Anything is Possible – Carmen Harrison and Cassandra Rathgeber- Canada

If someone told my sister and I that 2 years ago we would be young entrepreneurs running our very own food truck, we would have never believed them. We are twins from a farm with big dreams and aspirations, and our passion is food. We absolutely love to bake. It puts us in a relaxed and comfortable zone, a place where you can think, dream and be true to who you really are. Our goal when starting our food truck was to connect to our community through our food. We wanted to create an experience that everyone could enjoy. In the past year, we are so proud to say we have created our passion; Queen Bees Food Truck.

Queen Bees did not happen over night… It felt like it took a lifetime for the vision to arrive in our lives. Following college and without a clear idea of a concrete career path, both Cassandra and I had worked jobs in the hospitality industry. These jobs helped build the work ethic we would need to start Queen Bees. We both married young and decided to stay at home and run a dayhome. This allowed us stay at home and raise our children. After several years had passed we found ourselves in a place of uncertainty. We were internally struggling with a direction to take in our lives. We both new this wasn’t our true path or purpose.

In the evening, we would walk and on these walks the seeds of the Queen Bees idea began to grow. We started to create our vision, discuss ideas, argue details and slowly the dream took shape. We made vision boards to help us manifest our reality.  As time went on we felt we were getting closer to actualising our plan but our 5 children were still really young, between 18 months to 4 years old. That was our major hurdle, trying to balance our children and a full-time job. But honestly, we needed a change in our lives. It wasn’t healthy for our well being and we wanted to show our children how to reach for the stars. We felt we owed it to ourselves to follow our dreams, and to show our children if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.  Many people have faced hard challenges and even impossible ones and still found success. We were also nervous of the one thing all entrepreneurs are scared of…failure. Yet, because of our prior experiences, our bond with each other, and the belief we could succeed, failure was tempered by excitement. We knew this adventure was about our personal growth and about discovering who we really are as people.

This idea kept blossoming. We created the menu in 2 minutes. It was basically all our favourite treats. However, we did teach ourselves to make French Macarons. We loved them, and thought it would be a treat to share with our community. We purchased an old delivery truck online that had no engine. We had no idea how this was going to come to life. Our childhood neighbour came to our rescue and made this entire truck a reality for us. We couldn’t believe our luck. Len Aucoin was able to transform this shell of a truck in to a beautiful full service Food Truck.

After one season in the books and many lessons learned, Queen Bees Food Truck is nearly booked solid for the 2017 season. We service the City of Red Deer as well as Sylvan Lake and surrounding areas. We are so excited to see where Queens Bees takes us. We are still dreaming big and hope to open a store front in the near future. We have endless ideas and it will always be in our nature to reach for the stars.

About the Authors

Carmen Harrison and Cassandra Rathgeber are strong women, mothers, wives, sisters, dreamers and owners of Queen Bees Food Truck. Together we designed and created our dream Food Truck servicing Central Alberta, Canada.

We, Carmen and Cassandra hope to inspire everyday women, mothers, or anyone with a dream or passion. We hope to encourage you to never give up and to understand that if it feels right in your heart then of course anything is possible! Never allow people to shy you away from your true passion and what makes you happy.

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Drs. Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos – Moms and More – Netherlands

Drs. Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos – Moms and More – Netherlands

In this day and age, we – as women- often forget to trust our gut feeling, our instinct, our intuition. We take decisions based on our ratio, our thoughts. We decide only after we carefully considered all pro’s and con’s, and frequently are rejecting the wisdom of our inner voice.

I was one of those women. Having an academic background, over the years I de-learned to listen to my heart and followed my head instead. Until Emilia, my first-born, joined our lives. I noticed that when I was pregnant all the attention and care went to me, the mom-to-be. However, after birth all eyes were on the baby. And me? I did not know how to manage this big change in life, missed (professional) support and unbiased acknowledgement. I felt lonely, guilty and disappointed, lacking fulfilment and purpose in my life. (Later I learned that I was not the only one, and that 90% of the new moms are overwhelmed and find it hard to adjust). And whether it was due to the hormonal rollercoaster or the fact that I was confronted with leaving a legacy and the fragility of life, I felt the urge to start coaching other moms. Even though I was full-time headhunter at one of the most prestige executive search firms in the world and just had a baby. However, that drive was so strong and intense that I could not neglect it. And even though I was coaching in the evenings and in the weekends next to my regular working hours as headhunter, I just had to do this.

