Blonde Roots – Narelle Warcon – Australia

Blonde Roots – Narelle Warcon – Australia

My name is Narelle Warcon and I wrote a book… My autobiography, I want to help others to become empowered by speaking up about abuse…

It’s hoped that women worldwide will open up more about abuse as they are able to share their stories knowing that one women has spoken out about her abuse through her very raw and real book.

I have shared my story in a very raw and real way, so that women worldwide are able to find hope amongst the pages. The title ‘Blonde Roots’ One Women’s triumph over Five Lifetimes Of Pain, takes you on a journey… my journey around abuse and how I struggled with not knowing some very sad things that had happened to me at a younger age…

It has been a long, emotional journey. Writing my book has allowed me to release the pain and hurt kept in by never sharing some of my stories with anyone.
By sharing my stories I hope it will enable others who have suffered or are still suffering abuse to come out and share their stories too.
It is time for change, as the usual methods of dealing with these abuse victims are not working.
Traditional ways of band-aiding the problem is not working and we need to get to the core problems before we can truly see change.

This is why it is so important to share, deep inner sharing about the abuse we have suffered through.

Only then can we begin to move forward.

I suffered physical, sexual and mental abuse, I suffered:

• Losing my virginity at the age of 13yrs old to a 28yr old man on the way to school.
• Raped at the age of 14yrs by two men out in the bush
• Mental abuse in most of my relationships
• Physical abuse at the hands of a drug addict
• Violated many times as a teenager
• Only finding out 10yrs ago that she had been violated at the age of two.
• Physical abnormality that left me with a five per cent chance of falling pregnant
• Falling pregnant three times and giving birth to very premature babies due to her abnormality
• Married and divorced twice

I struggled to write the book on every level, especially emotionally.
But I felt it needed to be done, to help me deal with the issues and also help others facing similar abuse.
I am having a huge reaction to the book from women who are amazed that I survived so much, and that I am still here to tell the story.
I hope I can be that shining light for other abuse victims, that hand to hold, that ear to listen and above all an inspiration that because I have spoken out, they can too.

Together we can be united in bringing about change, together we can build trust and unity with communities so that not only are we changing our lives but we are empowering our children so as these changes will be echoed through the generations.

My book ‘Blonde Roots’ is available from or available through and in the near future bookstores.

Moving forward – After Open Heart surgery in 2015 it became very clear to me that my heart’s desire is to travel and share my journey/stories with others throughout Australia, and even maybe one day internationally, so that it can bring about more awareness within our communities… Perhaps I will be visiting in a place near you… A coffee, a chat and a signed copy of my book, with proceeds going toward adventuring into the next town or city to make more new friends and share together in love and kindness.
To begin to heal one must look inside and begin to truly love the person they are and to be able to do this we need lots of good support around us… Seek out those who make you feel good, those who see the positives in you and are there for you when the tears fall. Together we can make a difference. I look forward to being of service, that even if my story only helps one woman or child to not have to suffer as I did… then my past has not been in vain.

About the Author

Narelle Warcon’s life has been a monumental struggle, but she has now found her inner peace. Having cried a million tears and spent years soul searching, praying and learning to love herself again, Narelle has come to realise her life purpose is to assist other women who have been in, or are still trapped in, abusive relationships, just as she once was.

Narelle lives in sunny Queensland with her three wonderful children and is so grateful for the love and support of her family and friends. She has the utmost love for all who enter her life as she knows each of us has a story… a journey.
She feels amazingly blessed.

“Sometimes all you really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand.”

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