Blend Bettyz start a Business Together – Duana & Ellen – Australia

Hi we are the Blend Bettyz, otherwise known as Duana and Ellen. We are both fully qualified makeup artists, best friends, business partners and busy mums, our business is about spreading the message to all women, of empowerment through make up.

Duana: “We met in the school yard, Ellen was a make up party plan consultant and I was trying to get my face painting business started. We hit it off right away…well actually, I thought Ellen was a bit too cool to want to be my friend. With her edgy hairstyle and great fashion sense.”

Ellen: “And I thought Duana was a bit quirky with her colourful hair and the funky leopard prints she wore”

Turns out we were a perfect pairing! We got chatting about a shared desire to do a makeup course. Next thing you know we were commuting together, every Saturday for a year, from regional Victoria to Melbourne’s CBD to study a Diploma of specialised hair and makeup services.

We started off in business individually, then things naturally progressed and it made sense to work as a team. With Ellen’s passion for hair and her focus geared toward synthetic dreadlocks and styling and Duana focussing more on the makeup and face painting portion of the business. The beauty of this arrangement is that our skill sets are quite interchangeable which means we are a multi skilled pair! And have a great contingency plan in place which has benefited us in so many ways. We bounce of one another and hold each other down when things get tough, both personally and professionally. From simple things like our kids getting sick or double bookings to life’s big challenges. And big challenges there have been! With Ellen going through a marriage break up and Duana losing her father unexpectedly, both in the early stages of the business.

And at times the business has completely drained us, both financially and emotionally. We have argued and cried and laughed and happy danced! It has definitely been a huge roller coaster ride so far. But with each bad investment or poor decision, we have chosen not to quit, but rather to take a lesson from it and continue to evolve. Part of that evolution was discovering, through talking with other women and meeting various individuals, that there are so many women who are lacking confidence when it comes to applying make up.

So we have made it our goal, to teach women everywhere, the basic skills required to apply makeup with confidence. Whether it is young girls just discovering make up for the first time or for Mother’s gaining access back into the workforce after having children, for individuals wanting to build their personal self esteem or for anyone just getting out of a makeup “rut” and wanting to update their skills.

We are excited to share our knowledge with every woman and to spread our message, that makeup is for everyone and that all women deserve to feel beautiful and can do so with confidence.

About the Authors:

Ellen and Duana are qualified Hair and Makeup artists, working mobile and from their studio in Kilmore in Victoria Australia.
Duana is mum to Lincoln & Scarlet and her husband Jade restores vintage cars, something he is really passionate about it. As a family they spend a lot of time in the car scene frequenting swap meets.
Ellen is mum to three boys, Zander, Saxon and Cohen and has a lovely partner, James. In her “spare” time Ellen tends to her animals, Gwyneth the goat, Estelle the lamb and Chester the very patient poodle.
All in all Duana and Ellen lead very busy lifestyles in semi rural Victoria. They love growing their own business and helping making women feel great. You can contact them on and their website is coming soon!