Fast forward to end 2015… My coaching business had grown and I developed into a recognised full-time coach for moms. However, I was not satisfied with the results I got. Yes  I gave women insight and helped them change, but I felt that insights were just not good enough, that the change was not long lasting enough. I missed a superior coaching method for females, breaking women through fast, painless, and for good. As I didn’t want to leave my kids behind in order to be a regular coach, I wanted to be an extraordinary one. A coach where people would say: Nikolien you’ve changed my life!

And I was wondering: how come that with all those coaches and therapists around, and with all those self-help books, methods, programmes and challenges available, still women become stuck and stay stuck? That meant perhaps that the methods used were not good enough? That it was not us failing the method, but that the method failed us?

I made a wish list of all the things I needed and wanted in a modality in order to be an outstanding coach, just for my own reflection I thought. But several days later I suddenly felt a strong urge, a deep inner push to post this list online in a group of female entrepreneurs. With the question if someone knew something that would match with this list. And you must know that this group has thousands of members. I got one reply on my question from a woman all the way on the other side of the world, in Australia (and mind you due to time differences, it was really a “coincidence”: one hour earlier or later, and she hadn’t seen the post). This woman directed me to the Institute of Women International and the Creatrix® method. I did my research, and Oh my, it ticked all boxes! I went on a Skype call with Maz Schirmer, owner of Institute of Women International, and within one (1!) hour I decided to travel all the way to Australia and follow the Creatrix® Facilitator and Woman’s Transformologist® training. If you would look at this from a rational viewpoint I would be crazy: leaving a baby and a small child behind for over 3 weeks, travel to the other side of the world for a method and a company I did not have any experience with at all, nor did anyone in Europe has. Investing heavily in the unknown.

However I trusted my instinct, my intuition, my gut feeling. I followed my heart. And that has thrown me into the most amazing journey of my life: I became the first Creatrix® Facilitator and Woman’s Transformologist® in Europe and are about to become the first Institute of Women International trainer too. I get to meet so many inspiring women all across the globe, and can be of true and meaningful value by not only changing, but truly saving women’s lives. And most importantly: I learned to really trust female intuition and by just following your heart – even though it goes against all odds-  will give you miracles!

About the Author

Nikolien is the founder and director of Moms&More in The Netherlands​.​ She makes ambitious moms happy ag​ain​ with themselves and their lives. So women can do that what makes them most happy and at the same time experience harmony in work and life. Nikolien is mom of daughter Emilia and son Alessio. She knows how life is as ambitio​u​s mom juggling with all balls (and occasionally drop one). She is allergic to complainants, victims and empty glasses​.​ She loves chocolate, wine and chicklits. Nikolien is the very first Creatrix® Facilitator and Woman’s Transformologist® in Europe, certified the the Australian Institute of Women International. Furthermore, she is certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified DISC tr​ain​er, and completed se​vera​l courses aimed at women’s health, personal and intuitive development. She is a respected speaker and author of the book “Juggling Kids and a Career, A Practical Guide for Working Mothers​”.

To contact Drs. Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos

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Be The Best You Can Be-Inspirational Womens stories

Be The Best You Can Be – Cassandra Austin – Australia

Be The Best You Can Be-Inspirational Womens stories

Be The Best You Can Be – Cassandra Austin – Australia

After leaving school at age 15 years, I began an apprenticeship as a chef. This was significant because, at that time, I was the only girl in my class at the technical college course and it was rare to have a woman working in a restaurant kitchen. In fact, during a work experience period, with a chef, he explained to me that he didn’t employ woman to work in his kitchen. However, I had a passion for working with “food” so I persevered and waited, until he gave me my chance. Despite these common beliefs, I worked my way through all the negativity and became dogmatic, through work, to achieve my goals. In time, my “dreams” were realised and I had my own restaurant and I became successful and respected in the hospitality industry.

Even though I had proven to the world that a woman could be a respected, and successful, restaurateur I started to notice that, firstly my body was reacting to the extremely, long hours of work. As well, I became, psychologically, exhausted because of the cumulative anxiety that I experienced worrying about maintaining my success. In retrospect, it was clear that I had no balance in my life but only obsessed with working harder. Consequently, I required medical intervention meaning prescribed medication, and counselling, to combat the anxiety/depression as well as the inability to control my weight. After some six months, I felt worse because I lost the energy I needed which meant a reliance on medications I had to maintain the work and, hence, the continuing success of my business. After some time, I began to reflect on my life, work and general health when I had an epiphany that would change me forever.

