As women, we often put everyone and everything else before ourselves and our needs.  We need to be the best versions of ourselves, though, to help others be their best.  And that means taking time for ourselves. Everyone in your life will thank you for doing so because it’s going to allow you to be more present in all aspects of your life and to live a more balanced life.

We are often searching for that “ah-ha” moment – there always is one, we just need to dig deep sometimes. Only after a few sessions, some will reveal their passion, vision, or dream that they would love to do. They may have had this inside them for years or perhaps an idea they have written down or had in their head. We get these down on paper, we create magic outcomes together and I will empower you to own your journey.

About Nikki Taylor  

She lives by a mantra which she strives for each day: A Kind heart – A Fierce mind – A Brave soul. Nikki feels this encapsulates pretty much who she is and translates into:

💖A passionate and genuine desire to serve with empathy and purpose

💖An ability to problem-solve with a sharp, logical, and organised mind

💖A temperament that seeks challenge and enjoys successful results under my watch

Nikki is a Certified Career Coach, Certified Mindfulness Coach, and Women’s Change Coach and Author. Her extensive recruitment industry experience began at a top-tier firm in New Zealand and evolved as she moved first to the corporate sector, then established her own agency in 2005. Drawing on a wealth of coaching and mentoring skills, Nikki fosters confidence by working with clients one-on-one to reignite the passions that accelerate success in both life and career. 

 Nikki is passionate, enthusiastic, and high-energy.  If you hang out with her for too long, she will brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.

As an entrepreneur, her experiences in building her own businesses and working as a career, life & business coach sparked the passion for sharing the stories of other inspiring women. Inspired to author her first book “Be Inspired” published in late 2017. The book is to inspire many and  remind them they all have a life waiting to be lived, and a story waiting to be told.  

Coaching with Nikki will help you take a step back and refocus and help you understand what you really want.

Nikki will help you set meaningful goals and feel confident about achieving them in career and life transitions.