Disarm Your Limits – Jessica Cox – USA

Jessica Cox is recognized internationally as an inspirational keynote speaker. Born without arms, Jessica now flies airplanes, drives cars, and otherwise lives a normal life using her feet as others use their hands. She holds the title of the first person without arms to get a black belt in ATA Martial Arts and the Guinness World Record for being the first armless person in aviation history to earn a pilot’s certificate. Convinced that the way we think has a greater impact on our lives than our physical constraints, she chose to pursue a degree in psychology at the University of Arizona. Since then she has traveled to 20 countries and 6 continents sharing her inspirational message.

Born in 1983 in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Jessica has learned to live her life with her feet. There were many questions at the time about whether Jessica would be able to live a “normal” life. However, Jessica’s father has said he never shed a tear about her birth condition. He had full confidence in her potential. With the support of her parents and family, Jessica became confident in herself as an adult and continued to explore the world with her feet.

Jessica’s parents met a Taekwondo instructor named Jim Cunningham. His response when told of Jessica’s birth condition was that she would be more than physically able to participate and that only her attitude could hold her back. At the age of 14, Jessica earned her first black belt in the International Taekwondo Federation.

After graduating from high school, Jessica attended the University of Arizona where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. When talking about her degree, she frequently explains that psychology credits the way people think with having a greater impact on their lives than a physical limitation.

During college, Jessica joined an ATA Martial Arts club and resumed training in the sport of Taekwondo. Even though Jessica already had one black belt in a different style, she had to relearn all of the color belt material. The instructors created a standardized curriculum that would be accessible to any future armless students. Jessica then became the first armless person to earn a black belt in the ATA. Jessica is also a Certified Trainer in the ATA.

Jessica’s most famous accomplishment was learning how to fly. It took three states, four airplanes, three flight instructors, and three years to find the right aircraft: a 1946 415C Ercoupe Airplane. In 2008 Jessica earned her Light Sport Pilot Certificate. She received the Guinness World Record for being the first person certified to fly an airplane with only their feet in 2011.
In May 2012, Jessica married in the beautiful city of South Pasadena, CA. In the fall of that same year, Jessica became a Goodwill Ambassador for Handicap International, a Nobel Peace Prize winning NGO and has advocated for disability rights in Ethiopia, Philippines and the US Senate.

Jessica is now the subject of an award winning documentary about her life. Right Footed features Jessica’s journey from motivational speaker to mentor and international rights activist.

Motivational Speaker
Thinking Outside the Shoe®
As a person who has never viewed herself as a victim of her condition, Jessica shares in her speech humorous stories of struggle and success living in a “two-handed” world. She provides critical insight on how best to approach a challenge, redefining the concept of innovative thinking. She helps people reconnect with their own inner strengths and aptitudes. Jessica believes in combining creativity, desire, persistence, and fearlessness; with them, nothing is impossible. In her presentation, she will dig deep into her experiences living armless in a two-handed world and share how these four elements helped her achieve the seemingly impossible.


• Top 15 Filipino Motivational Speakers, When In Manila
• Plane and Pilot Magazine: 10 Best Pilots, Best at Overcoming Obstacles (2013)
• Inspiration Awards for Women: Most Aspirational (2012, USA) & Inspiration International (2013, UK)
• Published in Ripley’s Believe It or Not (2009) and Guinness Book of World Records (2014)
• Guinness World Record: The first woman to fly an airplane with her feet was Jessica Cox (USA) (b. 2 February 1983) who gained her pilot’s license on 10 October 2008 in spite of being born without arms (2011)*
• Special Commendation by the Philippine House of Representatives, 2014
• Certificate of Achievement from the Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, D.C., 2014
*Although often referred to as the first “licensed” pilot, the correct title is first “certified” pilot as Jessica holds a Sport Pilot Certificate.

Disarm Your Limits

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Like everything was chaos around you, you didn’t have the support you wish you had, and your motivation to keep going was slipping through your fingers? If this sounds familiar, then you know how it feels to be “disarmed.” In Jessica’s first book, she lays out the tools you need to design your own “formula for flight.” You have the ability to turn the obstacles you face around and use them to your advantage. All you need is the formula for flight.
Are you ready to become the pilot in command of you?
Order your copy at www.DisarmYourLimits.com

Inspiring story – Jessica Cox  – USA
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Midlife Turning Points -Empowered Women

Midlife Turning Points – Anne Noonan – Australia

 Midlife Turning Points -Empowered Women

Our second half of life can be so much better than the first. I truly believe that we can turn our health completely around if we grab hold of it in time. And when we do, our whole life can change. Relationships, business, personal success and our purpose can turn up in amazing ways.

At the age of about 46 I found myself facing a hysterectomy. I was excited about it. I just wanted this hell of a cycle that began at the age of 11 to be over. When my cycle began in primary school it determined where I went, what invitations I accepted, whether I went swimming when everyone else was going or whether I spent a lot of time at home. It remained that way throughout my life. I accepted it as normal – doesn’t everyone have ridiculously heavy painful periods?? A few years and 2 kids later, when a hysterectomy was suggested, I was over it. I was over the anaemia, the fatigue, the deficiencies, the weightgain, the weird illnesses and the depression that accompanied it – I was ready.

This was it! It was going to be done and I was going to have my life back.

It wasn’t to be. I woke up out of the anaesthetic in a hot flush and my menopausal symptoms seemed to be on full volume. Hot flushes that didn’t seem to end. Dry skin, sore joints, increasing middle, overloaded liver, foggy thinking, lack of interest in everything and a feeling of simply sinking deeper into a pit. I wanted out of it. My gyno suggested I go see my local for an HRT script, I had my doctor suggest antidepressants and in my foggy hot sweaty brain I was ready to give up. A couple of naturopaths gave me different treatments all of which treated a little section of a whole – like spraying a raging fire with a squirter bottle.

So it was time to step up and take my life into my own hands. I had my certificate in human nutrition, I knew my stuff, I knew how to eat healthily and I thought I was. It just wasn’t enough. The real detective work began in earnest! I studied up every book, seminar, CD and workshop I could get hold of that concentrated on the midlife woman and the issues she deals with. From anxiety to zinc deficiency I had to take my health by the reigns and turn it around.

So I did. It took a few years, some experimentation and some failings. My body became my petrie dish. When I learned about the liver, the importance of macro and micro nutrition, the power of breath and movement, my health did an about face. Weight dropped off, my fogginess disappeared, my skin cleared up, the fatigue lifted and my acheyness was replaced with a sheer joy for life.

I now run programs for women who’ve gone through something similar. You can turn back the clock – you can regain your vitality. I want to live life to the fullest until it’s time to go. Doesn’t everyone? With a nutrition and mindful movement plan it’s doable. When I discovered mindful movement and breath techniques it was like my cells started singing ‘hallelujah, she’s found what she needs’. So I became a yoga and meditation instructor and combine it with my health coaching and have a driving passion now for the midlife woman who wants her mojo back.

My blog and classes information can be found at www.annenoonan.com.au and an obligation free 30 minute consult could be the best thing you do for yourself.

My bio:

Anne Noonan is a certified Yoga, Meditation, Food and Nutrition Coach with a passion for the midlife woman and everything she goes through. Anne has also worked as a Personal Stylist and owned her own fashion range a few years ago before her health started to take its toll. She knew the only way to get back on top was to take her health into her own hands. You can check out some of Anne’s journey on her blog www.annenoonan.com.au and read about her programs and classes on the ‘classes’ page.

Inspiring story – Anne Noonan – Australia 
To contact Anne:
Email annen@tpg.com.au
Web www.annenoonan.usana.com


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