Successful people in life achieve their goals through hard work or by working smarter. I began to analyse myself and realised that I had proven myself, worked ridiculous hours but at the cost of my health. Proving myself to the world may have been achieved had I not “pushed” my body to exhaustion and ill health but, simply, may have taken a longer time. It was at this time in my life that I made the decision to change, be more proactive, and take more care of my physical, and psychological self religiously, I would eat a varied, healthy diet and began exercising by walking regularly, rejecting cigarettes in favour of attending to the needs of my body and my mind. From then I noticed that weekly changes in my life such as that I became fitter, stronger and calmer, more controlled, in my mind. Also I felt happier as I completely, changed my life but still managed the restaurant, taught commercial cookery at college level and judging culinary competitions. I recall people telling me I looked 10 years younger and I felt it.

As well as continuing my increasing responsibilities, I began doing charity work with the Australian Culinary Federation which I enjoyed and felt fulfilled, then I met my husband “also a chef” who purchased my restaurant so we could spend more time together. In recent times I have finished 8 years as part of the World Association of Chef’s Societies’, doing charity work as a committee member and regional representative of the Woman’s Leadership forum. As well I have been involved in contract consulting, recipes development, testing and costing together with the production of cook books and videos for my professional Industry, working and travelling the world with work and my husband.

Throughout my journey with food and a healthy lifestyle, I believe I have found strategies in developing better health and to reverse the deleterious effects of poor diet. By studying diet and nutrition, food psychology and wellness coaching, I have developed programs online or personalised, that include some 10 workshops to empower woman to learn practical, effective and evidence based skills to enhance your lifestyle. My commitment, and focus, has been to improve people’s lives by adopting the moto “Be the best you can be”.

About The Author

Cassandra joined the food service industry as a 15 year old, Women in the commercial kitchen were an anomaly 25 years later, she is an accomplished Chef, Consultant, Recipe developer, Culinary Judge, Women in the World association of chefs Societies Committee Member and Representative for the Pacific Rim Certified  Food and Wellness Coach. With qualifications as a Commercial chef, Restaurateur and Teacher, she has now branched into Diet, Nutrition and Food Psychology, her niche in the market is supporting people, mostly Woman who want more from a healthy diet, eating, physical and mental concerns in a personalised and private forum.

Success came at a cost to her mental and physical health and after years of ignoring it. Through food and a healthy lifestyle, she has found many ways to reverse the damage and have a wealth of skills to help you cook yourself to better health.
She has committed to improving peoples life styles, networking and career opportunities for females struggling with health and general wellness “To be the best that you can be”.

 “Cass is living proof that you don’t have to be one of the boys in attire and attitude to succeed in the culinary world. Whatever she sets out to do, she gets done.”

Inspiring Story | Cassandra Austin | Australia

To contact Cassandra:



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Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life -Inspired women

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life – Narelle Shiell – Australia

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life -Inspired women

Honour Your Journey, Create Your Life – Narelle Shiell – Australia

I have not always been a professional coach and counsellor but I have always been the accidental one. For many years I worked in the corporate arena firstly in administration and finance management and then I moved onto advertising and media sales. I have had the pleasure of more than one career in this life and in all of them I found the common thread I loved the most was coaching, counselling and training – these skills came naturally to me.

Alongside all of this great career stuff my personal life for many years was a trainwreck. There is not a high enough word limit in this article for all the ‘stuff’ so i will share the highlights that have helped shaped me.

•Major car accident at 18 and my parents and immediately moved overseas – all in a 3 month window. This led to a major health crises where I discovered the power of natural therapies. I later trained in Remedial Massage, Polarity Therapy, Counselling and Training as a direct result of this experience.

•Married in my early 20s and 2 beautiful babies by 28, divorced at 30. I learned more about myself in this time that I have ever known and after divorce I came to know my own strength. I also learnt a lot about people too.

•Further health crises in my early 30s and ultimately diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. From this I learned about my capacity for self love and regulating how and where I was spending my time and energy.

•Workplace bullying in 2010 that resulted in a trip to the ER with panic so severe it was first thought a cardiac issue. Here I subsequently decided that I would never work for anyone else ever again because I was bullied for my ability and not lack of it.

•Re-married at 41 and moved from Adelaide to Townsville. I learned that life always comes full circle and that nothing ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ is forever. I learned how to truly love someone else and still love and honour myself.

Most ‘healers’ become that way because they have their own wounds to first ‘heal’. I am no exception. So why am I telling you this?

I firmly believe you cannot truly love and embrace who you are and at the same time hate the experiences and decisions that got you there. You are after all a sum total of every moment of your life until right now.

The path to true self love for me was fraught with many things that in order to heal I had to learn to love, see the silver lining in and find a way to view in a positive light.

It is hard to see things like bullying, which I had also experienced in high school, positively; nor is it easy to understand why your body may be struck down with dis-ease when you actively go out of your way to nurture it and treat it well. And like many faced with these types of challenges I spent a lot of time asking ‘why me’?

