Recommended Products for Inspired Women

Please find below products and services that are tailored for the women who read and visit this website. In some cases we are an affiliate of the products and we do make a commission but we will only offer what we feel is worthy of our readership.


300x250Affilorama is a service dedicated to teaching people how to make a living online from home or wherever you have internet.

Its run by Mark Ling in New Zealand who is a very successful affiliate marketer.

The business system focuses on affiliate marketing which is where you promote other peoples products in return for a commission. The beauty of it all is you do not have to personally sell anything or purchase any stock. And you can run your business in the hours you have spare.

And right now you can get started with Mark and Affilorama and get access to a heap of training all for FREE. Just click the link below for all the info.


unstoppable-me-blueprintThe Unstoppable Me is a self-help eBook for women that have escaped abusive relationships and need to heal themselves. It’s about overcoming lies, betrayal, abuse and learning to heal oneself and become unstoppable in their lives.

Adopting the ideas and practices you find within this step-by-step blueprint is the surest path to becoming unstoppable! And it will build trust, confidence, peace, and happiness within you in unimaginable ways.

Within the pages of this eBook, you will find your step-by-step blueprint – the 10 daily choices to employ repeatedly to keep yourself safe; and protect and nurture your heart and head.

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