikki Taylor

You will have fun, you will be encouraged and empowered, we will start with a blank page and I will personally guide you all the way on your very own journey.

My clients love their fortnightly sessions with me.


“Coaching with Nikki Taylor” will give you space and support in career & life transitions to:

♡ Get clear about what is important to you and what ingredients you need in your life to really thrive.

♡ Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

♡ Explore and define your values and motivations.

♡ Overcome obstacles and low confidence.

♡ Turn your ideas and dreams into achievable goals.

♡ Explore and weigh up all your options – including ones you’ve not thought of yet!

♡ Habit changes, strategies, and techniques to make lifestyle changes and achieve your goals.


I am always inspired by the passion and energy that you have and how this can shine in your career & life transition.  My desire is to assist anyone in changing the lives of other humans by working alongside and coaching you, through your career &  life. Check out below what we can cover in our fortnightly coaching sessions.



Read more for a brief outline of what will be covered during your sessions with Nikki Taylor + so much more for you. 

Does fear hold you back 

Lets ditch what no longer serves you

Feeling like you are at crossroads 

What If I made Linkedin work?

Resume & Cover Letters – templates 

Embrace your full potential

Brainstorming job search techniques

Reignite your passion for career & life

Tell Me About Yourself

Move forward with purpose 

Interview questions coaching 

Bringing it all together 

Personal Branding 

Money Talks 

Women & Money 

Too young to retire 

Networking and building connections 

Finding My Tribe