The answer? Well there are many – it has given me insight I would have otherwise never had, compassion I would have never felt and the ability to see deeply into people and situations to find the gold among the pain, hurt and challenges life might be throwing up.

In recent years I have created my life around the ‘challenges’ I live with rather than by fighting them. These serve as a beautiful reminder to slow down when I try to run too fast. My natural tendency is be busy and live fast and being slowed down actually helps me see the beauty in life, each moment and ‘stop to smell the roses’ I have settled into a beautiful slice of North Queensland paradise and run my practice from home and in the online space enabling me to work with clients and collaborate with peers from anywhere in the world. I especially love working with women who know they want to make a change to how they live their lives whether at home, work or in their business. Women who want to step up their game and experience life in a new and more positive, meaningful way.

My motto:
“Honour Your Journey | Create Your Life”

My mission is to show women that in any moment they have the power to decide to co-create their future, no matter where they have been in the past because when we love and accept ourselves fully, both our beautiful gifts and our own shortcomings, we become powerful co-creators and can build others and ourselves up rather than tearing them down…

About the Author

Narelle Shiell is the principal at and

A qualified counsellor specialising in using the transactional analysis model for growth and change, Narelle is also a trainer, speaker and coach (life & work) and loves co-creating outcomes that inspire women to lead in their lives.

You will find Narelle approaches her clients with good humor and a lightness that provides a gentle and safe place to explore the depths of your whole being.

Narelle has a corporate background in administration and finance management working for employers such as Logi-Tech, Flinders University and the South Australian Film Corporation; and in Media Sales working for Fairfax Media and other smaller rural publications. In her own business Narelle offers a range of coaching, counselling and training services to individuals, community groups and corporate clients.

Narelle holds a number of professional qualifications including Polarity Therapy, Remedial Massage and Training & Assessment. She has also undertaken a number of non accredited courses to further her own personal and professional development.

Inspiring Story | Narelle Shiell | Australia

To contact Narelle:

Facebook: Narelle Shiell Consulting
Instagram: @narelle_shiell

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Viva Health and Wealth – Mandie Spooner – Australia


Viva Health and Wealth - Empowered Womens stories

Viva Health and Wealth – Mandie Spooner – Australia

Hi, I’m Mandie Spooner, I’m a mother, a wife and a nutritional therapist. I run my own growing business and keep our busy home on track, which is full of rowdy growing boys and one quieter grown man. None of that makes me particularly unique in any way, there are many thousands of women just like me, balancing all the elements in our lives.

In my previous life I was a graphic designer. I had my own successful business which allowed me to work round my family, but my passion for design was falling short and frustration was creeping in.

After feeling exhausted for longer than I felt was good for anyone, I thought there had to be a better way and unexpectedly discovered what great nutrition can do for you. I started a nutritional cleanse in February 2014 and, with no exaggeration, had life changing results from it. This prompted me to look more into nutrition and inspire others to make a positive change in their lives too.

I did this with the creation of a new business, Viva Health and Wealth and beginning my studies in nutrition.

I now work hard to help others understand how important nutrition is to their mental and physical wellbeing. My business offers nutritional solutions to people and supports them through the often life changing aspects that eating a great diet can have.

I have so many happy clients now that all the hard work of changing career and starting from scratch in an industry I knew nothing about to being with has been totally worthwhile.

I now have a career I am passionate about, take care of my clients and it fits into my busy lifestyle. As well as taking care of my family and running my business, I can fit in, exercise and healthy living into my daily life, which had been lacking before.

I strongly believe we are responsible for everything in our lives and that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad. I am grateful that I listened to my inner voice when it shouted at me to go out on a limb and try this new endeavor and would recommend following your dreams to everyone out there.

About the Author

Mandie Spooner is a Nutritional Therapist and the owner of Viva Health and Wealth. She works with science-based questionnaires and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and to build a personalised program that works.

Inspiring Story | Mandie Spooner | Australia

Web: Viva Health and Wealth
Facebook: Viva Health and Wealth
LinkedIn: Mandie Spooner

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Graceful Life Transitions-Inspirational Womens stories

Graceful Life Transitions – Dr. Micaela Becattini – Australia

Graceful Life Transitions-Inspirational Womens stories

Graceful Life Transitions – Dr. Micaela Becattini – Australia

Today, my world is full of excitement, dreams, possibilities and action.

I can say that I am immersed in a new and flourishing existence. I follow the flow of life which is essential to finding my inner harmony. I try not to judge, to remain open to every possibility and say a full and unconditional YES to any situation life proposes me, learning to leave behind with love what has been and what is no longer.

