Supporting women around the world 

Nikki Taylor is about supporting women around the world connecting in a safe and inspiring space so they can share their stories, their challenges, the good times, and the bad. No age limits, – no judgment – no barriers founded by Nikki Taylor. 

Sharing our stories connects us. It reminds each and every one of us that we have something special to give, whatever our passion is. It reminds us that women have so many roles to play in life. We are daughters, friends, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, grand-somethings, cousins, girlfriends, daughters-in-law, friends, bosses.

Every role we play, we do it with strength, courage, dignity, and selflessness.

We have so many hats to wear, and yet so many women find the energy and compassion to share with others and help them find their own path to success and fulfillment.

Nikki Taylor brings our stories together. 

The strength of women

We need to support each other. Let’s allow ourselves to be inspired and lifted up by the challenges of others. Let’s share our stories of overcoming adversity, of making it through tough times, of getting where we want to go when all seems lost.

There is nothing so strong as the determination and grit of an inspiring woman, geared up to take on the world and provide for those who depend on her.

We are women. We are strong. But none of us should do it alone. We can do this together.

Nikki is often asked, “Why have a Coach”? 

You know, a beautiful thing can happen sometimes when I’m in my Coaching sessions.

In these sessions, my clients can arrive at a “session” feeling lost and utterly confused with their life and career and what they should do next.

I’m searching for that moment that “ah-ha” moment – there always is one, we just need to dig deep sometimes. Only after a few sessions, some will reveal their passion, vision, or dream that they would love to do. They may have had this inside them for years or perhaps an idea they have written down or had in their head. We get these down on paper, we create magic outcomes together and I will empower you to own your journey.

About Nikki Taylor  

I live by a mantra which I strive for each day: A Kind heart – A Fierce mind – A Brave soul. I feel this encapsulates pretty much who I am and translates into:

💖A passionate and genuine desire to serve with empathy and purpose

💖An ability to problem-solve with a sharp, logical, and organised mind

💖A temperament that seeks challenge and enjoys successful results under my watch

I am passionate, enthusiastic, and high-energy.  If you hang out with me for too long, I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.

As an entrepreneur, my experiences in building my own businesses and working as a career, life & business coach sparked the passion for sharing the stories of other inspiring women. Be Inspired book was born. To remind them they all have a life waiting to be lived, and a story waiting to be told. I love the freedom of working anywhere.    

 I get the chance to lead a laptop lifestyle and take my work with me wherever I go with my trademark rose gold mac!

Loving life and ready to share   

I love life. I love to give. I love smiles, hugs, giving back to others and finding ways to others, and pay my good fortune forward. I am lucky to get up with passion and light in my heart each day.

My energy and positivity are contagious! It is a gift to feed others when they need a top-up or some inspiration. I’m always ready to help someone open to my help.

What’s your passion? What are your challenges? What does being a successful inspiring woman look like for you?

Believe it or not, I do have time to relax   

Some of my pleasures in life are daily fresh fruit, healthy breakfast, enjoying nature and being by the beach, exercise, yoga, meditation, fashion, and travel. My mindfulness work has truly created a whole new space in my life. Always sharing mindfulness tips with everyone.

A weekend escape can be great for the soul! Sunrise, sunsets, and waterfalls make my heart sing.  I see the sunrise every day. I make my time daily 5 am – 8 am every morning for myself. It’s non-negotiable me-time to prepare for the day ahead, journal, biking along the river or ocean, listen to my podcasts, relaxing music, yoga, and a super healthy protein and fruit breakfast, ready for an inspiring day, packed with hard work, and getting things done! 

My husband and I do yoga daily together in a studio and sometimes I’m doing my own Yin Yoga practice at night from home. 

Get social and stay in touch

I have a huge passion for social media! I focus on the positive impact it has on making business portable and connecting us in new ways across the world. Social media enables us to connect and share inspirational stories, quotes, and mindfulness tools. 

Allow me to invite you to a Coaching Session?

 I look forward to connecting with and inspiring you. I look forward to giving you as much as I can on the call – free no charge   Book me here