Coaching with Nikki Taylor

Coaching with Nikki Taylor – with personalized  sessions “learning from someone who wants you to grow” – Nikki Taylor

Coaching with Nikki Taylor – We will have fun, we will encourage and empower you, we will start with a blank page and we will guide you all the way on your journey, together. 

Nikki’s clients love their weekly hangouts with her.

Nikki is inspired by the passion and energy she can bring to you into your life and business. She has a desire to be able to assist anyone in changing the lives of other humans by working alongside and mentoring them through their career and business and mindfulness.

Nikki is also the proud founder of Inspiring Women a global forum for women to “tell” their story in a safe environment and have compiled her first book – Be Inspired that published in 2017.

Nikki’s previous experience includes a career in hairdressing and running successful recruitment companies and now a Career Transition Coach and Empowerment Mentor, Outplacement Coach, offering a true depth of knowledge in assisting anyone at all levels and stages of their career/ work/business life. Her initial foray into the recruitment world gave Nikki the pleasure to experience working with an international recruitment company and this has been the foundation of her recruitment career and coaching success. With this background, Nikki’s transition to Career Coaching and Career development has led to her career coaching business.

Currently, Nikki is working with companies and individuals coaching and empowering amazing humans daily.  Nikki is also a Co-director of LME Coaching.

You know Nikki often says – “If you hang out with me for too long I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.”

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Coaching with Nikki Taylor –  thank you to my beautiful clients.

I recently booked a session with Nikki as part of a role re-deployment prompted by a business restructure. From the moment I met Nikki, I felt at ease. Nikki has the uncanny knack of identifying key individual attributes with very little background information. This is a talent not many people possess and should be commended. Nikki helped me to see the hidden potential I had no idea even existed. Nikki gave me the confidence to explore new opportunities which I fully intend to do. Nikki’s positive attitude is infectious. I highly recommend booking a session should you wish to challenge your current ways of thinking about your career. Thanks Nikki! Hannah

Recently I had the pleasure of engaging Nikki’s services. She is a wonderful, passionate person who takes great pride in her work. She is incredibly supportive of her clients and willing to go that extra mile to help in anyway she can. I highly recommend utilising Nikki’s expertise as she will inspire and help you in all your endeavors. Gemma  

Having someone to talk to and brainstorm ideas together have been a huge help. Investing in Nikki’s coaching on an ongoing basis has been an invaluable experience for me & I cannot recommend her highly enough. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others since I’ve started working with Nikki. She has been a big part of my journey and she will continue to play a big role as I continue to run and grow my business. It is incredible to have connected with someone who empowers you, sticks to her values and supports you to become the very best at what you do. Thank you, Nikki!” Sonja 

During the most difficult time of my 15 year career with Virgin I arrived for my first meeting with Nikki scared and nervous.. I needn’t be, within minutes I found myself relaxed, cared about and developed an instant connection. This transition will now be one that I face with optimism and confidence and Iook forward to more time with Nikki as my mentor and advisor assisting me to move forward. I’m grateful to Virgin for providing the opportunity to bring someone like Nikki in during this time.   Peta 

“Nikki is a dynamic, proactive and highly motivated Mentor. She provide endless Coaching Career Development and Entrepreneurship support for career/business growth and development. She clearly articulates and works with you to place you in the right position for the right opportunities, aligned with your goals. Her post session follow up, time management and prompt response to questions is highly regarded. Continue kicking goals” Penni