But you see, my big life adventure didn’t start like this. Ohhh nooo!

In July 2004 I decided to leave Italy and my home to follow my soul mate to Australia but didn’t realise how much energy I had to consume to keep my love and my passion alive!

I remember the day when my trembling fingers wanted to hold onto not just the door of the airplane, but also everything I had ever known, my native language, my cultural traditions, my thriving practice, my family, my friends…my identity for 29 years that I was leaving behind.

For a long time, after my move, I felt capable and useless at the same time. Everyday felt like a long phase of burden with daily feelings of inadequacy. Life seemed like a giant void that nothing could fill. Anxiety was rife. Basic activities seemed like world shattering events, above all after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Reactive Arthritis in October 2007.

All of this contributed to me developing patterns of a “victim behaviour”. The biggest point was the feeling of not being understood, followed by wanting to be recognised, a lack of good judgement, people pleasing, committing to something that would never work just to get attention, blaming others and the surrounding situations.

I am glad that I had the knowledge and awareness to move through that phase. As a qualified therapist and coach, instead of staying stuck in that phase, I was able to change my story.

Slowly but surely, I started collecting courage, wisdom, help, my luck-making ideas and splintered on the path of growth re-creating my now successful business in 2012.

I knew that I had to surrender to the cycle of loss, I had to recognise the difficulties of the moment and accept that an initial transition period of confusion and sadness, was not only normal but also necessary to adapt to the new situation.

I sat down, grabbed some paper and a pen and started to re-write my personal and business needs, wants, desires and strengths followed by my new values as an evolved person. I then dedicated my time to identifying achievable goals and nurturing my new business ideas, comparing them to the surrounding new reality, being open to new possibilities, learning new ways to interact and when needed, outsourcing and asking for some help!

Now, I am a LIFE TRANSITION SPECIALIST and support whoever goes through intense personal and/or professional transitions. I help them master their mindset, understand their emotions and tap into their true resilience so they can move through trials and changes with more ease and grace without suffering a complete meltdown and leaving behind a “victim attitude”.

Today I am on a mission to help “my people” arrive at the other side of transition with gumption and energy and guiding them towards their goals and dreams. I am here to show them that when they know what they want and they have the courage to go after it, their mind and emotions work as a team to help them accomplish their goals!

About the Author

With an International Career and first-hand experience of intense life changes, Dr. Micaela Becattini is an Igniter for solutions, “victim-free” attitude, self-expression and courage for people, who are undergoing life-transitions, change and life adversities.
Through her knowledge, practical guidance and experience, she provides her clients the tools to find new understandings and pathways through change and transformation.

Micaela serves her purpose of cultivating self-believe and strength in people by offering engaging and creative tools and workshops for finding the light in the midst of struggle in life.

Micaela passionately believes that harnessing the courage to reveal yourself enables people to get out of boxed mentality and live a life, which is true to who they are.

Inspiring Story | Dr. Micaela Becattini | Australia

Facebook: Micaela Becattini – Life Transition Specialist
LinkedIn: Dr. Micaela Becattini

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Understanding Your Strengths is The Key to Success – Sara Redman – Australia

Understanding Your Strengths is The Key to Success – Sara Redman – Australia

I am a mother, stepmother, partner, business owner, pilates instructor, daughter, sister, author, coach, friend and a semi-reformed control freak.

My current role is Co-Director of SRA Corporate Change. At SRA Corporate Change we work with organisations and their leaders to unlock their potential and co-create high performance.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and moved to Australia when I was 25 years old. Sadly, my beautiful mother died of cancer when she was 46 and I was 7. Throughout my life, my mother has always been a major inspiration for me. She was an author of several healthy recipe books for families and had her own TV show on preparing healthy food. In the 70’s this was ahead of her time, as the preference was packaged, convenience foods. I always remember baking bread with my Mom, picking veggies out of our home garden and making bran muffins, homemade yogurt and bircher muesli. I also remember her kindness, her energy, her intelligence and her ability to engage with people.

I studied at University of Toronto and completed an Honours Degree in Psychology. After graduating I was unable to find a job, and really wanted to come to Australia on a working visa. So I made the decision to move to Australia and fortunately, felt at home right away. I stayed with some friends I had met overseas, backpacked around the country, and then started to work in an employment and training company. I ended up working here for over a decade.

At this time of my life, I was absolutely fixated on climbing the corporate ladder thinking the higher I got the happier I would be. Sadly, I was sorely mistaken. When I became a Senior Executive I was ironically more unfulfilled at work than I had ever been. I felt removed from people and swamped with policy, papers, and procedures. It took me almost two years to muster up the courage to leave this very respectable role and venture into the unknown. Upon leaving the organisation, I was lucky that I was able to take a redundancy package that gave me a few months buffer to find my feet. Leaving this role was most definitely the best thing I could have done, but was extremely hard at the time. All of a sudden when people asked me ‘what do you do?’ I literally couldn’t answer. I realised how much my identity had been connected to my job and my title, and I was a bit shocked and embarrassed by this. I carried out some soul searching to figure out who I really was, and what I really wanted in my life, not just professionally but personally too.

As a result of this reflection, I ended up working as a consultant in project management with businesses I had already known through my previous job. I also decided to become accredited in pilates, as my favourite pilates instructor (and the only one at the time in Launceston) was moving away. I enjoyed the consulting for a while, and I continue to enjoy running pilates classes today.

After reflecting more I realised that my strengths lie in communication, particularly – speaking, deeply listening, working one on one and in small groups, with an ability to draw people out, and always see, the good in people. Having worked as a counsellor I remembered my passion to support people and to help them realise their potential, and I decided to become accredited as a coach. Eventually I was able to weave this into my business, and I changed to straight consultancy, which included wellbeing coaching and corporate workshops. In hindsight this was a good move as today I deliver strategy, leadership, culture & wellbeing programs with our team of 10 at SRA Corporate Change.

I should mention this was all after several business attempts and failures. The failures were hard, but provided an immense amount of learning. For example, I learnt the importance of partnering with people who are aligned with your values and beliefs, of putting your working goals, plans and strategies in writing and ensuring you are on the same page, I learned how important it is to have the strength to back your gut instinct, because in my experience, it always seems to be right.

I experienced many crisis points in my life, as we all do, and only just learned recently that the Chinese characters for crisis are ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. What an apt pairing! When we find the opportunity in the crisis it helps us let go, and move forward which to me is what resilience is all about.

Throughout my working life I have always had a deep desire to author a book. I feel this very likely links back to my Mother and her working life. I cannot say how many times I have planned or half written a book but never got them to a point of completion. Clearly something was blocking me. I had an insight when I found myself standing in the pantry one day, having an intense desire for chocolate. Now I don’t normally have chocolate in the house but I was desperate so even considered cooking chocolate! Then I stopped and asked myself ‘what is going on here?’ In that moment I realised that I felt as if I wasn’t enough to complete a book! Who was I to share my knowledge or experience with the world? It all came down to self doubt – something that I have seen time and time again in myself, in my family and friends, and in the 100’s of clients I had coached at this point. So guess what? The insight meant I no longer wanted chocolate…and it helped me move forward to finally complete my first book. Glimpse is all about assisting you in catching a glimpse of the person you have the potential to become – your best possible YOU. We all can be that person, sadly, we just don’t all see it… yet.

I am proud and inspired to have completed this book when I was 46 years old and my son was 7, which is the same age my Mom was when she died, and the age I was at the time.

My main message? Notice when you are doubting yourself and be gentle with yourself. This is normal but also a time to find the courage to push through. How do you do this? Really take the time to get to know your own unique strengths and talents. It is only when we know our strengths and bring them into our lives that we can find true fulfilment.

About the Author

Sara Redman – Tasmania, Australia

Sara Redman is the Co-Director of SRA Corporate Change. SRA Corporate Change works with organisations and their leaders to unlock their potential and co-create high performance. Prior to her current role, Sara worked in an extensive range of positions, some of which fulfilled her, others of which did not. From these experiences, one key learning she has taken away is that understanding your strengths is the key to success.

Inspiring Story – Sara Redman – Australia

To contact Sara:

Web: SRA Corporate Change


Please visit this link to get her book, Glimpse:

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Juggling a Virtual Career while Being a Full Time Wife and Mom – Grace Alviar Viray – Philippines

Juggling a Virtual Career while Being a Full Time Wife and Mom – Grace Alviar Viray

I believe that when you finally know your priorities, God instructs the universe to open up opportunities so you can have what you need and want at the same time. I am Grace Alviar Viray and this is my story.

I grew up in a small town in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines and was born to father who was an engineer and a mother who was a public school teacher. Growing up, I have gone through a lot of challenges: from selling our own house to moving from one small apartment to another, to losing both my parents.

At 14, I lost my father to a blood disease, and at 18 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was never easy but I was always positive. Fortunately, after chemo and radiation treatments, my mother recovered, and I was able to go back to school and earned a university degree while I was working part-time jobs.

Life worked well for me after I earned my diploma, I was able to get my licence as a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian in the Philippines and I even got a job as Nutrition Representative in the biggest food company in the country. At the age of 25, I lived my dream job in the corporate world until my mother was again diagnosed with another form of cancer. She passed away that year and I was more than devastated.

I resigned from that job and went hopping from one role to another. I became a college instructor, a nutrition resource speaker, even a sales coordinator. I felt that I didn’t have any responsibilities and I only needed to take care of myself and never minded what role I had until I landed a role I really loved: corporate training. For some reason, I had to leave that job again. It was like I had to start all over again.

Eventually, when I had my own family, things started to fall into place. I started my virtual career as a Business English trainer, until I was given opportunities to write for several news and media websites. I also became part of REJS and Inspiring Women Today by Nikki Taylor where I learned a lot about marketing and global communication. Currently, I am a freelance social media strategist and content curator for several international companies and websites. I also launched my personal blog online named in April 2017 where I get to share my musings and also feature other bloggers globally.

I may not be working in a corporate office building like I used to, but now I earn even more than what I used to earn while I get to work with amazing people globally! And the best part about my virtual career is that I get to be with my husband and daughter almost 24/7, something that my previous roles can never offer.

Today, I’m not as restless as I was before: I believe that I already have learned my priorities and God is leading me where I should go, one step at a time.

Every woman has her own inspiring story to tell, and I believe this is mine. I still have many dreams I’d love to fulfill soon, and I’d like to inspire and help other mothers like me who would also like to have a virtual career while taking care of their children.

Know your priorities: this is what will lead you where you really to want to be!

About the Author

Grace Alviar Viray is currently a freelance social media strategist and manager for several international companies and websites. She just recently launched her personal blog online which is one of her personal goals. When she’s not in front of her laptop, Grace loves spending time with her amazing husband Troy and their adorable daughter Kahlila in their lovely home in Davao City, Philippines.

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Almost Six Years of Passion – Saija Mahon – UK


Almost six years of passion – Saija Mahon – UK

As during the ‘honeymoon’ period of any relationship, I’ve noticed I talk about my business rather the same way – with passion, with exact knowledge of how long this great relationship has been going on, and with endless energy and effort to ensure it all keeps going strong for many years to come.

Owning and running a business is pretty much a lifestyle, you need to love it, and you need to immerse yourself fully in it.

There’s no denying being a business owner is challenging, and like any relationship – it has its ups and downs. You keep on learning each day as you go along, and that’s truly the real excitement of it all. Anything could wait round the corner.

My company Mahon Digital Marketing is now on its 6th year, and since its humble beginnings, the company has grown into a flourishing international media agency with offices in London UK and Finland Scandinavia. Our 14-strong team keeps on driving the business forward, and I feel like my initial ‘relationship’ has developed into a fully-fledged family.

Starting out as a one-woman-operation back in 2010 was due to a fairly simple dream of mine; I wanted to practise digital marketing for my own clients, and I wanted to rule my own day around my young family’s needs and as I saw convenient.

I never really thought of the concept of being ‘an entrepreneur’, or launching a ‘start-up’.

All I wanted to do was follow my passion and the rest seemed to follow as a natural cause.


Scaling up the company has been a (positive) challenge, and I’ve truly learned the ropes of being a leader of a growing business.

During growth, I’ve hired more people to drive the business forward, I’ve increased the company’s service portfolio – and I’ve also been able to launch other companies to support the ecosystem around the business.

It’s been almost six years of passion, and I hope many more to come. I feel that this is only the beginning and the building blocks are all falling into their correct places. I am very excited about the future and I hope to see many more ladies starting up their businesses too! Go for your passion, and do it today.

About the author

Saija Mahon (London, UK)
Founder, CEO – Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd

Saija Mahon is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award-winning digital media agency that helps growing global businesses to achieve their sales targets by utilising advanced technologies and strategical tactics in the ever expanding online environment. After working for some of the biggest global media houses in the world, Saija decided to launch her own business 6 years ago, starting her journey as an entrepreneur from London, UK. Mahon Digital Marketing specialises specifically in biddable media, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media optimisation and PR activities. Mahon Digital operates their main offices from London UK and also Turku Finland, with multiple resources across US, Europe and Asia. And this is only the beginning.

Inspiring Story – Saija Mahon – UK

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Freedom Lifestyle – Don’t Hold Me Back – Nikki Taylor

Freedom Lifestyle – Don’t Hold Me Back

With an absolute passion for life and working as a Talent and Headhunting Specialist I have managed to create that elusive work/life balance that everyone is searching for, don’t get me wrong, I still work incredibly hard in a very demanding industry, I get to do it my way though, that’s all. I also believe that there is always a fabulous story about every single one of us whether good or bad. The best thing is we can learn from our mistakes and choose what NOT to do next time.

After only three years in the Recruitment  industry I took the bold step and ventured out on my own and started my very own recruitment company, yes, this has had its challenges, however, there have been more rewards along the way as well, mostly in the form of awesome happy candidates getting their dream positions. The idea of working in any corporate office did not align with me. I just didn’t belong even as an employee I was always that one person that stood out and did not like the rules.

Every single day I learn something new and I really love what I do with a passion no matter what it is I’m putting my heart and soul into. Why you may ask do I do what I do?

In the beginning I was told as a recruiter in a National New Zealand recruitment a company that I could not recruit in the Real Estate industry, that was the day I knew I had to do it myself. I went with the Richard Branson theory – “screw it just do it”. My absolute ah-ha moment. I never felt the fit was right for me when, as an employee there were too many rules. I went out to design my own brand in New Zealand and run my own recruitment business, different to the rest.

In 2009, this was the year that I “sold” my successful recruitment company in New Zealand to make the move to Australia. This wasn’t the easiest process to go through and a hurdle I wouldn’t wish upon any business. What I can say is the entire experience made me a stronger and more determined person to not let a setback get in the way of my success. It was a moment that one would either give up or get up and continue to show up.  

Today I would thank the horrid event for making me stronger. Without going into the messy details and with the best legal advice in the world, I still lost everything. It taught me about trust and my absolute takeaway from it today was get up show up make it happen no matter what the event and that’s what I did. Yes there was a big financial loss and we had already moved to Australia, there wasn’t much I could change at the time but I came out with so much in personal gain as a person and this made me more resolute to do better next time and not take too much on trust and face value.

We arrived in Australia in 2009, started a new Recruitment Specialist company for the Real Estate industry, no clients, no candidates, no database, actually nothing! I had my mobile phone, desktop and clunky old laptop computer and THE most amazing attitude that I had to make it happen. Determined to create a lifestyle around work and run a company nationally, all virtual. Now, the brand is a well recognised National recruitment company.

Those who know me well know that I ooze energy from 5am to 9pm, a non-stop go getter, yes I crash at the end of the day and I’m always grateful for an amazing day after I have had the chance to talk to fabulous people and an opportunity to change their lives in whatever I do. I have been known as a can fizzy shaken up.  

I’m known to be in a cafe anytime between 5am and 7am no matter the season, weather or location. My best planning times and creative moments happen in those two hours.  

As I am writing this very story, I have taken another risk by selling our Gold Coast apartment, created a minimalist lifestyle, placed all our furniture into storage and started the road trip with no address,no time frame as such with locations being a surprise from month to month.  

Working from locations we haven’t stayed at, I have set up a virtual office at each destination and intend to do this for about 6 to 12 months, but hey who knows what will happen! Can you imagine how many people we are meeting, staying in Airbnb accommodations, with an absolute goal to run my businesses on the road and continue to create and grow personally.

As you can see, I love what I do – I speak that lingo every day, I tell myself everyday that I’m grateful for everything I have and love to help others in anyway. That’s why I love what I do with absolute passion. I am daily seen on Social Media platforms working virtual with my man, my bestie and my business partner. We are always travelling and working interstate and overseas  and always seen daily working in a non-office environment. Freedom Lifestyle – Don’t Hold Me Back.

About Nikki

I am inspired with absolute passion and energy to assist in the changing the lives of many humans with mentoring and assisting others in their careers, I am the proud founder of REJS, MVAT and Be Inspired – Inspiring Women Today.

I continue to be inspired everyday by the amazing people around me. My vision to start the Inspiring Women today was to find as many women around the globe to tell their very own stories, share their successes and this is how Be Inspired was born.

I am a wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunty, niece and sister in law and cousin and friend and mentor to many.

As an entrepreneur, my experiences in building my own businesses and working in the Recruitment industry, Headhunting industry and mentoring have always sparked a passion for sharing Inspiring Women Today, globally. I will continue to share these amazing stories because we all have a life waiting to be lived, and a story waiting to be told. 

Part of loving life and enjoying it every day is leading a lifestyle where working anywhere, in any location, no office and being cubicle or office free is my norm. My office goes with me wherever I go, it is 100% mobile, 100% virtual and 100% paperless! Working smarter than ever before doing what I love but also by working smarter this means that I have a work/life balance  to be proud of – and so can you!

There is no magic bullet or instant formula for success – you can make it simple. Find what you love to do. Work smarter at it and get help when you need it.

I’ve found mine. What’s yours?

Nikki Taylor – Founder/Director – REJS, MVAT and Author of Be Inspired 

Contact me anytime through the website or